Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Night out with ma Mind Voice:)

"Sir, bored with this mess, let us go somewhere out for dinner", I told Ameen.
"yep da, ennakum konjam kadupa thaan irruku, saw a turkey hotel last night, let us try something there", he replied
Ten minutes from then, myself n ameen along with ma colleagues, were tasting all kinda turkey dishes...Madhughood, kappa, labaan....It was like something we call Heavenly:)

It was a thurday night, n yea its a weekend in saudi.
"Engayaavathu velila polaam", i told Ameen
"Well, i'll take you to a place were u can see heaven on earth", he replied.
ha ha, i got excited the next moment he told that to me.
"Enga enga??", i dont have patience to wait.
"Vanthu paaru",he replied n started to drive.
some 45 mins gone, i've no clue about where he is taking me. And finally he stopped at a place
"RED SEA MALL", there was a big board.
"Inga enna matter irruku?", i asked him
"Vaada ulla polaam, en avasara padra", he replied me n searched for a place to park his car.
It was 8.30pm, n the moment we stepped inside the mall, i found out the reason why he mentioned this place as heaven.

God, there were hell lotta beautiful gals, without purdha! wow, this is wat i was expecting from the day i landed in jeddah:)
"vaaya polakaatha da, this is nothing, come inside", he told me

"Dei naaye, control control", i heard a mindvoice, n yea, enakulla thoongitu irunthavan elunthutaan:)
Let me call him as Raja from now onwards
N from then, i left ameen n started talkin to raja:)

"Intha oorla ponnunga kitta silmisham panna, enna nadakum-nu unnaku theriyum, so konjam adaki vaasi", Raja warned me
"poda poda paathukalam", i told him n went inside
I cant believe ma eyes, "engengu kaaninum pengalada"
"Cha, ithana naala intha idathuku varaama waste pannitene", i told raja
"Vidu da, athaan ippo vanthutala, nalla enjoy panniko, but stay within ur limits", raja was keep on warning me

There were two ways, n i was confused like wer to go
"Entha pakkam da polaam?", i asked raja
"first go left", he advised me.
"Nee ennada enna left-la poga solrathu, i'll go right", n started to walk towards right!
"mavane unnaku innaiku sangu thaanda", raja told
"Poda venna, ennathaan nadakathu, oru kai paathudalaam", i replied him

There were lots of gals, yaara paakarathunu oru confusion.
"Dei ithellam oru polapa unnaku??", Raja yelled at me
"Vaazhkai Vaazvatharke", i replied him

I saw a coffee pub n started walking towards ter, and inbetween I heard some mobile ringing. I looked around, there was a group of gals laughing.
"Telephone mani pol siripaval ivala??", i remember the song.
"Dei poruki naaye, its yar mobile ringing, call attend pannu da mothala", again Mr.Raja, Ma mind voice!!
"oops, i thot like those gals were laughin", i replied

It was ameen who called me,
"Enna matter sir?", i asked him
"dei, engada pona??", he shouted
"Naan inga thaan irukaen, u dont worry, u call me wen u leave, i'll come to the gate, am busy...dont disturb me", i told him in a strech!
"Ithellam over da", he replied
"Athellam ennaku theriyum, neenga fone-a vainga..byee", i hanged the line!

"Dei paavi manusha, unnaiyum oru manushana mathichi, he took u here, nee panrathu konjam over da", again ma mindvoice
"over thaan, but its all in the game da maame", i replied

I saw the display board which was kept outside of coffee pub.
"Cappuchino - 50riyals"
I did some calculations in air, Oh my god, 50 riyalssss
"Dei, 50 riyals koduthu nee coffee kudikanuma, yosiiiii, yosiii, yosi", i heard a echo from ma mind voice
"cha cha, these cappuchino coffee is waste, nalla irukaathu..uvaahhhh", i moved from there

"Dei machi, there was a gal standing near the pub, nee rate paathutu back adichatha, ava paathrupaalo???", Raja again
"oops, cha...naan yosikave illaye, oru vela paathuruntha asingama poirukume:(", ennada panrathu", i asked Raja
"Pub-ku thirumba poi, coffee kudikalama?", i asked him again
"Intha polapukku, nee thooku maatikitu saavalam da", Raja told.
"seri seri, ok freeya vidu..intha ponnu pona enna..inga ponnungalukka panjam", i consoled myself
"Yenda intha maanamketta polapu??", ma mindvoice asked me in the same tone like mounam pesiyathe surya!
I dint bother reply to him, but instead i was clicking all the gals in ma eye camera

"Habhibhi(it means something like, ma beloved, darling..)", a gal called me.
I cant believe ma eyes, an angel calling me Habhihi! Ayyyooooo, i felt like flying!
I responded with a smile.
"Habhibhi", she called me again.
Again i responded with a smile again.
But she dint stop, she was keep on callin Habhibhi, n her voice tone was increasing for every Habhihi!
I got lil doubt n turned back!
Oops, she was callin her husbhand n not me:(

"He he he, thevaya unnaku intha bulb?? Unnake konjam over-ah theriyala, ava poi unna habhihi-nu koopudraala?, he he", ma mindvoice laughed at me
"sardhaan poda, ithellam oru matter-ah..Naan itha vida periya periya bulb ellam vaangi irukaen da, ithellam ennaku saatharanam", i replied without any vekkam
"Ethuvum solrathuku illa da", Mindvoice replied!

Time ponathe theriyala, almost 5 hours, it was 1.45am, i heard a mobile ringing, again i looked around to check whether any gals laughing. But none was there.
"dei, mobile-a edu da", mindvoice shouted again!
Its ameen again.
"Dai, am feelin sleepy, lets go back, am waiting in the gate, come soon", he dint even bother to hear ma reply n dropped the call.
"Seri ok, ivlo neram ponnungala paathaachu, its enough for today. Hereafter every weeken inga varanum", i told myself.
"Atha appurama paathukalam, mothalla nee kelambu da", damn ma mindvoice again.

I started to walk towards the gate, n accidentally i clashed with a lady!!
"MINNAL ORU KODI ENTHAN UYIR THEDI VANTHATHEEEEEEEE", my mindvoice started singing for me!!
By this time, i dint see her face.
"Dei, unakaaga naan kashta pattu song elaam paadraen, appadiye nee avala thirumbi paaru, i'll continue singing", ma mindvoice told
"First nee paadu da, then i'll turn back, appo thaan it'll be romantic", i suggested him
He continued...
i turned back
There was a big old lady standing:(
"Sorry", she said

"Dei naaye, moodra, oru old lady mela mothi irukaen, athu kooda theriyaama minnal oru kodi song kekutha unnaku", i shouted!
"he he he he, nee thaana mama sonna, unnaku intha maathiri bulb ellam puthusu illa", ma mindvoice laughed at me!

I got pissed offf
"PENGALE MAAYAI DA", i told myself n went out
Thats it, i dint hear anything from ma mindvoice again, guess he hanged himself after hearing ma last dialog!!