Friday, December 12, 2008

A brand new Life!

Well, First of all i wanna thank you all for your awesome comments for ma post "Bye Bye INDIA". To be frank i never thought that I'll get a response like that!!

Ma last two topics were kinda yea, am back to ma own track now!!

Am a month old in Jeddah now, n life is cool here. Jeddah is awesome n i dint expect that.
Am staying in ma company villa n its rocking!! No probs at all.
But ma life style had changed completely.

So yea, lemme compare ma Indian life style with ma brand new Jeddah life style...

Mom: Dei its already 10.30, wake up soon da.
Me : Just 10.30 Maa, i'll sleep for another hour. Dont disturb
Ma Mobile alarm : Dei venna, its already 5am, wake up soon.
Me : Oh no, 5 huh:( late aaiducheeee....God, Bathroom freeya irukanum!!

Me : Maa, where is ma coffee
Mom : First go n brush your teeth da.
Me : I'll have coffee first, will brush ma teeth then
Mom : Unna thirutha mudiyaathu da
Me : Anna, coffee irukka?
Cook : Inga coffee ellam kidayaathu pa, Tea thaan.

Me : Mom, wats the breakfast today?
Mom : Upma
Me : Upma huh, i don want that, prepare dosai, orelse i wont eat.
Me : Anna, wats the breakfast today?
Cook : Upma
Me : Upma huh, kooda sugar serthu pack pannunga.

Me : Mom, i put ma jean for washing yesterday. Innuma wash pannala??
Mom: Nope
Me : Wats this ma, i need that pant. Seekarama wash panni kodunga.
Roommate: Dei where are you going?
Me : It has been three days since i washed ma cloths. Athaan wash panna poitu irukaen.

Friend: Dei, its time for Jumma Namaz da, come to mosque
Me : Ada poda, am not coming, Nee poitu vaa da
Friend: Dei, why are you like this?
Me : Poda poda, I got faith in ma heart. Thats enough.
Friend: Enga machi pora?, innum konja neram chat pannitu po
Me : Illada, its time for Jumma Namaz, i need to go to mosque. Will be back in an hour. Stay in online da.

Friend: Dei, its boring in home, shall we go out somewhere?
Me : Yeah mama, i'll be there in your home in another 10 mins.
Friend: Dei its boring in home, come online da.
Me : Wait mama, i put ma cloths for washing, atha eduthu kaaya potutu vandhudraen. Appuram i need to clean ma room da.
Friend: Okie da, come soon but.
Me : Yeah da, but it'll take atleast 30 mins.

Me : Mama, puthu padam release aairuku da, eppo polaam?
Friend: Your wish da, how bout today??
Me : Yeah sure da, we'll watch it today.
Me : Machi, sema boring in room da, is there any new movie released in our place? I'll go to market next week, i'll try to get the DVD.

Friend: Dei, it has been a day since we both met. so yea, come to ma home
Friend: Dei, it has been a week since we met, come in WEBCAM da.

Me : Dei, i saw a shoe da, it was awesome. 3000buks. Vaangitaen
Friend: Y are you wasting the money da?
Me : Namma daddy Kaasu da. Its all for us only. so yea, we should not think while spending dad's money.
Me : Wow, this shoe is awesome. How much??
Shop Keeper: 100riyals(1400 idian Ruppees)
Me : Cha, this shoe is not nice!!( We knw the value of money onli wen we earn it)


Ha ha, though everything is new for me, am loving it!! An awesome experience!!
A Brand New Life!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When there is NONE for you...

God, ma finger was paining like hell. I woke up at the midnight n I was not able sleep anymore with the pain. I started to cry coz of this hecking pain. I was not even able to drop ma hands down. Ma thumb got swollen like a Burger bun, full of puss. I thot of calling ma roommate, but what can be done at 12 o clock midnight. So i dint. Both of ma roommates were in deep sleep, but the pain in ma finger dint allow me to sleep anymore. I was awake for rest of the night.

It was 5.30 wen ma alarm rang, but i was already awake. Ma roommate woke up n i asked him immediately like, is there any hospitals located nearby.
"Why, what happened?", he asked me.
"I bit ma nails n puss formed in ma finger now. Its paining like hell. I cant tolerate. I dint even sleep", i replied him.
"Oops, thats bad. But we cant go to hospital now. Bear the pain till evening da, we'll go to hospital then", he told me n went to take bath.
"Till evening huh, oh god, how am gonna tolerate the pain", i thought.

I went to office then, n its one the hardest day for me. I had never felt such a pain ever before. Somehow i managed till evening n came back to room. But ma roommate dint come. I called him.
"Am going to airport da, will be back soon. We'll go to hospital after that", he told
"Anna, its paining like hell, pls try to come soon", i almost cried.
"yeah da. Sure. I'll come", he dropped the call.

Time passed, but ma roommate dint turn up, n the pain in ma finger, goshhhh, it was killing me. I started to cry again.
"I cant tolerate anymore", i thought n came outta room.
I donno any hospitals n again i donno arabic. Thats the F*****G problem coz of which i cant go alone. Am new to the villa, n i knw very few persons. May be some five. Ma roommate is one among them n he is not available.
"Lemme ask somebody", i thought again n went to a room
To be frank i rely donno who is inside, but still i knocked the door. A gentlemen opened the door.

"Sir, am new to this villa, staying in second floor. I got wounded in ma finger n its paining. Will u pls come with me to hospital?, i donno anything in this city n i don't know arabi too. So pls....", i asked him.
"Oops, sorry pa, i got some official work now, i cant come. Am rely sorry", he told n locked the door.

I went to the next room.
"Sir, am new to this villa, staying in second floor. I got wounded...........................................................", i told the same to him.
"Oh is it, well even am new to this villa, so sorry pa, i cant come with you", he told.

I went to another room.Again the same i told, n the gentlemen in the room told me another polished reason n went inside.
I went to almost some 10 rooms and no one was ready to come with me. I have no other choice other than going back to ma room n i did that.

Even ma worst enemy should not face a situation like wat I've faced. Almost begging everybody to take me to hospital. Its the worst ever situation anyone can possibly face.By this time, i dint feel the pain in ma hand, but i felt more pain in ma heart coz of the idiotic loneliness. If at all my mom was there with me, she would've cried for the pain i felt in ma hand. Ma dad would've bought the doctor to ma home itself. But i miss them. I cried again. This time lil bit louder. I dint feel the pain in ma hand, but the loneliness had made me to cry even more.

"Hey wat happened?, why are u crying?", the guy who stays in the next room of mine asked me.
Before i reply, he saw ma finger.
"God, wat happened to your finger? did u check with the doctor?,he asked
"No, i donno where is the hospital", i told him
"Oh, thats hard. well, I'll take u the hospital. Give me 5 mins, we'll start" he told.
Atlast after a day of struggle, someone is ready to take me to the hospital.It was 12 midnight wen i came back to ma room.

"Thanks alot", i told him
"Thats ok, take care. sleep well", he replied n went.

There was no pain in ma finger after that, but still ma heart was damn heavy. The way i stood in front of other persons and requested them to take me to hospital came in to mind. I cried again......

Well, I came abroad for some reasons, n i never regret for that, am Happy. But some incidents like this keep on pinging me inside...
Wen there is NONE for you.........