Friday, July 31, 2009

A New looking blog!

Evlo naal thaan orae template vachitu irukarathu...Everything needs a changes, ofcourse my blog too...
Suddenly something striked in ma mind...

Tin tin tin tin tin ton ton(Flash Back Effect)

"Dai, i changed my blog template, paathutu eppadi irrukunu sollu", bhagi told me
"Nalla irruku", i replied
"But template change pannum pothu, all ma previous gadgets gone da, orae KUSHTAMA
irruku", paavam bhagi romba feelings-oda sonna

Ton ton tin tin tin tin tin(Flash back over, so reverese flash back effect)

"Oh no, these gadgets has to be there in ma blog, evlo kashta pattu visitors count 3000 kitta touch panna vachaen, ippo antha proof elaam poita, eppadi scene podrathu??", i thot.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i told myself n immediately opened google!
"Change blog template without removing gadgets", i typed!
100000 matches found!!
"Hmmm, ithuku elaam ivlo match irruku, ennaku eppo oru perfect match kidaikum??", i thot.
After all kinda searching, atlast i found out the way to change the theme without disturbing the gadgets n yeah, am here with a new theme for ma blog!!!

"Mama, i changed the template for ma blog, paathutu eppadi irukunu sollu", i pinged ranjith
"Oru periya vaazhai elai-la, vadai-ya aduki vacha maathiri irruku", he replied!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Recently i got a chance to watch a movie! SWADES..
its kinda a old movie, but i haven't watched it before!!
Just bout the movie in one word, AWESOME! Its something that every NRI should watch. It'll create an impact for sure.

And i gone mad on a song, YEH JO DESH HE TERA...n man, the lyrics of that song, its something divine!!! felt like sharing it with you all, n yea, here is the english translation of the song!!!

This very land that is yours / this very country that is yours
It is your very motherland / fatherland
And it is calling out to you
This very bond between this land and you
How could it ever break up ?
The fragrance of this very land
How could you ever forget it ?
Wherever you would wish to go
No matter what happens, you will come back to this very land
In each and every paths
In each and every suppressed sighs
To you strayed heart
Someone / something will remind you of this

That this land that is yours / That this country that is yours
It is your very motherland / fatherland
Your whole life seems telling you
You have achieved everything in it, what else could you expect to get you don’t already have ?
As if you had been showered by life’s riches and happiness
But, you are so far away from home
Do come back now, you old fool
To this very place where people will consider you as one of them
Do answer to this call from this land

This very land that is yours / this country that is yours
Which is your very motherland / your very fatherland
This is the right time
In which lay hidden
An entire century, an entire lifetime
Do not ask what is awaiting ahead
You now have reached a crossroads
It behoves to you to choose this very path
It is for you to show which path should be taken
It is for you to show the direction that should be taken by
This very land / this very country
This very land that is yours / this very country that is yours
Which is your very motherland / which is your fatherland

I love u INDIA!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life is a Journey....

Life is a journey n how true is tat..

There are days wen we cried to go to school n there are a days wen we cried to go back to home from college!!
There are days wen we used to hang out with our frnds for the whole day, n there are days wen we will find less than 5 mins to talk to our same frnds!
There are days wen we used to shout at mom for not cookin well, n there are days wen we used to call her n tell tat we miss her cooking!

Life changes alot n everything happens....
N yea, my life too is a sweet lil journey..
FOrtunately i got some time to recall it back, n it was something we call heavenly feel..with full of happiness n pain!
Its been 22 years now, how drastically my life has been changed...

" Life romba maaridichu-na, its so unpredictable, but still, its damn good", i told razvi.
"Dei, enna thoonga vidu da, he yelled at me n slept immediately!!

Some 19 yrs back, ma parents forced me to join LKG in a nearby skool, n i cried like hell to go, but there is where ma journey started actually!!
Both ma dad n mom were working at that time, they tried hard outta their life to make me n my sister to feel comfortable in all aspects!! At that time, ma family was kinda financially poor, we stayed in a rented home where we got just three rooms. A hall, a kitchen n a bed room! As every child do, i too dreamt like i should take care of ma family as soon as i can!(at the age of 4, i feel its too early to dream like tat, but wat to do) I've imagined a wonderful house, with a car! Tats how every child's dream will be, especially who comes from a middle class family, n am not an exceptional!

I flunked in most of the subjects in LKG itself! he he, i still donno why I feel alergic to studies! These teachers in the skool used to pinch ma ears, god, I feel the pain even now wen i think bout tat!


I Looked at razvi, he was in deep sleep i guess! I dint feel sleepy, so just switched on the tv. Its weird, being in saudi, if i hear someone talking arabi,I feel like he is scolding me in bad words, n in the tv too, someone was talkin with full enthu, but in arabic!! I changed the channel..
"Ennaku nee, unnaku naan, Yettile eluthinaan", sathayaraj was singing the song n i guess it was suganya, his lady love..
I just went back....

From ma KG class, slowly i grew up, n i was in ma third std i guess, i donno wats ma age at tat time, but tats the time i used imagine myself in a hero's position wenever i saw a cine song in tv!(I guess its common among many guys ).I will feel somethin high inside me wenever i used to dance for a duet with Kushbu, suganya( well, these gals were the leading heroins at that time). This is something i used to laugh thinking bout, even now!!
These dreaming stuffs continued for almost two years i guess, n after tat i gone one step forward n started to fell in love with ma class girls, from annamma to kavitha(my class gals), from rani to deepika(ma junior gals), from gayathiri to archana(my family friends). Ha ha, tats funny na, but tats wat happened, i
dint leave any gal, i loved all, n changed the gals for every 3,4 months! To be frank i still donno, whether onli i got this habit of loving gals , or its common at that age! But i enjoyed those days! How wonderful it was to love different gals at differnt times!


"Dei, konjam TV off pannu da, am feelin sleepy, unnaku enna, veetla irukura maathiri nenapa, intha nerathula tv-a potutu paathutu irruka, poi padu da velakenna" Razvi said n slept again!
"Home", there aren't any best place in the world than home!! Its something makes us feel a lotta comfortable! I love ma home....
I went back again...

As days passed on, my dreams started to come true! A big house for us!! Just for us!! I still feel ma parent's hard work, how badly they sacrificed their happiness to built it!! I was one proud guy n told all ma frnds in skool bout the new house. I still rem, i kept ma shirt collar rised for the whole day in school! Tats how i used to be. All credits goes to ma parents!! N after a year, we got a car too! The budget middle class car! MARUTHI 800, well almost in the entire india, if someone is gonna buy a car for the first time, the first choice will be Maruthi 800! Again the next day, i kept ma collar raised for the whole day in skool..

Days passed..

As every guy do, i did all kinda stuffs then, from eating pani pooris without telling ma parents, to watchin porn movies!( Well, i want to be frank!) Enna oru nalla vishayam, i dint try smoking!(well, again i want to be frank). After doin all these, one cannot expect me to score good marks in 10th board exams, n yeah, i got 70%!

"Padicha thaana mark varum??", thats one of the valid question my dad asked me on tat day!! Yeah, tats rely a good question! But did that question changed ma attitude towards studies??, obviously not!!

Ma dad got lots of hopes on me, just imagine, he used to drop me in the school in the morning, n again he will pick me back in the evening inspite of his tight schedule in business! he did that From ma LKG to 10th, for 12 years!! Tats something i rely love n feel proud of!


Got bored n i just took ma lappie!! Am treating it as ma best friend nowadays, ofcourse, it made me to feel better lotta times after coming here to jeddah!
Logged in to yahoo, n saw an offline from fahad. Some song it was, thot of checking it, but my net was kinda poor n it took so long time to load..
I went back.....

Fahad, the best Machan anyone could possibly have. Many says that we both are the replica of each other except for luks!! After ma 10th std, my dad thot of changing me to a new skool, n he chosed a private skool near ma place, just becoz fahad studied there!! I neva had any single thot in ma mind bout the new skool, i neva knew that the next 2 years will be one of the most unforgettable days in ma life, n ofcourse am not nosterdams, to predict things. I learned the meaning for the word TRUE relationship then. Frienship n love, the two best things i was gifted for joining there! Thanks to fahad n ma skool!

Friendship, i saw wat its all bout!! There are some guys in ma life, n i cant imagine a life without them! My life changed drastically! N wow, i got 86% in ma 12th board exams..

"Nalla mark thaan vaangi irukaan, but his mom wants him to stay here itself, she is not interested in sending him to hostel, so ingaye hakeem-la serthudalaam-nu irukaen", ma dad told someone in phone! I was kinda diappointed, but at the same time, i felt happy tat am gonna stay with ma mom for the next four years!! Unlike others, my college life doesn't tasted tat much sweet to me, may be the way i enjoyed in ma skool is a big reason for that, but still, its my mistake too, not enjoying my college days to the fullest!! But still, I got some good frnds there too!!


Oops, i donno why, am not at all feeling sleepy! How to kill ma time?, i just thot, n yeah i started checking out the photos which i took during ma skool alumini meet! N there was a gal with me in the most of the photos, My one n onli true love.. I donno how many ppl would've fallen in love, but i reckon, being in love is one the greatest feel anyone can possibly have!
I went back.....

It all happened like a drama! 7 yrs, seems like just 7 day! So fast n yet so beautiful! From a guy of no hopes, no ambition, no a guy of lotta hopes, full of energy!! Can love make all these changes possible?? yeah, it does, atleast in ma case!! N now, we both took one of the valuable decision in our life just for some good cause, n i hope we'll prove our decsion right!!


"Good Morning da anna", I got a text!!
Good Morning????, wats the time now..i asked myself n looked at ma watch!
It was 4.30 am in saudi!
Oops, time ponathe therila...
"Good morning", i replied back her!( Thanks to airtel n Way2sms!!)
Subhashini......My dream!
I went back...

Brother sister relationship is always special n ofcourse i longed for that special relationship n i got this gal!! I still remember how my mom called her wen she met her for the first time! She addressed her as her daughter! Thats rely sweet of ma mom! I am not a sentimental guy nor a emotional guy! But some persons in our life will make us emotionally attached to someone, n my sis in tat type of gal!! Always special to me!
Uffff...its been 8 months since i met her!


I heard some sound outside, guess it must be a aeroplane...I immediately peeked outta window n looked up. Yeah, it was an aeroplane!! I smiled...
"Nee innum thirunthala da", i told myself n came inside!!
I went back....

"Dei mama, life-la oru thadavaiyaavathu flight-la poidanum da..", blaky told me,
"kandipa da", i replied,
"Porathu mukkiyam illa da, pona LUFTHANSA-la thaan da poganum", sathi told me,
"Y so?", i asked him,
"Anga paaru da, antha flight evlo perusa irruku", he showed me a lufthansa flight, as we were standin in the terrace of sathi's home which is pretty near to chennai airport!!
"Mama, lufthansa-la sarakku elaam kodupaangala da?", ranjith asked!
"Sarakku mattum illa da..elaame kidaikum", sathi replied!!
"Elaame vaa???!!!!!", blaky asked in a suprise!!
"Yeah da Elaame", i replied!!

"Appo done machi, college mudicha udane naama elaarum oru velaiya join panrom, we're gonna save money, lufthansa airways's parakarom!", blaky told in a bold voice!!
"Athuku mothalla M-3 arrear clear pannanum da", sathi replied!.
"Intha nalla nerathula atha yenda remind panra naaye" blaky yelled at sathi!

"ENga da machi polaam?", i asked
"Atleast GOA-kaachum poganum da", ranjith told!
"Ada *********** lufthansa international flight da, athu goa-kellam pogaathu", blaky laughed at him.
"Aiyoooo, appo venaam da..lufthansa airlines-la mattum thaan ELAAME kidaikum, so naama vera engayaathu polaam", I told all!

Seriously i donno wats the meaning of ELAAME!!

We all took a URUTHI MOZHI, that we'll be flyin in lufthansa airways soon after completing our degree!!
N after tat, wenever if i hear a sound of aeroplane, i'll look up the sky!!

Hmmm, we took oath on that day, but it dint happened!! Instead i flyed alone, not in lufthansa but!!
We never thot like, we guys will part off in our life like this!!
Atleast we all got a job n seeking our future now! But no matter wat, we guys used to talk atleat twice a week even now!!.....

"Dei nee innum thoongalaya??", Razvi asked me
"Illa na, ennaku suthama thookam varala", i replied.
"Dei unna pathi ennaku theriyum da, ippo thookam varalai-nu sollitu, morning thoongiduva! Appadiye office mattam potruva, athaana un plan??"
"Ada, athu maathiri ellam onnum illa na" i replied!
"Appo thoongu da venna", he replied n slept again!

"Yeah, i need some sleep atleast for an hour" I thot!

I rested myself in bed n just closed my eyes!!
The things which i recalled, everything comes in to ma eyes...How beautiful my life was, how dramatically it has been changed, its like a flash!!

Its been 8 months in saudi now, n am goin back to my home country in another 3 months!!
Am badly waiting for tat!
To continue ma LUFTHANSA dreams with ma frnds, to meet ma sis, to meet ma buddies n ofcourse my sister's Marriage!! The best thing tats gonna happen in ma family...

yeah, life is a wonderful journey!!

PS:- Thanks to Mr.Cheran, Director, AUTOGRAPH!!