Friday, August 29, 2008

My Sweet Angel Sister, SUBHASHINI:)

Well, u can find this text in ma mobile often!! Tats from SUBAHSHINI:). I would say tat she is ma Dream!!. Whenever i saw her text in ma mobile, I'll go insane!! Sounds funny isn't?? but tats true! I guess many wonder who is she!!
Lemme rewind.....

Am a kinda guy, who always used to long for a Brother - younger sister relationship. I haven't blessed with a younger sister in ma life, but i was gifted with a elder sister:) She is such a sweetheart to me. But still, I've got a feel inside me like, i dint get what i want!! Yet, i was happy with what I've:)

Some 21 years from ma date of birth, it was Aug 30th, 2007. I was in chennai for the eve of ma friend blaky's sister marriage. Aadhavan, one of ma friend, came to the function. He is kinda close to me. I sat next to him, we had a nice lil chat. After sometime, he got a call. I guessed tat its a girl on the other side. I grabbed the mobile from him. I saw the display to check her name, SUBHASHINI, it showed. Well, i started talking with her, our conversation started with a formal Hello. Tried to show some senior gethu to her , ha ha ha! We both spoke for some 10 mins i guess. Thats it. i gave the mobile back to aadhavan, n started chatting with ma friends n we all enjoyed. I returned home the next day, n i almost forgot her. Dint even remember her name.

Days passed....

Some four months i guess. One beautiful evening, i logged in to orkut. I received a friend request. Its from SUBHASHINI. I was wondering who is she, n wen i checked ma scrapbook, i saw her scrap."Hey its me Subahshini, do ya rem??? aadhi's friend!!". Oh yea, i can recognize her now. N i scrapped her back!! But she wasn't in online at that time. After a week, i got a reply from her. N after that we both started chatting frequently. To be frank, I used to check out almost all the girls, ha ha, all age problem. But whenever i chat with Subhi (Lemme cut short her name!!:P), i felt something different, kinda unusual for me. After a month we exchanged our mobile number. We spoke alot. Again, i started feeling kinda pretty different. Spoke to ma gal on tat day. Told her alot about subhi. N finally before hanging the line, i told her like, I feel like i got a younger sister, for whom i had been longing for such a long time. N i found wats that different kinda feel exactly is. I donno how subhi would've been thinking bout me. We both became pretty close, in a very short time. N one day i told her everything like, what i told bout her to ma gal! Wow, the way she replied me, i guess she too would've been longing for such kinda relationship in her life! She texted me, ANNA:), wow!! i felt like flying. he he he.

Six months from then. We're now the best affectionate bro-sis i would say! The way she cares for me, The way she loves me, n of course even today wen she calls me ANNA, i'll go mad!! A very short period of time we knew each other, but i feel like we are been together for years:)
Its August 30th, 2008 today n now, She's exactly a year old kid in ma life.:) I thank Aadhavan for showing me such a wonderful sweet sister.

Thongachi!! (This is how i used to call her),
You're the only one, whom i got in ma life after longing for such a long time, and that makes you very special. Its coz of you am now feeling the completeness in my life. There aren't any words to express how much u mean to me!! You made to feel alot better now!! Hope we stay the same forever.

Thedi Thedi
Kidatha porul
Enrum nammai vittu pogathu
Enru solvaargal,

En Anbaanavale,

Neeyum ennaku appadi thaan,
Enrum En Thangaiyaai!!!

Love u loads!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Malarum Ninaivugal...Group Study with Sathish!!

Seems like, if i chat with ma friends, i'll get some awesome topics to write!! ha ha, this time its rasika!!. While chatting with her, I asked her like, what doing???
"just came home....a few mins back...was at my friend's house studying...", She replied!!

Wow, i remembered the days when i used to study along with sathish in his home!!

It was during ma third year of engineering. Myself n Sathi both were in study holidays. I hate studying, especially in study holidays. n ofcourse, Sathi is pretty much the same!! ha ha, after all we both are UYIR NANBARGAL!. Exactly at 9am, he called me!!!

Me : solda!!
Sathish : Enna mama panra??
Me: Veetla padi padi-nu uyira vaanguraanga da :(
Sathish : Enga veetlayum athe thaan da, nammala purinchika maatenguraanga :(
ME : Yeah machi.
Sathish : Group study panalaama??
Me: Naan kekalaam-nu vandhaen, athukulla nee ketuta da, this is wat we call friendship mama!
Sathish : he he he, yes da. Ok, wen are u coming???
Me: Naan innum kulikala, so i'll take bath n come at 10.
Sathish : ok da, come soon.
Me : yeah ok, Byeee
Sathish: Byeee

I took bath immediately. Mom scolded me to have breakfast, N so i had one dosa. Now, i searched for the longest note book I've got (wondering why??? u'll find the reason in the later part of this post!! ). Told my mom like, am going to college to meet the HOD (She knows bout me n Sathi too, n yea she wont allow me for sure if i tell the truth!). Am pretty much punctual, reached Sathi's home by 10 o clock sharp! Sathi's mom was sitting in the hall, "Ennada padika vanthiya???",she asked me, "YES", i replied her with a big smile!

Wen i entered Sathi's room, he was comfortably seated in the bed, with a book opened in front of him.
"Eppada vantha, naan serious-ah padichitu irunthaen,so i dint noticed wen u came", without any kinda shame he asked me!!
I jumped in to the bed, kept some pillows near me. Hmmm, am feeling comfortable now!! Now, i opened the long note book which i bought, kept my mobile in between! If Sathi's mom see me from outside, it'll look like, am reading!! (ha ha, hope u got it, y i searched for that long note book!! ). Sathish too did the same. Now, we both started chatting in mobile messenger, ha ha!! what a wonderful job!!

In between, Sathi's mom prepared tea for us. Oh yeah, we were very tired of reading, we badly need tea!! After having tea, again we both started! ha ha, it continued for an hour. Now we are bored of chatting.
"Ennada pannalaam?? ", i asked sathi.
"Let us play games da. Get the bookmarks from Ranjith, for downloading games", he told me!
Ranjith, another fraud like us, texted me the bookmark immediately. Yeah, we got it atlast! We both started downloading the games. Some 15 minutes from then, we got deeply involved in playing games, suddenly we heard a voice, "Padichathu pothum, saapda vaangada", sathi's mom called both of us for lunch!!. ha ha, again we both are tired playing games, had stomach full of food!!

"Mama, konja neram rest edukalaam da", sathi told me, we both slept. After an hour, my mom called me.
"Just now am gonna start from college ma, HOD made me to wait for a long time". i told her!!
"Ok come soon", she replied n hanged the line!!
I woke him up , "Mama, my mom is calling me da, i've to go now, study well, i'll come again tomorrow".
"ok da. Olunga padi!", again without any shame he advised me!!
I came back home!!!
This happened for some two weeks, ha ha!! We did the same everyday!!

Uffff...Athellam oru kaalam!!!

PS:- Myself n sathi, both are from different college, different dept, different Universities!!! ha ha ha

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A bitter experience in secretate office!

26th August, I was asked by my company to get attested in my Provisional certificate by state government, as they have to send it to saudi Embassy!! So, i went to secretate office, chennai. Along with my brother. It was 11am, i reached the secretate office. I thought like, there'll be very few like me who are going abroad for job. But wen i was about to enter the office, i guess some 500 people were standing there in que outside. I got pissed off, joined the que.

It was pretty hot, and it took an hour for me to go inside. Am new to that office, checked with some persons like, where the public(foreigners) dept is located. After some 15 mins, i found out! Wen i reach there, Gosh!! another long que:( I can do nothing other than joining the que n i did the same. There were lots of peons roaming here n there, n they treated us like as if we are working under them. No Respect at all. We cant do anything, if we argue with them, then there's no chance of getting attested in the certificate. so yea, we all kept quiet.

we all were asked to submit the photocopy of the Offer letter, provisional certificate n the photocopy of same. I took all those out from my file n kept it ready. Suddenly a person came, he grabbed the documents from us. He asked me to staple the documents together. I told him tat, i've got my original certificate in it, n if i staple it, it'll get damaged. so I took a jump clip from ma purse, but before that he stapled my documents. I felt like slapping him!! He collected the documents randomly from some 20 members. He asked all others to come on the next day! Many argued with him, but no use. Poor people, many came a way long from madurai, even from kerela too!

He took all the documents inside a room, n asked us to come on by one. I was the first in the que n so i went inside. In front of me, a person teared the staple pin.
"Sir please be careful, my original certificate is there", i told him.
He looked at me, kinda angrily. Thats it, i've no other go other than keeping my mouths shut! After verifying my certificates, he threw it to the corner. It got teared at the edge, almost in to a piece. "Come after two weeks", he told me n wrote a number in a bit paper n gave it to me. Thats my reference number. Its a piece of newspaper actually. Not even a proper acknowledgment slip.

Four years of hard work, to complete my degree. How much money my parents would've spent, how much stress, how many sleepless nights, my dream....felt like everything went invain wen i saw my provisional certificate in the corner. Felt like crying. Not only for me, almost for everyone who came there to get attestation, the same happened.

Well, this is wat happening in almost all the government offices in our country!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wat Guys are all bout..

As usual i was mokka pottufying with bhargavi today morning.:P, n suddenly she was like, "write something in your blog". Wen i asked her like what to write, She suggested me this topic!! "Wat guys are all bout"!!!

Lemme try....

Its easy to tell how guys are, but its kinda difficult to describe...

I've got a friend, #####(I don wanna mention his name, coz he'll kill me if i mention :P ). He used to check out a girl in his street. Her home is located like, we've to cross it while going to #####'s place. All ma friends used to gather at his place daily, coz both of his parents are working n he'll be alone in home! Ha ha, what else we need????. We guys used to have fun to the core, will do all nonsense there. Its happening for the past four years. For a long time, none of us know that he's checking out that girl. N once, we caught him red handed while talking to her thro phone :P. ha ha, he got locked. But, after all he's our best buddy. So we guys dint tell him anything, let him enjoy!! It has been almost a year, still he is trying hard..but no improvement. They are just friends.

Only now, we guys got a chance to meet her. Wow, how awesome she is!! we guys never expected it. "#####-ku ippadi oru ponna???", this is wat we all told in chores after seeing that girl. Now, one of ma friend started, " Dei mama, nee thaan oru varushama try panra-la, onnum nadakala, lemme try once da", so pity on #####!! He was like, "dei, she is your sister da", he he he!!. Immediately ma frnd was like, "Ennaku thaana sister, machi(he called me), en thangachiya nee katiko da!! ". Again, ##### was like, "ava unnakum sister da", n i replied the same to another friend, like wat ma frnd told me!!! ##### tried alot, but we guys dint stop!!! ha ha ha!! This continued for a month!!

Atlast, ##### gave up!! "All crap idiots. Do wat ever u like, Hereafter SHE IS MY SISTER", told that poor fellow. ha ha, wat else he can do??!! Even today, we guys used to check out #####'s sister :P
Natupukaaga, He gave up his sight!!! Wat a friend he's!!!

Shameless, naughty, anything for friends(even his Girl friend), no sentiments, jolly, mischeivious n more...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Felt bored!! N yea, this is wat i did :)

Nowadays am finding it pretty difficult to kill the time in home. Well, thinking bout wat to do, i was looking after the fotos which i took during the alumni meet in ma skool. Suddenly something flashed in ma mind. ha ha, opened photoshop in ma system n this is wat i did....

any comments????

Friday, August 22, 2008


I had never thot like, ma frnds would like ma previous post...It was rasika who commented first!! Then as usual ma machan!! n many followed :) Hmmm, so planning to write more!! While thinking bout what to write, sitting inside ma room, my sister was watching tv in the Hall. The music sound was keep on differing n i assumed that she is scanning the channels. Suddenly i heard an awesome lady voice singing some song. I came out n it was AIRTEL SUPERSINGER in vijay tv!! Am not a good singer, but still its ma dream to participate in that program!!

I sat in the sofa n started watching it!!

Couple of months back......
I saw the AD for first round audition in tv. Its in Coimbatore!! Immediately lots of thoughts in ma mind!! Let us go to Coimbatore, Well its too far away from ma place so we'll go to second audition in trichy, Why cant we wait for chennai audition??....All got jammed in ma mind!! Atlast i decided like, attending the audition in chennai!! Told ma friends, as usual none encouraged me!! ha ha, tats usual actually. They used to tease me alot, but i reckon they would love me singing in that competition. They are just doing all these for fun. I had been seeing them for the past six years. I can read their mind. Days passed, I practiced alot in bathroom :D, ha ha ha. Tats the best place in the world to sing :P
Lemme tell bout ma friends. They mean everything to me. For a long time, we guys planned for outing for a week or so lots of times. But it'll flop :(. This time, we all were in our semester holidays. We decided. This time, we made sure tat its no more a flop show. OOTY :), The queen of hills. I had been there many times, but this is the first time with ma friends. So its something pretty special. We made all the arrangements. Booked the train tickets. Booked the hotel rooms. We made everything ready before a week. We guys started dreaming bout our trip. Its our longtime wish n we guys were happy tat its gonna come true in a week. June 22nd, 11.00 pm, we are supposed to catch the train. It was a day before 22nd june. I was scanning the channel in tv, n i saw the ad for chennai audition. I was thrilled to see it, was curiously waiting for the date, atlast they informed the date!! Gosh, it starts on 23rd ends on 27th. One day before our departure from ooty. I was in a state like, don't no how to react. Sat there for some 30 mins. Told ma mom. Awesome lady she is, she felt pretty bad. She asked me to cancel the trip. Of course, its one of ma dream, being a singer, n this is a golden opportunity.

I was thinking bout what to do, n immediately ma friends came in to mind. If i back off, none will go. Such a wonderful guys, i don't wanna disappoint them. I decided, am not gonna attend the audition. Friends are everything to me. If i miss this chance, I'll surely get another sometime in future. But no chance to get back the days spent with ma friends. It was 22nd 8pm, I started from ma home to station. The next one week, the most unforgettable days in ma life. We guys had fun to the core. I reckon, i wouldn't have felt happy like this, even if i succeeded in SUPER SINGER. 28th afternoon, I returned home. Again was watching tv, n i saw a ad like, Super singer telecast will start on next week. Ha ha, I dint felt bad, instead i remembered ma trip :)

You are spot selected, told the judges to that girl:) She jumped in joy n the program ends.......I came inside the room, started writing for ma blog:)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, being jobless at home, I decided to pen down something about my school life..
Am not a good writer, so don't mind for any mistakes in my writing!

Here we go....

After my 10th grade, I planned to join vedavalli as my cousin was studying there. Everything happened so soon, and it was ma first day in vedavalli Vidyalaya.

When I entered the classroom, it was kind of pretty new atmosphere where Girls and Boys mingled together!! To be frank, I had never been in to such kind of classroom as in my previous school, a guy talking to a girl was considered as a greatest sin.

There was no place for me to sit and a guy stood up.
"Dude, get up and give him a place!!" that was Nithyanandam!
I felt like I was being teased by him, but I just told him a thanks and got seated in the first bench! That was the first time in my life, I am sitting in the first bench. I felt pretty uncomfortable.

Immediately my eyes started to search for girls. A typical boys's attitude..
I found two girls laughed at me and still I am wondering why...
Well, the girls in my class were not up to ma expectations though!

Two days passed and we had another new joinee to our class and that was a girl. I haven't noticed her in the beginning but it was during the General Assembly, I saw her as she was standing parallel to me.
I called Ramu
"Ramu, who is she??", I asked
"New admission dude", tats all he told!! He dint know her name and I was pretty curious to know her name I asked someother guys but all invain.
We came back to class and we had language class.
The teacher was taking attendance and I was very keen to know her name and atlast I got succeeded.

Days passed and I stopped checking out her then and I got some awesome frnds. We had fun to the core. Did all kind of nonsence in the school and I started love my new school!!

I am now some six months old in Vedavalli Vidyalaya and here comes that GIRL again!! I spoke to her for the first time and found her pretty cool. I started liking her and we started to share a good rapport.

Days passed again. and on a fine day, we all were informed that the seatings will be rearranged by our HM. The plan was avoid the gap between girls and boys and made girls to sit between to guys which I felt weird. I had never been like that, sitting next to a girl, but my heart was pumping fast.

"How awesome it'll be if she sits next to me!!" I prayed god but everything went invain. She was in the first bench, and I was in the last bench!! First time in my life, I felt too bad for grewing tall.

Days in school life was always awesome and it always amazing to think how fast the time passes.
We were heading towards our 12th grade and as expected everybody started to advice me!! Gosh, I hate advice. But being helpless, I heard all those patiently.
Lots of stress, tution, assingments, test. I am not a Geek, but a average student. But even then, I felt like I am under stress and in between this GIRL started to move pretty close with me!!
I felt some different feel inside me and I guess it was all cinema effect.

As days passes furhter, everybody found that me and she are pretty close and they started to tease us which is pretty common in school life. And the problem went a step further as our HM found out that we both are pretty close.
HM asked both of us to come n meet her in the evening. I was wondering why as I had no idea about for what she had called us. But when we went, there was loads n loads of advice for us. To tell the truth, we both are just friends at that time, but my HM imagined all nonsense and started advising us as if we both are lovers.3

"Its just an infactutaion, and dont get distracted by this, concentrate in your studies." She continued for almost an hour
I never listened to any of her advice, but i started to have some different kinda feel on that GIRL!! I really don'no what am doing was right or wrong!! But, I was not able to divert myself.

Atlast I was in 12th grade. We were asked to attend the special classes some 20 days before the school reopens. I was in cloud nine, just because I thought that I could mee her all the day!! Fortunately, we both sat next to each other, and there were no words to express how I felt at tat time!
But confusions started to grip me tighter as I was not sure whether its a friendship or love. I reckon she too would've felt the same. I started to realize tat it may be some infactuation as my HMtold. But, I was in a mind set like, even if its an infactuation, am not gonna stop it!!

Even though lot of people teased us, my frnds stood behind me. I don'no what they thought bout us, but they dint object anything. I felt like, i was gifted with such kinda frnds!!

Days passed...

We all enjoyed our time in schoo to the core!!
Morning tution with frnds, then school and again in the evening we had tution!! Days moved damn fast!! But, again lots of stress!! We were made to write test daily and I started to hate studies

One fine day, myself and her sat together and started to discuss about our future.

"How good it'll be if we both continue our career in a same college", I told her.
But, I know its pretty difficult. Coz she is a GEEK, n am pretty average!!

I saw in many movies, a zero will be a hero if he's in love, but it never happened in ma case.
Revision exams started and my highest mark in the entire 12th grade is around 72% but her score will be not less than 90%. I tried my level best to match with her in studies thinking that atleast we will find a chance to study in a same college.

Board exams came and it was feb,2004 we were given study hols for a month.
I started to work hard, keeping her in mind. Sometime when I think about it, it sounded funny, but still i was able to give up her and it pushed me to work hard.

I wrote all the papers consideralbly well. But even then I had some fear in me thinking whether I will be able to score good marks so tat we both can study in the same college. We had a big break after our exams and I started to miss her.

But later, I started to miss my school more than her. For the first time actually I felt like that.
"I had been in this school for 2 yrs, but never felt like this and whats up with you now??", I asked myself.
I felt like crying and with all these worries I never enjoyed my holidays.

One fine morning, I saw in a newspaper that the board exam results will published the next day. My heart started to beat fast.
And my situation at that time had forced me to travel to banglore to meet one my cousin and I went there on the day of my result. and being there, I was not able to check my results as we dint have net facility and also mobile phones are not much familiar that time among the students. And after a huge struggle I managed to get my results and I scored 86%. That was the first time in my life, I crossed 80%.
Thanks to her n to my SCHOOL!!

Now, I was curious to know her marks. But I was not able to find it on that day.
The next day morning, I called her, and her mom told that she got some 90+%.
The first time in my life, I felt like, I dint study well.
But it was too late to realise!!

She joined some private college in chennai then and I joined in the nearby college in my locality.
My school life came to an end and its one of the hardest thing one will come across in his/her life!!


Four years went pretty fast! To be frank, we both are still in love, and its no more an infactuation. Fortunately we both got a good job now, and we're bout to join our conern very soon.

Well, it was just two years in vedavalli vidyalaya, but it gave me a perfect meaning to my life. Its not just b'coz tat I found ma love in this school, but I got some gem of friends. They are my everything now. We guys do meet daily nowadays and we visit the skool often, no matter we're invited or not.

I can't even able to imagine how I'll be now, if I had not joined this school. Thanks to Vedavalli Vidyalaya. It rocks!!