Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sakkarakatti Movie Review

Well, this review is not mine, I read it somewhere in a community, n guess what, this review contains everything that I felt after watching this movie!!!
I rely wanna share it to you all, coz i don want u all to have a horrible experience!!
Just sit back n Continue reading.

Sometimes in life your instincts disappoints you, and yes this time around my instincts didnt just disappoint me,but almost got me killed. Inspired from my rebirth, i was so curious to write this review to cherish the mission of saving the world!
This movie will make your adrenaline glands pump like never before and you will see the real "you" showing all forms of emotion in the course of the movie. The director of the movie has tried to achieve that whatever it takes !
The initial scenes of the movie showing the childhood of the hero and his friends will make you ask "What the hell, when is the story gonna start?". Offcourse the director offers you a starter in the mean time,the "Elay" song.
Soon the story begins to unfold. Next five minutes the director captures the conversation between the hero and the friends, very natural and non-cinema like !! Does it ring a bell to you ? It did to me. I don't mean now to say that it was inspired by the very real conversation that happens in Tarantino's "Reservoir dogs". Forget it ! The very next scene, the hero happens to meet the heroine (first heroine) accidentally. Like a twist to the tale, the hero falls in love at first sight, which is something very new to tamil cinema if not to Indian cinema.
Yet to recover from the beautiful sight of the heroine, the hero tells his love fable to his friends, who ignore it completely. The very next moment, the hero sees the heroine entering his own classroom and the plot is now wide open for the audience to speculate whats gonna happen next.
To everyones surprise, the hero encounters with another girl(second heroine) who happens to be his own cousin. The second heroine falls for the hero. In the meantime, the first heroine accepts the hero's proposal and they fall in love. From there on, its the battle between the first and the second heroine to get the hero.
A triangular love story told in a fashion like never before and it left the audience shouting like hell in every frame. There were moments during the movie,when the whole crowd got on from their seats and said "Bravo man,bravo". The director has carved each frame of the movie with perfection and had a tag of uniqueness in every scene. For e.g, the hero speaks like as if he has landed straight from the U.S and guess what, he happens to be graduated from a corporation school according to the plot. That says it all, the heights of uniquess and the thinking skills applied by the director. The CG for the songs are out of the world, matching or infact bettering the likes of Matrix or Jurassic park.
The director has unlocked a new door for the world to see, on how a movie should be made and inspires Tamil cinema industry as a whole.
Bottom line : "Dare to watch this movie"
Rating : I dont want to have a battle with "Godfather" or "Dark Knight" fans by rating this masterpiece !

Thanks to Aravindan
Well, its one of the worst movie i had seen in ma recent times n thank god, the movie is just 1:45hrs long!!!
But still, we guys enjoyed the movie to the core, by whistling n shouting for each n every scene!! Not only us, the whole theater did the same n the atmosphere was electrifying, which is something more than for a rajini film!
Believe me, I haven't laughed ever before as i laughed watching the turns n twists in this ultimate mokka movie.

My message to the director :
Pls keep directing movies like Sakkarakatti, n make us to laugh all the time!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nostalgic moments at CSI Hr Sec School :)

It was 8am in the morning, i was sleeping like hell. Guess i was in front of Tajmahal, dancing for a duet with kareena kapoor in ma dreams . This Riyaz called me n spoiled the dreams.
"Dei, come to skool at 10 da, yogesh too will come. Don't make it late.", i felt like thrashing him, but controlled!!.
"Ok da, I'll. You too come soon, cya there", i dropped the call.
Yeah we had planned for a get together at our school.
I closed ma eyes again, searched for kareena kapoor, but not even paravai muniyama came !! No use of sleeping further, so i got up from bed.
"Wat a miracle, you woke up so soon!!", my mom was surprised actually.
"Am going to CSI mom, some of ma old friends are coming, where is ma coffee??", i asked ma mom while ma eyes where fully focussed in the newspaper!! How awesome it is to have coffee without brushing the teeth, very few knew bout it!!

I confirmed with Prisci bout her presence. Atlast i got ready.
"Dei, return soon da", I had not even started, but even before that ma mom told me. Sometimes you feel good to have such a caring, affectionate mom. But am 22 now, still she is afraid bout me n ma driving, that made me to feel kinda different.
"I guess, I'll be late mom, I'll call u then", i told ma mom n started.

I took just a matter of two minutes for me to reach the school.
CSI MATRICULATION HR SEC SCHOOL. The school where i had studied for 12 long years, from ma LKG to 10th. Just a matter of second i stepped inside the campus, i saw each n every moment i enjoyed here, in front of me. Wow, almost everyone in this world would've loved that n of course am one of the everyone!!

I parked ma bike in the stand. Started to walk. There's no one in the campus except me. I searched for Prisci.
"She might be inside the church", i thought. As i thought, she came out from the church n asked me to wait for sometime till the prayer ends and she went back. I called Riyaz n asked him to come soon. Lazy guy, he spoiled ma dreams, n now he's making it late. I started to walk around, n finally sat in the steps in front of the stage. Felt like am sitting in front of 700 students, i remembered the assembly meet that used to happen every morning!! Everybody would've got some unforgettable moments n ofcourse i got many. The mischievs i did in the class, ma first crush, the fraud work i did during the lab classes...huh, lot to tell. But even in those incidents, some of the them are rely special .

When i looked around the school, the first thing i noticed was, in these six years, the chemistry lab dint change at all. It looked the same. There is a special reason for me to mention about chemistry lab now. Ma last happy moment at CSI happened in the very same lab.



In the Chemistry practicals, there are two portions. Volumetric Analysis and Salt Analysis. I donno how to do the both . It was raghu, standing in front of me. Thank god, both of them got the same experiment in volumetric analysis. I asked Raghu to start the experiment. Some 5 mins, he got the color change in his solution and i asked him the End point.
"19.2", he told.
I opened the valve in ma burette. Started to mix the solution. We're supposed to note the color change carefully. But instead i was busy waiting for the solution in burette to reach 19.2 level. I dint even noticed in what color the solution is, but i closed the valve when it reached 19.2!! Yippee, i finished the experiment, i jumped in joy. Now, i saw the solution, oh god!!, i don't even know what color is that. We're supposed to get the pale pink color, but mine was totally different. I called Raghu again.
"Dei, wats this?? i stopped at 19.2, but i dint got the exact color da, what could be the problem??"
"Did you add Hydrochloric acid with it in the beginning before starting the titration??", he asked me
"Ada paavi, why you dint tell me this before, i donno da, I'll add now", i told n searched for HCL in the lab.I added two drops, thats it, the entire solution turned dark blue instead of pale pink!! Huh, wat to do now??, this lab internal will yell at me!! I came back to ma place.
"Dei, what da, am getting blue color??", i asked Raghu again
"You're supposed to add it before the titration n not after it, n thats why you're getting this color", what a great discovery by Raghu!!!
"You idiot, why the hell you dint tell me when i went to add HCL???", i shouted in way that onli Raghu can hear me.
He laughed at me.
"Am i doin any comedy or wat???", i asked myself.

The lab internal came to me to check the endpoint. I hided the solution.
"So wats your end point??"
"19.2 ma'am, and i got the pale pink color", i told her.
"is it???, show me the solution", she asked me
Gosh, why the hell i mentioned bout the pale pink color now, if at all i stopped with the end point alone, she would've went, but now she's asking me to show the solution. I showed it to her.
"Is this is pale pink?", she asked
"Yes ma'am", i replied her without any shame.
"Are you blind?"
"Not at all ma'am, but this color is what am getting", i replied her.
"You guys are fit for nothing, how many time i would've taught you??", she yelled at me
"Your teaching is not good, your teaching changed a bright student like me in to a dull student", ha ha..i felt like saying this to her, but i controlled.

Some 45 mins from then, i came outta lab.
"How you did da??", a guy from second batch asked me.
"sooooper da, am the first to get the perfect end point", i told him
Immediately a guy kicked me at back, it was Raghu!! I donno why, i started to laugh loudly, and so did Raghu!!
"Why the hell you making noise here, get lost", the lab internal shouted.
"sardhaan podiiiiii", i thought!!, n we continued laughing but moved away from that place!!

Well, that happened to be the last day at school!! The day no one will forgot!!


I heard a car horn sound, that was someone who came to church. Honda CIVIC, one of ma dream car. I Wish i could own one. Well, this Riyaz still not came, n Yogesh...totally no idea about where is he.
"Nobody is punctual other than you", i told myself
It was pretty hot, n so i got up from the stage n started to walk. I saw a classroom, it was 3rd std.
I remembered ma first crush!! It happened at ma 3rd grade!! he he he...too early to have a crush na, but wat to do . After all its ARIYAADHA VAYASU . I guess, no one knows bout ma first crush, i feel glad to share it with you all people...


I used to sit next to Leena during ma 3rd grade and there started everything. Even at that age itself i used to check out her. She used to write those four line note book stuffs for me, coz, i got a poor hand writing. Whenever i saw a love song, i used to remember leena!! . I enjoyed ma days with her, sitting next to her. ufff...athellam oru kaalam!! She left the school then, i felt like i was left alone!! I missed her badly. I rely donno where is she, and what she is doin now, but there is always a place for her in ma heart!!!

This is for Leena Mariam:
Hey Leena, I wish u read this blog sometime in future. But i wanna tell you one thing. If u fall in love with me after reading this, sorry to say this, AM COMMITTED now.


I heard someone calling me, i turned back. It was Riyaz. Lazy fellow .Sam and Prisci followed him, then Yogesh!!! All came. Very few turned up for the meet actually, but still the next few hours we all enjoyed to the core!! We all went back to our school days actually!!

Some three hours then, we all were about to leave, i carved ma name in a tree!! so did the others!!! We left the school then.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful Girls Vs Good Looking Girls

Many of ma friends told me that, ma previous post was kinda a serious topic!!!!
I hate being serious, n so yea, here is another jolly topic!!!

Beautiful Gals Vs Good Looking gals!!!

An important topic na?? yeah it is!! (Kelviyum naane, pathilum naane)

I guess many wonder like, whats the big difference between a good looking girl n a beautiful girl. Well, even some of you may think like both mean the same!! Nope, its not the same. I had done some research work in it, n am hereby presenting u all ma report!!

No tension pls, continue reading!!!

Point Number One:
Well, if u take a beautiful girl, not all of them have the thing which we call in tamil, something like KALAI in their face, but every good looking girl will have it!! That makes them kinda special!!.
So if u consider this point, Aishwaryarai is Beautiful, But Bhavana is good Looking!!

Point Number Two:
A beautiful girl will look the same wen she cries,laughs, when she is happy, when she is sad, there wont be much change in her face expression. But good looking girls will show all kinda expression on their face!!
So if u consider point number two, Bhoomika is beautiful, but jothika is good Looking!!

Point Number Three:
One will feel bored on seeing a beautiful face continuously, but none will get bored on seeing a good looking face!!
So if u consider point number three, Bipasha Basu is beautiful, but Priety Zinta is good looking!!

Point Number Four:
Here comes the ultimate point. Eyes!!!
The eyes of a beautiful girl wont speak much, wont be pretty much attractive. But if you look at the eyes of a good looking girl, it'll speak alot, very attractive!!
Now if u consider this point, Asin is beautiful, but sneha is good looking!!

Point Number Five:
Not all beautiful girls will laugh in way that we can see their 32 teeths, but one can see the pearl teeths of a good looking girls when they laugh!!
Considering this point, we can tell that Katrina Kaif is beautiful, But Sushmitha sen is Good looking!!

Point Number Six:
Not all white girls are beautiful, but most of the beautiful girls are white.
Not all dark girls are good looking, but some of the good looking girls are dark.
If u consider this point, Laila is beautiful, But Nanditha das is good looking!!

Thats it. Raja's Theory!!!!
Well, on reading ma theory, one can easily conclude that Good looking girls are pretty much better than beautiful girls!!

PS:- If anybody feel like kicking me, am not responsible for that!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Love... Is it Beautiful?? or Painful???

Disclaimer : Everything i mentioned in this post, is purely based on MY OPINION!!

Love.... Is it Beautiful?? or Painful??

There are some reasons to mention that, Love is Beautiful

  • It'll create a feeling inside everyone which cant be expressed. It worth a million, in fact more than a million.
  • If its a guy, he'll surely get some responsibilities. At least some.
  • Well, everything you see, it'll look beautiful.
  • It gives one the ultimate meaning for his/her life.
  • It'll turn any person, a poet!!
  • It gives you immense happiness SOMETIMES (only "sometimes").
lotta reasons can be said.....

Well, tat not matters now. Many who fall in love just look at the above mentioned stuffs only. Of course, even me!!! he he he.

In fact, there are some reasons coz of which, one can tell Love is painful!!

  • In no love, both a guy n a gal will act with a maturity at a same time!! One will try to change another, in this course, both of them will be changed in their character. Ha ha, tats funny isn't it??.
  • Who the hell told that distance will increase the love between two??? If i see him, i got plans of asking him a question,"Have you ever been in love?? that too with someone who is far away from you".
  • Possessiveness, huh here comes the ultimate reason. There are two kinds of possessiveness,
  1. One will frankly tell like, i don't like you to mingle with others. I want you to stay away from others
  2. Second type is kinda like, one wont tell anything if u move closely with others, but they will wait for there time to come n they will pin point that he/she is not giving importance to them!!
  • I heard many telling like, the pain in love is sweet, one can enjoy the pain in love, blah blah.....If i see them in person, for sure, i'll kick them. If you all look at those persons who used to talk alot bout love, they will be single!!!
  • One cant do anything freely, listening to what his/her heart says. They have to think in as many ways as possible, so that it wont create any problem for both of them!!, ultimately losing there individuality!!!

Again, lotta reasons can be said for this too...

Now lemme come to the topic, is love painful?? or beautiful???, tats what the hell am thinking even now, but i cant able to find it out!!!!!
Not only me, no one can judge, n tats y LOVE STILL PREVAILS!!! n ofcourse, Am enjoying it!!! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I met a Beauty!! Thanks to the accident!!

"Machi, come soon, its boring like hell in home", sathish dropped the call. I informed ma mom, n started. Well, sathi's parents went to all India trip, n he'll be alone in home. So, i thot of giving him a company.

I was almost half way reached, saw one ma friend standing in front of a ice cream parlor. I stopped ma bike, n called him. He got a very poor ear i guess, i was shouting like hell, but except him everybody turned towards me. Atlast, he heard me. It has been quiet a long time since we both met. So yea, we were busy talking. He was standing, n i was sitting in ma bike.

Some 10 mins passed.

"DUkkkkkkk", i heard a sound. I turned back. Gosh, somebody hit ma bike.
"Am extremly sorry", to ma surprise i heard a sweet lil girl's voice. At this time i was sitting n checking whether any damages occured for ma bike. But after hearing the pretty voice, i slowly turned back!! Wowwwwww, some butterflies started to fly inside me. There standing a beautiful, gorgeuos cute luking girl. I guessed, she might be in her first year of college.
"Dei, she asked sorry, react something, don't stare at her or else she'll think you're a jollu", someone warned inside me.
"Am sorry, pls", she told me again. I remember in Sa-Ro-Ja movie, whenever premji meet a beautiful girl, pretty angels used to dance around the girl. It happened for me too. he he he.

"Its ok. Neva mind. Nobody will do this wantedly", i put a bit.
"Thanks", she smiled at me. God, i almost died seeing her smile.
"Raja, Don miss this chance, nalla bit pottu correct pannidu", again someone advised me inside.
"Its ok, so where you from, n i saw this scooty many times in this place", even i felt like its too much asking all these to her, but wat to do, i cant control myself.
"Yeah, u might've seen it, coz i stay here onli. The street back to this shop, n my brother use this scooty most of the time", she replied.
Wow, wow...I gone mad on the way she spoke to me. I realized how difficult it is to see a girl's eyes, while talking. Tat too a pretty girl's eyes. I felt pity on guys like me.

"Now listen, my bike's indicator got broken", i told her.
"oops, sorry again, i dint do wantedly, but i can do nothing other than asking you sorry", She told me in kinda low voice.
"Who told tat u cant do anything???", some idea flashed inside me.
"I dont have money, or else i would've paid you", i cant see her feeling bad. But even wen she's sad, she was looking beautiful!! Oh god, why are u showing partiallity by creating such a beautiful girl like her n a guy like me!!
"Money??? tats not the thing i need" i said
"Then what???", she got afraid actually.
"How bout a ice cream???, i love to have ice cream, that too along with a pretty girl like u!!", i put another BIT!
She smiled at me, guess she must've got impressed!!

"Boss, two cones, mixed flavor", i ordered ice cream!!
"You're very frank n jovial, n i like guys being like this", she told me!!
I was in cloud nine.."Raja elaam perfect-huh work out aaguthu da, miss pannidatha", someone inside me keep on warning me!!

We got the ice cream. The way she ate it, i gone mad again. God, i forgot that i got ice cream in ma hand melting every second, instead i was luking at her!!
"you're looking beautiful", i cant control myself saying this to her.
"Is it?? thanks alot for your compliment, but am not that much beautiful", she replied.
Now this is the problem with girls, they'll think like they are the beauty queens, but if anyone like me greet her, they wont accept!!

Some 10 mins, almost half of ma ice cream got wasted, as i was busy looking at her.
"Ok, its already late, I got to go, mom will scold me", she told me in a worried note.
"Oh yea, nice to meet u, Am Raja Mohammed, may I know ur sweet name?? i guess ur name too will be pretty sweet as you!!", again a BIT!!
she smiled, " ha ha, well, am ...............

"Dei, its already 11, woke up u lazy", ma mom shouted at me!!
Gosh, ma dreams all gone!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A journey to correspondent room via principal room :D

As usual, i was sitting in the last bench n having food. Well, listening to the lectures, one of the toughest job i feel. ha ha, what to do, am not a geek!! A typical last bench student. Some 5 mins for break, office boy came to the class, with a printed letter pad in his hand.
"Machan, next hour etho seminar irruku pola, jolly da! we'll go to ground", "venaam da, padathuku polaam", lots of VALUABLE suggestions from ma frnds, in a matter of minute. He gave that letter to the lecturer. "Raja Mohammed, firthose, Prabhakaran.......", some 20 names. You all were asked to meet the principal before lunch!, he announced.
"mama, namaku etho price koduka poraanga da, tats y princi is calling us", i told firthose. "*******(Censored), dont u knw wen to crack jokes?, why princi is calling us da?, enna-va irrukum??", lots of questions. "Who knows, after all i was busy eating n suddenly they are asking us to meet him. let us meet him da",i told him n we all went to princi's room!

"Wait for sometime, principal is busy in a meeting", the office boy told us. "Antha aalu ellam oru periya manushan, avana meet panrathuku naanga wait pannanuma??", i feel like telling this to office boy, but i have continue ma studies in this college for another 6 months. so i controlled myself, he he he. We all waited for almost an hour, n atlast he came. You all come inside after 5 mins, he told n went inside. After a while we all went inside.

"So, wat u guys are thinking, ur not a master if ur into final year" he yelled at us. "Ada loosu payale, naanga ippo appadi sonnoma???, ippo enna nadanthu pochunu intha kathu kathura??", i cant able to convey this to ma beloved princi, so i told myself!! he he. He showed a complaint letter to us, n asked one of us to read it. Nobody moved forward . "I knw nobody will come, you cowards", he yelled at us again. Well, its a complaint letter given by a junior girl. She had mentioned like, we guys teased her a couple of weeks back. To be frank, we guys were surprised to hear that. Do we really did that??

FLASH BACK( imagine a tortoise mosquito coil is rotating in front of u in clockwise direction).......

Two weeks before, we guys were sitting in the site office (its our usual place in college were we all used to sit together in the lunch break n make hell lotta fun). The site office is located in a place like, girls have to cross it while going to hostel mess. Well, its not our fault. N on that day too, we were doing the same, making lotta fun. Of course, tats what guys are all bout!!. There were lots of girls crossing us, n she too was one among them. We guys rely don't know who is she. If some 20 odd guys sitting together, tat place will be filled with noise for sure. Ha ha, it happened on tat day. Nothing else we did. No guy will care bout the surroundings if he is in a gang. N while she crossed us, the level of noise we made went lil bit high. Thats it. Bell rang, n we went to lab.

FLASH BACK OVER( now imagine a tortoise mosquito coil is rotating in front of u in anti clockwise direction).......

Seems like the noise we made on that day disturbed her, and made her to think like, we all targeted her as a group. Oh god, if we explain what happened on tat day to this loosu principal, would he listen to us??. "Sir, actually what happened is....", vinoth started to explain, "Shut up, i don need your explanations", he shouted again. Am planning to suspend you all for a week, the order is ready, u all meet correspondent n collect the suspension order in your department" he told. We guys were shattered on hearing it. He was too harsh on us. We tried to explain him again, but no use. "Go and meet the correspondent, no more explanations". uffffff, we all came out. "Enna machi, intha loosu payyan suspension order athu ithu-nu solraan, ennada panrathu ippo???", firthose started to feel. "let us meet the corres da, no worries", i consoled him n we all went to meet the correspondent.

"Go inside on by one", the office boy told us.
"Machan, nee thaan height-ah irruka, so you go first",
"Mama nee thaan arrear vaikaama irruka, so u go first",
"Dei, nee thaan nalla english pesuva, so u go in first",
ha ha, how awesome to hear all those stuffs
Atlast im the first guy to go inside. "Good afternoon sir", i wished him( romba mukiyam!). My HOD too was sitting inside. Corres asked ma name n was like, do you think wat u did is fair??". "sir, actually wat happened is...", i started, n again the same happened. "I don need your explainations", he shouted. "Loosu-huh pa nee???", i remembered laila's dialog in pithamagan movie!!.
"Sir, he is Hazeena's brother", my HOD told the corres.
"Oh is it??, she is such a wonderful person n why are u spoiling her name in the college by doing all these kinda stuffs??", he shouted at me again.
Well, having a sister who is working as a lecturer in ma college as its own advantage n some disadvantage too like this.

Uffff, am tired of getting scoldings, he's non-stop . He was more harsh than princi. All those harsh words entered ma left ear at a speed of 20 kmph n came out of ma right ear the next moment at a speed of 1000 kmph, he he he . Some 20 mins i guess, atlast he was like, "okie, this is the last warning to you n for all who are standing outside, if u all repeat this, then u guys cant be helped.", he warned me allowed to go n asked the next guy to come in. Atlast, we all came out. Now i started to laugh, firthose continued n the everybody started to laugh. he he he, onli guys can be like this!!

"Machi, after getting the course completion certificate, Princi and corres, rendu peraiyum polakanum da!!, appo thaan ennaku santhoshama irrukum!!", athu varaikum enakulla oru fire irunthute irrukum", ma frnd told me!! .

We all were pretty tired n so we bunked the remaining classes n went to ground!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My First CRIME!!

On that day, I was pretty nervous. I neva did this before. Loads of things were running in ma mind. "Naama panrathu correct-huh??", Yeah they disturbed me alot, but still for tat, wat am going to do is kinda too much!!.But if i leave them, enaala nimathiya irruka mudiyaathu!! tats for sure....After watching Vikram's anniyan movie, am very much afraid to do these kinda things. ha ha ha but i have no other go. I called ma frnd, n told him bout wat am gonna do, he was shocked to hear. "Machan neeya???", think well before doin it da", he advised me. His advise took me a step back, but again i explained him like wat are all the reasons which made me to think at this extent. He got satisfied. "Ok machi, paathu pannu, incase of any probs call me", he
dropped the call. Still am not satisfied, took a coin. I tossed it. If its head, am gonna proceed. If its tails, am not gonna do this. The coin went spinning in the air. Gosh, its HEAD!! I went to kitchen, had some cold water. My hands was shivering.
"Come on Raja, you can do it, what u gonna do is for your good, no matter even if its a crime", I motivated myself.

Atlast, I decided. Am gonna do this. I confessed god ,for wat am going to do now. I also prayed like, it should not happen again.

I TOOK THE ELECTRIC BAT N KILLED TWO MOSQUITOs!! They struggled alot to escape, but they all went invain. Poor mosquito. They got burned in the electric bat. I closed my eyes n prayed.
May their soul RIP!