Sunday, June 27, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 10

I came to know about Varsha through my friend Bhargavi. The first thing I noticed when I saw her was her smile.
I saw Swathi in her smile! It was difficult to differentiate between both the smiles.

"Hey, nice to meet you"
"Nice to meet you too", She smiled!

God, I literally saw Swathi in front of me!

"This is our first meet, I don't know anything much about you, but still, I want to tell you something Varsha", I said
"Ha ha, thats interesting, go ahead buddy"
"Your smile is just out of world", I said
"Is that a compliment??", she asked
"Ofcourse, it is a compliment, why do you doubt?"
"Nah nah, I just asked, I've seen many guys like you, some admired me and none had guts to express it and you are the first guy"
"And now, is that a compliment??", I asked varsha
"You can take it anyway", She smiled!

"I want you to do me a favor even though it is too early to ask you", I said
"What's that?"
"I need a photo of yours with that bright big smile of yours, do you have any??"
"Ofcourse, I have some, but why do you want that??"
"I'll tell you the reason, but am sure you won't beleive what I am going to say"
"Come on dude"
"I'll see your pic in the morning when I wake up. Seeing a smile like that in the morning will do lotta good, you know that?"
"Ha ha, why do you want to impress me???", she asked
"And that is why I told you that you won't beleive me"
"May be"
"Now, tell me, can I get your pic??", I asked her again
"Not now"
"Then when??"

She just smiled!

"Dude, no girl can replace swathi and her awesome smile", I told myself.


I went to chennai on that day to meet Swathi! I told my mom that one of my friend is getting married and I am going to attend the marriage!
If you are in love, you have to lie! No other choice!

"Hey sweetu, I am planning to stay in private hostel, I hate this college hostel da", Swathi told me as we both waited for our zinger meal at KFC!
"Why dear, what happened??", I asked!
"I don't know, I don't like the people around me, they are selfish and there are lot of politics going on in my hostel"
"Politics??", I asked her
"That's a big story and now tell me. Do you know any girls staying in a private hostel here in chennai???, your relations or someone??"

"Ofcourse, how can you forget Lavanya??", I replied
"Oh yea, I forgot, your sister", She replied in a way that anyone can understand that she dint like me being so close to Lavanya

"Oops, now what kind of reaction is that??, you got to be careful dude", I thought

"May be, if you are not interested, I'll check with someone else", I said
"Not like that, she is staying alone or what?", swathi asked
"She got a roomie, her college mate"
"Will there be any vacant rooms there??", She asked as if am the hostel warden!
"Let me check with Lavanya and let you know soon"
"Why can't you ask now"

"Sure, I can", I told her and took my mobile out and called Lavanya!

Her number was Busy! Sometimes I feel pissed when Lavanya talks on phone with someone else when I call her. I even want to tell her the same, but I controlled myself! She always used to blabber on phone no matter even it is a wrong number and she never cared about my advise too!! But I never felt angry on her for whatever silly thing she did! Her love is the biggest reason for that.

"Whats up??", Swathi asked
"Her number is busy", I replied
"Hmmm, try later then, no harm"
"Cool. This zinger meal is awesome", I said!
"Yeah, even I love it"

"So what about your placements??", Swathi asked
"Ufffff, that's a big story Swathi, I chose to attend Caritor last week, but got out in the first round, what about you??", I asked her
"My placements are starting next month da and I was appointed as a placement co-ordinator", she replied
"Hey, thats cool, rock the show then"
"Thanks sweetu, but am kinda nervous"
"About what?"
"Am not sure whether I will get enough time to prepare for my placement. This co ordinator tag will kill most of my time"
"I have more confidence on you dear, you will rock", I said and heard my mobile ringing!
It was Lavanya!

"Annnaaaaaaa, tell me da! I was talking to rajesh!

"Rajesh, I wanna kick you like hell", I thought!

"I just called you to check about your hostel"
"My hostel? for what?"
"Swathi wants to stay there"
"Oh wow, Anni?????, super na! Ask her to come"
"Its not confirmed and first tell me, is there any vacant rooms there", I asked her
"There are some da anna"
"Are you sure??"
"I am sure", she said!

"Enna na, having good time with anni huh??", Lavanya continued
"Oh, nothing like that"
"Dont lie na, I know!", she replied!

I saw swathi's face and it turned little red! I understood the situation and if I continue talking to Lavanya, Swathi will go wild.

"Okie lavi, we'll talk later", I tried to hang her line
"Dei anna, don't try to escape, tell me. Where are you?? What my anni is doing?, take some snaps na", Lavanya was non stop!
"Nothing Lavi, I'll call you later"
"Dei anna, what is this??, You are ignoring me when anni is with you", Lavanya laughed!
"Not like that Lavi"
"I know anna, I was just kidding. Don't worry. I'll hang the line now. Have a good time with my anni! Convey my love to her. I love you soooo much, Mwaaaaahhhhh", Lavanya hanged the line!

"Thank god", I thought

"There are some rooms available it seems", I told swathi!
"I heard that"
"You heard??"
"Yeah, your lovable sister talks in a way that everyone around you can hear her", Swathi's voice changed a bit rough.
"I heard her telling about room vacancies, I heard her telling I love you and a sound after that, is that a Kiss??", Swathi asked me!
"That too when I am with you??"
"She is my sister dear. Why you want to compare you with her. You are totally different"
"I don't want to tell anything da, its up to you, I never said no to Lavanya, but still you have to make sure that our relationship is smooth", She said!
"I swear dear, You know how much I love you", I tried to bring some smile on her face and got succeeded!

"So let me go and check her hostel and if everything is well, I will join there", Swathi told!

"God, I beg you, there should not be any vacant room by the time Swathi goes there. If she stays there, I am gone", I thought!

"That's a good idea", I replied her and heard a message tone in my mobile and it was from Lavanya!


If Swathi stays there, whenever Swathi sees Lavanya talking to me, she will get angry and Lavanya is going to be non stop for sure.

"Dude, you're screwd", I thought!

Watch out for Part 11

Saturday, June 26, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 9

"So, When are you planning to join?", Swathi asked as we both sat in the balcony at Swathi's place.
"Classes have already started and am planning to join next week, I need some more time to enjoy before I get dumped in that stupid college", I replied

"Hmmm, try to concentrate on your career, keep those enjoyments apart"
"Why do you always talk like my dad???"
"Its just because, after four years, I want you to be in a good position so that it will be an advantage for me when I talk to my parents about you"
"Girls always play safe"

"Come on da, I want to be practical"

"Hmmmm, you know what?, I've got a new sister"
"What you mean??", Swathi asked
"Lavanya, my new sister", I smiled
"Who is she??"

Its always difficult to explain a girl about another girl and it took almost 1 hour for me to explain her about Lavanya starting from her Orkut friend request!

"Hmmmm, that's nice to hear, but make sure that your relationship with Lavanya will not harm our relationship in any way", she replied!

"Well, is that a warning???? or is she asking me to chuck Lavanya outta my life???", I thought.

"It won't for sure", I replied after a pause

"I love you", she smiled!
"I Love you too"
"So take care, here after it will be pretty difficult for both us to meet often"
"I know"
"We will try to meet on weekends"
"You study well, don't freak out too much in college, don't bunk the classes, be good and please don't think that I am talking like your dad", Swathi smiled!

"Shall I tell you something??"
"Ofcourse dear"
"When you smile, am going mad", I replied!

She smiled again.

"Please don't smile like that Swathi, you're killing me"
"I am flattered buddy", she replied!
"Its time for me to leave", I said
"Just an hmmm??", I asked her
"I don't know what to say"
"Don't worry, four years will pass like 4 months"
"Let us hope", She replied!
"Hmmmm, so I'll make a move dear"

"Wait da, just come inside for 5 minutes, I've something special for you"
"What's that?", I asked Swathi
"Just come inside", she told and went inside and I followed her.

"So what's that Swathi??", I asked

She Came near me. Hugged me tightly locked her lips with mine!

"I love you", she smiled but I saw tears in her eyes!

"I love you too"
"Now you can leave"

"Byee dear", I hugged her again.
I Badly wanted to kiss her again, but this time her mom came from kitchen and spoiled everything!

She looked like a villain for me at that moment!


Three years passed!

I started loving Swathi more than anything.
Thanks to the distance which made me to realize how madly I love her!

On the other side, I started to love Lavanya too:) She is a part of my life now.

The two girl's had made my life beautiful with their presence! One as my love and another as my sister!


Days passed pretty fast and just at the time when I thought there is no more room for any other girl in my life other than Swathi and Lavanya, there was this girl…

"Hey I am Varsha", She introduced herself!

Watch out for Part 10

Thursday, June 24, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 8

"Dude, you should not go there to her place when she is alone, it will end up in problem!
"Just think about your age, if you meet her alone in a private secured place, you cant control yourself buddy, keep that in your mind
I hat lot of thoughts in my mind and finally I decided not to go to her place, after all it is gonna do good for me and Swathi!


"Sweetu, I can't come this weekend, I have some work! Am so sorry!", I sent an sms to Swathi!
There wasn't any reply from her for almost an hour!

"Oops, she is getting ready for another fight or what??", I thought!

Its always better to keep your mouth shut when a angry women is shouting and I got mentally prepared for the same thinking about Swathi!

But to my surprise, she replied something different!

"That's OK dear, even I am going to Banglore with my parents. At the last moment, they are asking me to join them and I have no other choice"

"Hmmm, good! Go and come back safe. I'll miss you", I replied her
"I'll miss you too. Anna is sitting next to me, so don't text me", she replied!
"And for god's sake please don't use all those sweetu's and sweetheart's in your text while I am at home! If my brother sees that, you're gone buddy,Byeeee"
Swathi signed off!!

"Thank god, she is going to Banglore! If that is not the case, she would've killed me for not meeting her", I thought!
Girl's are always smart in love. If the guy commits a mistake, its a biggest blunder for them, and if they commit any mistake, its nothing.
Swathi had never missed to react the same way whenever she get a chance.

But still, that had made me to love her more and more and am not able to figure of the reason for that.


"Hey da, How are you?, are you online?", I saw Lavanya's scrap on Orkut!
"Am good and of course am online, add me in messenger", I gave my ID to her!

"You want to chat with her privately just because you don't want anyone to check your chat history?? or you don't want Swathi to check out the chat history??", I asked myself!

"Nice to see you in messenger buddy, so its been quite a long since we both spoke and you know what?, I missed you", Lavanya told!
"Hmmm", I replied back
"Enna da?? just a Hmmm??"
"Yeah, you want me to say something else or what??"
"Hmmm..even I missed you", I said
"Thats sweet of you da"
"Yeah, am always sweet you know", I replied

"This is the thing! This kinda replies from you, very frank and jovial, it makes me to go mad on you"
"Mad on me??", I asked her
"Yeah, I love you idiot", she said

"I love youuuuuuuuuuu??, No dude noooo. ManagingSswathi alone is a big task for you and if Lavanya joins the list, its going to be impossible for you", I thought!

"What you mean Lavanya?", I asked
"Don't you know what I meant?"
"You love me??"
"Yeah, pretty much"
"But am committed", I replied!

The next five minutes she had sent only the smileys resembling a heavy laugh!

"Whats so funny about that?", I asked
"About what?"
"About my relationship"
"If I say I love you, I doesn't mean the way like how you're thinking now", she smiled again
"Then what?"
"Its something different da, am not able to express"
"See Lavanya, you don't know about Swathi. If she comes to know that you had proposed me, she will go mad! Even I love her madly you know", I replied

"Oh!!! her name is Swathi?? so sweet"
"I know that"
"BTW, when did I proposed you da??", she asked me
"Then what you wanna do?

"You remember??, when we spoke last week, you told me that you had always love to have a younger sister??"
"yeah", I replied
"You know what, even am longing for the same"
"For a younger sister??", I asked
"No idiot, I always wanted to have a elder brother who can guide me in all my goods and bads", she said.
"That's sweet"
"And you know what??"

"I LOVE YOU ANNA:)", she smiled!

Watch out for Part 9!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 7

"LAVANYA", I tried to figure out her for almost and hour, and at last I got a hint!
She is my friend's friend! I had spoke to her once when my friend was talking to her!!
Well, that had happened almost 6 months before and why does she gave me friend request now???, I thought!
I accepted her request and replied her back!
"I do remember you, good to see you back"


Some say that having bed coffee is one of the worst habit to follow, but I never cared about it! I had a sip and took the news magazine!

A girl cheated in love had filed a complaint against that guy in the local police station

Its so sick to think that most of the girls("few girls" for those who are not ready to accept the word "MOST") goes behind the guys who cheat them!
Chuck out this girl, what happened to my girl??, I thought and took my mobile!
As I expected, there weren't any message from Swathi!

"What mistake did I do??, supporting my mom is a biggest mistake or what?", I asked myself!
Girls always over react and Swathi is not exceptional!

"So you're not gonna have your breakfast or what??", mom asked me
"Nope, not at all, I am damn hungry actually"
"Then brush your teeth and come soon", she told

I was damn hungry but I was not even able to eat anything!! Thanks to Swathi!


"Are you still angry??", I sent an sms to Swathi!

Sometimes I hate myself to the core for doing things like this!

"You weren't wrong, and she is overreacting! Why the hell you want to convince her?", I shouted at myself
"You should never talk to her even if she is apologizing"
"You should never text her even if she replies you now"
"First of all Switch off your mobile
", I told myself and took my mobile!

"Am sorry sweetheart, so sorry", text from Swathi!

"Oh dear, why should you ask that, its my fault, I always wanted to hurt you, I should ask you sorry for that", I replied!
"No da, I'll adjust! Its for your mom na, you take care of her, I'll manage", she replied back
"Thats so sweet of you dear, I love you", I replied
"Come to my home in this week, I wanna meet you", she replied!
"Sure honey, I'll let you know", I replied her back!
"Okie da, I am leaving to temple now, will catch you later", she signed off!

"A few minutes before, you decided not to reply her back, not to talk with her!! But why the fuck you dint do all those things now???, love is screwing you dude and its gonna screw you more", I thought!


The next day!!

"Hey, nice to see your reply, well what you do???", I saw Lavanya's reply on Orkut
"Am just stepping in to college and what about you?"! I replied her back!
"Am a year junior to you buddy", She replied back!

I was surprised to see her reply immediately and found that she is in online!

"Oh that's good, so yar online eh?? cool"
"Hmmm, so buddy tell me! You spoke too much on that day"
"Hey, you forgot or what??, the first time when you spoke to me"
"Oh yea, and sorry for that, I just did it for fun"
"No big deal buddy, I dint take it seriously too"
"That's cool then"
"So what else??"

We chatted for almost 3 hours on that day and it continued for almost a week!

"I like you very much da, you're so jovial and funny"
This is how she ended up the chat at last after a week of chatting!

"Oops, what is this??, its gonna end up in a problem buddy! Keep it in mind that Swathi is already there for you"
"Why do you want to think like that?, she may feel in a different way too"
"Whatever it may be, it always better to keep distance from other girls specially when you have a girl friend like Swathi who is possessive on you! Your mom's issue is the best example buddy
y", I thought!

Just in a moment I read her reply, all these things came in to my mind!!!
"You gotta be careful dude", I told myself and took my mobile!

"Hey, you know what?, my parents are going out this weekend and I'll be alone, why cant you join me at my home??", a text from Swathi!!

Watch out for Part 8!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 6

18 months passed and love life tasted sweet for me!! We finished our Schooling too!

Swathi had become a part of my life! I had gone to a stage where, I thought that without her there is nothing for me in this world.

On a fine day, I got a call from my school telling that they are going to issue the mark sheet!

The next moment, I received an sms from Swathi!

"Tomorrow is the last day. I dunno when I'll meet you again and am gonna miss you badly. Do come to school soon, I'll be waiting for you at the roof top near water tank!"

As she said, even I am not sure that when I'll meet Swathi again as she is gonna join in a private college in Chennai and I had joined in a local college near by my home just to keep my mom happy!

If any guy is in love, its difficult to keep his mom and the girl, both happy at the same time! They have to sacrifice either one among them and am not ready to let my mom to miss me!


"I hate this", Swathi felt bad!

We both were sitting at the roof top with the mark sheets in our hand! For the past one year, we had spent most of our time here!!

"Why can't you join some college in Chennai?? For your marks, you will get some good colleges in Chennai",
"I know, but still I cant let my mom to stay alone here without me"
"Your mom is important to you na??, then leave me", she said!

"See, I may love you, but still she is my mom! Why the hell you're talking like this?", I got irritated!
"B'coz I love you", Swathi started to cry!!

Girl's are always sentimental! Swathi reacted in a way that she loves me madly and am not loving her anymore!

"Do you think that am not loving you or what??", I asked her
"Why do you ask like that"
"B'coz you're reacting in a way that you're gonna miss me and am gonna enjoy it"
"Why do you want me to come to Chennai?", I asked her
"I just don't wanna miss you da"
"But if I come there, my mom will miss me",
"You can meet her in the weekend na?", she asked me
"You really dunno about my mom, she is so sensitive",

"This is not fair da", she said!
"Why do you think so??"
"You are not ready to give up your mom now itself and am worried about our future"
"Why you want to link this silly thing with our future"
"Its not silly for me da"
"In future if your mom say no to our love, you will leave me", she got angry!

"Girls are so sick", I shouted!
"Why do you want to scold the entire girl's community, if you have any anger, scold me, JUST ME", she raised her voice a bit.
"Its not about anger Swathi"
"Then what?, I had been noticing you from this morning, you never shown any reaction, You look calm n cool"
"What kinda statement is this??"
"You don't have 1% of the tension and feelings that I have now"

"Girl's always want to express themselves, guy wont, is that a mistake??", I thought!

"Do answer me something da"
"So what??, you want to me to cry like a little child??",
"I don't want you to do that"
"Then???, what you want?"
"Join some college in Chennai, please! Its for me"
"Am really sorry Swathi, I love you so much. But for that, I cant leave my mom alone here and come there to Chennai"
"Then you forgot me", She said!

"Swathi, what are you talking???",
"You never care for me da", She cried
"Its not like that dear"
"Then what?"
"Nothing, I am leaving"

"Sorry da, please don't call me here after, am leaving you forever"
"Swathi....whats happening to you??"
"If your not ready to sacrifice your mom's love, am not ready to die everyday without seeing you and its better to leave you forever", she stood up and started to leave!
"Swathi, where are you going??", I tried to stop her

She dint even care to hear me and when I was about to call her again , she was already gone!


I dint had my dinner that day. I shouted at my sister for no reason. Whatever I saw, it looked ugly for me for the first time after felling in love. I was not able to sleep. Without knowing what to do, I opened my lappie and logged in to orkut!

There were some three friend requests. Some two unknownn guys and before I could see the third person, my mobile pinged!

"DON'T CALL ME HERE AFTER", it was from Swathi!
I got pissed and threwed my mobile and came back to Orkut again!
"HEY DO YOU REMEMBER ME?? THIS IS LAVANYA", that was the third friend request!!

watch out for part 7!!

Part 7 will be after 4 days:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 5

"Mom, am I looking bright today", I asked my mom as I sat with her for dinner
"You always look bright", my mom said!
"Hmmmm, so whats for dinner today", I asked her
"The thing which you hate, and you gotta eat it today", she said!
"There are nothing like I hate to eat mom, I love everything", I smiled!!
"Ha ha, is that my son talking to me??, I doubt", my mom smiled!
"Of course its me, am very happy today", I said!
"Be the same always", she replied!
"I'll be mom", I said!

"So here it is, bittergaurd, will you eat it??", she smiled again!
"Of course, I will", I replied her, as I put three spoons full of bittergaurd masala on my plate!

For the first time, bitterguard tasted sweet to me!!

"Huh, what happened to you??? I never expected this!!!", my mom said!
"What mom"
"How come you're eating that, I was just kidding with you that you gotto eat that, I had prepared a subji for you", she said!
"No need for subji mom, I love this", I smiled!
"Thats really good, Its good for your health! Your face will go bright!", she said!!
"So here after I'll cook bitterguard thrice in a week", she said!!
"Of course, you can", I told her without thinking about anything!!

10 minutes passed!!
I put three more spoons of bittergaurd!! It tasted awesome for me just at that moment!!


It was midnight 12.45!! Dad, mom and my sister were in deep sleep!!
But I was not able to sleep!! All those sweet bittergaurd started to work!! I started to burp and felt one of the worst bitter flavor inside me!

"Oh god, what is this??, am feeling horrible!!"

I got up from bed, started to walk inside the room!! I burped again! This time even bigger and the bitter taste gone worst!
I drunk some water! No use
I walked more faster! No use

And at last I ended up in vomiting!! All those Sweet bittergaurds came out!!

"Love is gonna screw you, that's for sure", I thought!!

I felt very relaxed after that, and came back to bed!!
"So here after I'll cook bitterguard thrice in a week", I remember what my mom told me!!
I lost my sleep again!!


"You look beautiful today", I told Swathi as we both sat near the water tank at the roof of our school building!
"Just today???", she asked me
"That's a tricky question", I smiled!!
She dint reply , but smiled!!

"You know what??"
"What?", she asked me!
"Even the Almighty will go mad seeing your beautiful smile", I said!
"Dude, why you always wanted to impress me", she smiled!
"DO you really think that I am trying to impress you???", I asked her!
"Of course, specially when you tell things like what you had told a moment ago", she said!
"You will never agree that", I said!
"I wont", She smiled!

"Do u feel like what we are doing is wrong??", she asked me
"What?? loving each other??", I asked her
"Nope, am not talking about that"
"Then what??"
"We are supposed to be in the classroom now", she said!
"Yeah I know that, but its better to sit here rather to attend that idiotic maths class", I replied!!
"Do you miss the tutor??", she smiled!!
"I never bother about any morons around me", I replied!

"Hmmm, but still bunking the class and sitting here is something wrong right??"
"Everything is fair in love my dear", I smiled!
"Are you sure"

"Why you love me??", she asked!
"May be you have some hidden power within you to attract a guy like me", I smiled!!
"Idiot, why you always want to crack jokes?"
"That's how I am, carefree, jolly n a freaky guy", I said!!
"That's why I like you so much", She replied!

"And now tell me why do you love me??", She asked me agian!
"I really dunno Swathi!, its something I felt inside me the moment I saw you for the first time"
"Love at first sight??", She smiled!
"May be but not exactly", I replied!
"Its a DESTINY"!! I said!

She smiled!!
"What??", I asked
"Nothing???" I asked again!

"I love you", she smiled again!
"Love you too sweetheart", I got hold of her hands!!

We stayed there for almost 3 hours and the bell rang finally for lunch!!

Watch out for Part 6

Monday, June 14, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 4

"You always test my patience", I said as Swathi was not ready to tell anything!
"Why do you say that?"
"See, I love you, thats all I can say, and I really dunno what are you gonna say, whatever it may be, tell it soon", I said!

"Dude, this is not something about getting a vegetable in a market, its love, its about life", she said!
"So what you mean?, you want to see my Bank gurantee??, my job???, unfortunately I wont be able to satisfy you b'coz I am still in school, sorry WE are still in school"

"Your're one stupid", she said
"Now why do you say that?"
"B'coz I dont want any of your BG details"
"I want you to do only one thing for me now"
"What you want?", I asked her
"Just wait till this evening"
"Ha ha, I had waited for this two days, Its not a big deal", I said
"Hope you wont do anything stupid", she smiled!!
"I wont"
"Let me see that", she smiled again!

"The bell rang some 5 mins before and we are supposed to be in class by this time, aren't you aware of that??", she asked me,
"Bell rang??? when did that happen??", I asked
"You never heard the bell sound or what??", she asked
"When you are talking to me, I hear nothing other than your sweet voice", I smiled!
"Dont try to impress me dude"
"This is not to impress you, but this is the fact you knw"
She smiled! I gone mad!!!


The first hour went well! Though I dint do anything useful, I dint do anything stupid too!

"Whats the next class dude??", I asked Rahul
"Maths I guess"
"You guess??? wow, this is how a student has to be", I smiled!

"Its the only subject I hate it to the core", he said!
"Ofcourse, everyone hates it", I replied!
"And you see now, this idiotic tutor will ask questions as if we are from a nursery school, we are almost gonna enter a college dude", rahul got lil emotional!
"Ha ha, cant be helped", I smiled again!

"May I know the reason behind your laugh?", I heard some strange voice and when I turned back, my stupid maths tutor was standing behind me!
"Nothing sir"
"Oh nothing??, you know how they will address the people who laughs without any reasons??", he asked!

Everybody in the classroom laughed!!

"Sir, I know how they will address, but you know how they will address a person who even if talks seriously will make a whole classroom to laugh??", I replied back!

"You crazy, how dare you can talk like this, Your age is my experience", he started to shout at me!
"Am sorry", I asked for apology!
"Don't ever ask for sorry, you stupid", she shouted at me!
"Come on, answer this question",
"@T^@%^@^#&@%&^@%^&%&^@#&^!%@*&^%!^&!@", he asked me something, but I dint hear anything!

"Hello, am asking you, and why can't you react atleast", he shouted at me!
"Sir????, sorry, I dint hear you properly", I said!
"Whaat????, am shouting here and you're telling that you dint hear me???, atleast can your hear what am saying now??", his faces started to turn red!!

The whole class gone silent, but someone laughed a little!!
I turned back, it was Swathi!!

"You screwed me Swathi", I thought!

"Don't you know how to talk to a teacher, you bloody....&$$^%$^%##$%@%$#@^$%&^*&^%^%%", for the first time I saw how a teacher will go wild if they are really angry!
"Now get out of my class", he said!
I had to go out! No other choice!

After that, I saw swathi was laughing all the time till evening!!!


"So the time arrived, so you're gonna tell me or not?", I asked swathi as we both packed our books and stuffs!
"Wait for another 5 mins", she said!
"I can't say anything when all other guys are around us, let them go and you wait for me", she said!

"Dude, aren't you coming??", Rahul asked me!
"No da, actually.....", I started to tell him but he interrupted me!
"What, Swathi asked you to stay back??"
"Yeah", I smiled!
"Absolutely no comments dude", he left the classroom!!

"So I guess you would've scolded me alot today!", Swathi smiled!
"Not at all", I lied to her!!
"I'll beleive you", she said!

"This is unfair dude, you told like you're in love with me, my voice is sweet, but I never thought that you will find our maths tutor's voice sweet too", she smiled!
"Ha ha, you really screwed me today swathi", I said!
"Am sorry for that", she said!
"Thats ok", I smiled!
"Sorry for making you to wait so long", she said!
"I really din't feel bad about that", I replied!

"Well, I would've said this on the day when you proposed me, but I was not able to", she said!!
"And when I thought like I could tell you this morning, something stopped me", she continued!

"And I cant let you to wait anymore", she said!



Watch out for Part 5!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 3

I dint sleep that day!!

"For WTF you told her like that??", I was yelling at myself!

The next 15 minutes, I had lot of questions running in my mind!!

*"Will she accept your proposal???"
*"If she dint, at least will she continue my friendship??"
*"What made you to tell that?"
*"Why cant you just wait for some right time to tell"
*"When there were some many romantic ideas to propose yar love, why do you want to propose her like one dumb ass?"
*"When you asked Priya's suggestion for Aparna, why the hell you dint ask for Swathi??"
and finally
*Do you able to sleep tonight????


"Hey, how are you???", I called Priya as i waited for almost 3 hours for my mom to sleep so that I can talk freely!

Parents are always fair to us only if we don't do the things like what I did now! Cant be helped but.

"Am good da, how bout you??", she said
"Am good as my name my dear"
"That's great then, and thanks for finding sometime to call me. It has been almost 2 weeks since you called me", she said
"Don't you have telephone at your place or what??", I asked her
"Why you want me to call you, you would've called me da idiot", she said
"Girls are always egoistic", I said
"Even guys are", she replied
"Now enough of blaming each other, I just called you to tell something", I said
"What??", she asked
"Not on phone my dear, I wanna meet you"
"You tell me the place", she said
"You come to my home, or I'll come to your place", I replied
"The former is kinda difficult and the later is a better idea, what you think??"
"Well, if that's your wish, I'll come. Its not a big deal", I replied
"Done dude, and when can I expect you??", she asked me.
"In another 15 minutes", I said and hanged the call.


"Will you please tie this ugly street dog, sorry your so called pet??", I asked Priya standing behind the gate.
"Don't worry, teenu wont bite you", she said
"Everything is ok, but how can you name this ugly goose as teenu??, it's one of the sweet name you know", I said.
"Now why you want to irritate me always?", she yelled at me.
"That's how guys are my dear", I smiled
"I'll kill you idiot", she shouted at me
"That's better when compared with got bitten by this ugly dog and have number of injections around my navel", I smiled again
"Jesus, when will he change?", she said
"Go to a church and ask, don't ask me", I smiled
"Idiot, come in", she said as she tied her so called pet in the near by pillar

"Can I get some water?", I asked her
"Go and have it for yourself"
"Thank you", I replied

"So what was that??", she asked me
"The thing which you told me on phone"
"Well, you know what, I am in love", I smiled
"Again huh??? the same girl???", she asked
"What again?? what same girl???, do you think that am one horny womanizer or what?", I asked her
"Dei, then what about Aparna??", she asked me
"Aparna?, I had never felt in love with her, it was just a crush as you said on that day", I said
"Thats ok then, and now who is this girl?", she asked me
"This is Swathi, my classmate", I said.
"Hmmm, so are you sure that its not crush this time??", she asked me
"Am sure", I said

"How can you say that?"
"There are lot of symptoms Priya", I said
"Yeah, haven't you seen any tamil movies or what???"
"What the hell?", she yelled at me
"Am not sleeping properly, am not eating properly, everything I see looks beautiful to me", I said

"Its not your fault, this is all because of our tamil film directors, its their fucking fault", she replied
"Oyeee, believe me, it is happening to me", I said
"Okie, so you think that you're in love b'coz all these symptoms?", she asked
"Not exactly, but still I feel something unusual which I haven't felt for anyone, not even for Aparna", I said

"Then go ahead buddy", She smiled
"Hmmm, are you sure??", I asked
"100%", she smiled again!
"Super and you know what???"
"What??", she asked
"I already proposed her", I said!

"Hey you crazy, you already did that???, when and how???"
"Ha ha, its not a big story to tell, but still I'll tell you everything once she accepts my proposal", I said
"Oh, she dint accept it yet??, Dude, am going crazy about whats gonna happen", she said
"Even I am waiting for it my dear. Gonna meet her tomorrow in the school, lets see how it goes", I said

"She will accept you :)", Priya told
"If that happens, I'll treat you for sure", I smiled and started from her place.


"Machi, did you see Swathi??", I asked Rahul as I dint find her from morning.
"I've seen her some 15 minutes before da, but no idea bout where is she", he replied

My heart was pumping the blood more faster than ever. I can feel that.

"Stay cool dude, She will accept your proposal", I told myself

"Dude", Oliver called me
"Yeah da, tell me"

"I saw Swathi near the staircase, she wants you to come there", he said!
"She called me??", I want to make sure that I dint understood anything wrong.
"Yeah dude, she is waiting for you there", he said!!

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, felt tensed as if am the captain of a football team playing in world cup finals!

The next fifth minute, I was their in the staircase.

I saw Swathi standing there at the top. She saw me, but still acted like as if she dint notice me!!

I hate girls for this reason!

"Swathi", I called her!
"Hmmmm", she dint tell anything else.
"You called me???", I asked her
"For what??"

"yeah", I replied!

Watch out for Part 4

Saturday, June 12, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 2

I had been in to a new surrounding now, and though I found it odd in the beginning, I got in to deeply soon!!
"Dei, guys are waiting in the ground, just dump those fucking assignments and pack yar things, we gotto go", Rahul told me!
"Machi, Swathi had called me to auditorium, I gotto go, you guys carry on and please for god's sake don't tell this to anyone", I told him!
"Get lost", he told as he packed his things and went to ground!

SWATHI! Though i knew her for just half passed 6 months, she had become a part of my soul!! Thanks to the wonderful atmosphere in the new school!

I packed my things and started to walk towards auditorium!

Is wat am doing is right?? meeting a girl alone in a big campus is fair???, lotta questions inside me, but I never bothered!

I went to Auditorium and searched for her, but she was not there!
I sat there n waited for her!! 5 minutes passed!

"Da, yar here huh? Am so sorry, I was sitting inside the nearby classroom", I heard her voice and turned!!
Swathi was standing in front of me! She looked beautiful!! I gone mad seeing a small bindi on her forehead!

"Is it quite unusual for you??,why you dint get this kinda feel for Aparna?", I asked myself!!

"Thats ok, so why you called me?", I asked her!
"We will sit and talk", she replied!
"Lets sit here" she told as she pointed out the chair at the first row of VIIth "B" class!!"
I guess, that's the first time in my life I sat in the first row of a class room!
"First bench??? I'll better that ok??", I asked her
"Yar on crazy gooze da", she said!
"Ofcourse, I am"
"So where do you want to sit??", She asked me!
"Last bench, do you have any doubt?", I smiled!
"I expected this", she smiled.

"So whats up??", I asked her!
"Actually I want to tell ya something and that's why I called you here", she replied!
"Why cant you tell that in our classroom? and why you want to tell that here where nobody is available!?", I asked her
"Because what am gonna tell is something special", she replied!

"Is she is in love with me??" I asked myself!

"Hmmm, that's interesting...proceed", I told!
"Well, I LIKE YOU SO MUCH", she said!

For any guy, this is the best thing that he can hear from a beautiful girl!!

"Is this is what you wanted to tell me??", I asked her!
"No..Not at all, but still, I had always wanted to tell you this too", She replied!
"My pleasure", I said.
"Come on dude...don't be so formal, I expected you to say me I like you too", she told!

"You may expect me to tell that, But I wanna tell you something different!
"Whats that?", she asked!
"Ladies first my dear, so you tell me first"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, am damn sure", I said!

"Well well well, its one of my long time wish and whenever I feel that, I had always feared like what my parents will feel bout me", she puzzled!
"Wat exactly you wanna say??", I lost my patience!
"Cool buddy, why are you so curious??", she asked me!

"If a girl like you call a guy like me to a place where nobody is available and tell that you wanna tell me something very special, even a dumbass guy will go curious and for your information am not a dumb ass too!!", I replied!
"Yar so funny dude, I like that", She replied!
"Enough of yar discoveries, and now don't test my patience", I told!
"Done, here it is", She started!
"Yeah, atlast...come on", I replied!

"I WANT TO ADOPT A CHILD", she told!

I expected something and she told me something!! Is she doing this purposefully???? If its so, then FUCK the girl's attitude!!

"Oh really, that very sweet of you, good", I said!
"Yeah, I always wanted to share this to someone and yarr the first now", she told!
"My pleasure", I said
"Come on dude, don't be formal again"
"So is this is what you wanted to tell me?", I asked her
"Yeah, of course"
"Awesome and I wish you a good luck", I replied!

"Thank you buddy!!, and now whats that you want to tell me??", she asked me!
"oh yea, even I want to tell you something and I will not test your patience", I said!
"That's how guys are", she said!
"N yeah, here i go",


Watch out for Part 3!!

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 1

In a guy's life there are no chapters without a girl!!
Somewhere, sometime, there will be a girl...N in my life I had few...

Just for some reasons, am changing the names of those angels who had made my life beautiful n memorable till now...

It all started with Priya when I was too young to differentiate between love and friendship, the time when I thot like talking to a girl itself is love :P!!
Priya broke all those jiffs inside me!

First girl in a guy's life is always special no matter its a love or friendship. Priya is very special to me.

I dunno how many of you guys will accept this, Guys always loves to share things with a girl than a guy and yea I love it too!

"Oyeee", I pinged her as she sat next to me in the maths class! The only girl I feel lotta comfortable without any thots inside me while sitting next!
"Listen to the class", She replied!
Gals are always studious! I hate that!

"Chuck it, who cares bout all those X squares n Y squares, its like we screw ourself!", I replied.
"Idiot", She said!
"Thanks, but still I want to tell you something very special to you, as yar pretty special to me!", I told!
"Oyee, wats that?", she was curious!
"Now shut and listen to the class", I replied!
"Stupid Guy's attitude", She told!
"And now, dont drag the whole guys in the world inside this, its just between you n me", I replied!
"Then tell me wats so sepcial bout wat yar gonna say", She told me!
"Its all about love", I replied!
"Love??? you??? who is that unlucky???", She said!
"N now this is the stupid Gal's attitude!", I replied!
"Chill chill, just tell me who is that gal??", she asked!
"Definitely not you", I told!
"I'll kill you", I expected that reply from her!
"My pleasure!!"
"Dai, dont be stupid, just tell me, who is she??"
"To tell the truth, its more a crush than a love!", I replied!
"Who cares bout love n crush, I just wanna know who is she", priya told!
"Aparna!!!", I replied!
"Aparna???....Yar uncle's daughter right?????", She asked!
"Ofcourse, do you have any doubt in tat?"
"Ada paavi, kudumbathula kozhapam undu panaatha", She warned me!
"Wen it comes to love, who will care bout family n relations????", I replied!
"Love???, not even a minute before you told like, its more or less like a crush than love, and now how come ya can tell that its love??", She asked!
"Ha ha, that was a good question and that why am asking you, wat should I do??", I asked her!
"Wat you mean?", She replied!
"Do you feel that am in love??", I asked her!
"How can you expect me to answer this when you yourself was not clear about it??", she asked me!!
"Its simple!! Its just becoz yar my better half!!", I replied!
She smiled!

"What?", I asked her!
"Then answer me", I told!
"I'll tell you soon", She replied!
"Soon??", I asked!
"Yeah very soon, n now listen to the class", she told!
"Why should I??", I asked her!
"Its just becoz, am your better half and am telling you, wont you do??"!
"No more talks, Am gonna listen", I replied!


"So its been a week now, and still you hadn't told me anything", I told priya as we both sat opposite to each other and started eating at our school canteen!
"What?", she asked!
"What???, did ya forgot?? crush, my uncle's........."
"Okay okay, I got it...n now you shut", She stopped me!
"Okay, so tell me", I asked her!
"Well, I dont think that yar in love!! Wat do you think???", She asked me!

I just looked at her!
"Ennada paakura?", she asked me!
"Nothing, you continue", I replied!
"What do you think?, yar still in school, and even aparna is in school and how can you expect her to love you back?, wont you feel hurt?, all these things comes at this age, thanks to our indian cinema industry"
"Its all a mere infactuation da, understand that first", she continued!
I kept silent!
"Do react something buddy", She told me!
"So what you want me to do?", I asked her!
"Leave those crush stuffs n concentrate on yar studies first", she told!
"Done", I replied her!

"Shall I ask you something??", she told!
"Ofourse, ya can ask me anything", I replied!
"May be ya would've felt in love with aparna, but still how did ya told "DONE" immediately wen i asked you not to go after aparna?", she asked me!
"Its just because you are my better half", I told her and started to eat!
We dint talk after that!


"So yar gonna leave this school?", I asked her with the marksheet in my hand!
"I got to, and even yar gonna join a different school right?", she asked me!
"Yeah, am gonna, but not in the school where ya gonna join", I replied!
"I know, coz am gonna join in a Girl's school, and one cant expect you to join there", she smiled!

"Why you look so dull?", she asked me!
"I donno, may be I'll miss you", I replied!
"Hmmm", she replied!
"Wont you??", I asked!!
"I wont", She smiled!
"Coz, yar my better half da", she told and started back to her home!!
"Take care, olunga padikira valiya paaru", she advised me!
"I will", I replied!

I really wanted to hug her at that moment, but the surroundings dint permit me to proceed!! Fuck the soceity!!


Watch out for PART 2!!