Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day at home!

"Ippadi thoonguriye?? Unnaku ellam udambu valikave valikaatha?", my mom was shouting at me even before I got up from bed!!
I stopped the alarm n got up from bed!! I guess I'll be the only person, who wakes up at 10 in the morning by keeping alarm!!
"Do u know wats the time now??", mom asked
"I know, its 10am", i replied her and washed ma face!!
"COFFEE", i asked ma mom in kinda loud tone
"Ithuku onnum korachal illa, have u ever brushed ur teeth in your life before having coffee??, i really dont know wen you gonna change!!", ma mom yelled at me!!
"Its a different taste you knw!! You wont understand the ultimate taste of a bed coffee unless u try it once!!", i suggested ma mom!!
"Dum, damaar,dukkk, putttt, bussss", i heard all kinda stuffs. Yeah ma mom scolded me!!!Its awesome to get scoldings from a lovable mom, tat too in the morning!! Nothing can replace it!!

India holds the upper hand in the second test match, Heavy rains in tamilnadu, Schools and Colleges were declared Holiday due to rain, blah blah blah...The newspapers sounds very dull nowadays coz of the news channels!! I threw the paper on the chair and switched on ma PC.
"Paper padicha, olunga madichi vaika maatiya??", again ma mom shouted at me!!
"Yapaaaaa, u got any venduthals or wat?? keep on scolding me from morning", i shouted back at her!!

WWW.ORKUT.COM, every time wen i switch on ma PC, I'll think like i should not log in to Orkut, as i feel its just a mere waste of time.
"But, ithellam nadakara kaariyama??", i thought n logged in to orkut!
Thank god, some of ma friends were there online and by the time wen i signed off from them, it was 12.15pm.
Mom came to me again.
"Mani 12.15 aaguthu, no need of taking bath, but atleast brush your teeth da", this time she said it politely!!
"Amma sonna maru pechu kidayaathu!!", i told her n went to brush ma teeth!

Now, I heard some abnormal sounds inside ma stomach!! Oh yea, am feeling hungryyyyyyyyyy
"Wats for lunch today??", i asked mom
"Irukaratha thaan saapadnum", ruf n tuf reply from mom!
"Ethuva iruntha namakku enna, vayiru full aagutha, tats enough" i thought!
Ate stomach full.
I woke up at 10, its 1pm now, but am feeling damn sleepy again!! Donno why, well its not ma fault. Its coz of the heavy lunch!! So its ma mom's fault!! How awesome it is to sleep after eating stomach full, tat too in a rainy day!! words to express the feeling!! I slept immediately.

After sometime....

I woke up!! Checked the time. It was 4.30pm and its still raining outside, I had no mood to get up from bed. But am not ready to get scoldings from mom again!
Saw ma mobile, some 5 missed calls. Three from sathish n two from Ranjith. I called back sathish.

Me: Solda, enna matter?
Sathish : Phone edukaama, Enna ****** pannitu iruntha?
Me: I was sleeping da
Sathish: Dei, neeyellam manushana da, ippadi thoonguriye.
Me: I felt sleepy da, athaan...
Sathish: Naan oru kayiru tharaen da, appadiye maatikitu sethu poidu
Me: Naan sethu poita neenga ellam azhuveengala da??
Sathish: poda *********, i too felt bored, tats y called. Come online if possible
Me: ok done

I went online again. Chatted with Sathi for an hour. Appadiye, time 5.40 aachu!!
My mom started again!
"Thoongura. Saapudra. Thirumbi thoongura. Computer use panra. Kulikara maathiri idea konjam kooda illaya??"
"porumaiya kulikalaam. Tigers wont bath daily", i told ma mom!
Again, "Dum, damaar,dukkk, putttt, bussss", she scolded me!
Ufffffff, naanum evlo neram thaan thittu vaangurathu. So yea, i took bath.

It was 6.30pm. I switched on the tv. All mokka programs. So I've no other option other than goin back online. Thanks to BSNL unlimited Broadband!! he he. This time fahad was there online. So started putting Maanga with him. appadiye time 7.30 aachu.
Again, i heard some bell sound inside ma stomach, n yeah, its time for dinner! Chapathi with Yummy chicken! Awesome combination. Full kattu!!

It was 8pm now. Checked out the local cable channel! Yaaradi Nee Mohini!!, wow, nayantharaaaaaaa. I sat in front of tv n Watched the whole movie. So appadiye mani 10.30 aachu!! Thoonga polaame...............I told myself! n yea, i went to bed!!

Ufffff, this is how I kill the time wen am home!! Great na....

Ps:- To all who think that Am vetti. Intha maathiri vettiya irrkaratha vida oru kashtamaana vela vera ethuvum kidayaathu!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Money got no meaning among Friends!

We guys planned for a movie on that day. Even after knowing that its a mokka movie, we have no other go other than watching it.
DURAI - The Common Man!! Starring Action king ARJUN!!

I got some work, so i planned to start early. As usual Sathish called me.

Sathish : Dei, wen are u gonna start?
Me : in another 5 mins da.
Sathish : I dint have food da, my mom went out, let us have briyani da, come soon.
Me : Dei, enkitta 260Rs irruku, but i need to put petrol n then gotto take some photo prints da.
Sathish : Nee vaa paathukalam.

I started, in between i put petrol for ma bike for 50buks, so i had 210buks in ma hand. Reached Sathi's place n i took him with me. We both went to studio. I gave ma ref number n asked for 4 copies. But as the size of the photo is kinda different, they told me like, minimum number of copies itself will be 16.
"you pay the cash at the counter, get the copies by tomorrow", a gentlemen told me.
I went to the counter, an average looking girl was sitting.
"Rs160 sir", she told
I paid the cash, n now i got 50buks in ma hand.

I came outta studio and asked Sathish like, how much money he got.
"I got 40 maame, how much u have?"
"Dei i got only 50 da, totally we got 90, thats not enough for briyani maame :", i told him.
"Who the hell asked u to pay the full amount in the studio??", he shouted at me.

I went back to studio,
"madam, shall i pay some advance now, will pay the remaining amount tomorrow while getting the photos", i asked her
"Sorry sir, Bill potaachu, i cant change now", she told me.
I came out again.

"Free-ya vidu da, we'll manage", Sathi told me
"We got only 90buks da, if we ate briyani what bout the tickets then??", i asked him
"Athuku thaan namma paasakaara frnds irukaangale", Sathi said.
We both started then, in between Santosh called me.

Santosh : Dei, where are u?
Me : We both are on the way to theater da, what bout u?
Santosh : Myself, iyer n jp waiting for u in arcot bus stand da, come here.
Me : okie, wait there itself, we'll come.

Some 5mins then, we reached the bus stand.
"How much money you got now?", i asked Santosh
"I got 40 da", he said
I checked with others, Iyer got 100 and jp got 40. I calculated in ma mind.

"Dei give that 100 rupees to me, i'll give u 90buks, u three go to theater n get the tickets, myself n sathi gonna have briyani, we'll come to theater then", I told iyer.
"Dei, ippo briyani romba mukiyama??", Santosh yelled at me
"we dint have food in the morning da, feeling very hungry", Sathish told Santosh
"Dei, now we got onli 170 da, wat if the ticket price is 40??", Iyer asked me
"Antha naai padathukellam ticket 30Rs thaan irrukum", I told Iyer

Somehow we both managed to convince the other three. We went to STAR BRIYANI!!, its one the best hotel in the entire vellore city!!(Yeah its no more a district ).
We saw the price list, gosh!!!! half plate briyani is 54buks!! But we got onli 100.

"Enna mama, kaasu idikuthu da, ennada panalaam ?", sathish asked me.
"Ada vidu mama, i'll eat quarter plate, n u eat half da", I told him.
Affter finishing the first round, Sathi calculated.
Half Briyani + quarter Briyani = Rs.81/-.
"Machi we got another 19buks da, why cant u eat kushka??", he asked me.
"ada venaam vidu da, its already time, we'll go to theater, or else those guys will shout", I told Sathi.

We came out, but we both have no mood to take that 19Rs to theater, so went to the nearby shop n had sprite!!(Saaptadhu Digestion aaganumla? ).
We reached the theater, thank god the ticket price was 30buks. So now, we are left with just 20Rs, as 150buks went for the tickets.

"Sir bike token", one small guy asked me
"how much??",i asked him
"3Rs", he told.
I gave him 6Rs, got the token for two bikes.

20 - 6 = Rs.14 we got now.
We went inside the theater, that was a mokka movie. Damn slow moving. We guys felt irritated. But wat to do, we paid 30Rs each na, atleast for that sake, we planned to sit inside till the movie ends! Some 90 mins then, INTERVAL!!!

"mama, am thirsty, get some cool drinks da", Jp told
"Dei venna, irrukarathu 14Rs, athula ethana cool drinks da vaanguva???", Sathi shouted.
We counted the money again.
ten 1 rupee coins, two 2 Rupee coins, he he he!
"Machi, get a water bottle da", i gave a wonderful idea to Jp!
"Dei, chilraya kodutha canteen-la oru maathiri paarpaanga da, so am not going. You itslef go n get the water bottle", Jp told me.
"Athellam onnum solla maatanga da, we pay money", i convinced Jp.
Atlast he bought the bottle. Guess what, we guys fought with each other to drink that water too!! he he he

"How much da?", i asked jp
"13.5 mama", he replied!!
ha ha, we are left with 50 paise atlast!!
Movie started, we almost died watching it.
"Intha padathuku vanthathuku, dhaba-ku poiruntha super-ah saaptrukalam", Iyer told.
"Ada vidu da, athellam munaadi yosichi irukanum, its too late", I told him.

"anna!!", i heard a voice.
I turned back, a small poor girl was standing there, asking me for money!!
"Dei, who is having that 50 paise, give it da", i asked the guys.
"Enkitta irruku mama", jp gave it to me!!

I gave that 50 paise to that gurl and we guys started!!
Atlast we guys left with no money!!!

I rememebered Rajini's dialog in sivaji movie!!
In the climax, he'll threw a one rupee coin on suman's forehead n will tell a dialog!!
"Unaala itha kooda kondu poga mudiyaathu!!"