Friday, February 26, 2010

Gone are the days!!!

Am trying ma level best to keep ma blog posted at least once a fortnight, but am failing! Thanks to ma work!
Fortunately, am damn vetti today and thought i could post something!

Its a weekend today, n yea, the only day i used to sleep almost the all the day except for lunch and dinner!
Nowadays, I made it as a habit to keep ma status updated in facebook! And in the same way,I logged it to FB to post something and i found many of my frnds had updated their status about vinnai thaandi varuvaaya movie!!
"Its awesome", "Gautham rocks", "A great love story"..blah blah blah!!!

Some two years back, I was one among the jobless guys roaming all around the streets!! I will never miss any movie, no matter even if its a damn poor movie!
And today, Am sitting in front of ma laptop, searching for some sites to download some new movies! Well, I don't even know what are all the movies released in recent times!
"Life, you are screwing me!!" I told!

Just two days before!! The whole India were sitting in front of tv watching the master Sachin marching towards 200! There are days I used to bunk ma college n sit in front of TV to watch cricket!! I had never missed a match, and if the match happened to be in chennai, myself along with ma guys will be there in stadium!! But now, I was standing at the top of a building checking the work progress!! If i look around, I could see nothing than a blue sea!!

My phone ringed, someone called!!
"DAD" it showed!!
Sachin scored 200, he told me!!
"Wow, is it??? I'll chek after going home!!", i replied him!
And after sometime he dropped the call!!
"F**K my work", I told!

When I came back home, I saw everyone was talking about sachin!
I switched on the TV, to check out the highlights!
Suddenly something got struck in ma mind and I checked ma mobile!
There was a text from Sathish!
"Damn, how i dint notice?", I asked myself n checked his text!
"Sachin Rocked" it said!
There were days we used to fight for our hero's pride! Sachin and Sourav, just like Vijay and ajith in cine industry!! I thought of fighting again!

I called him!! He dint attend!!
I tried cupla time n gave up!
After sometime i got a text from him!
"Mama, am inside the plant, konjam busy! Will call u tom!"
"F**k the work", I told again!

From the days, wen we used to talk almost the whole day to the days we hardly find time to talk!
I repeated the same dialog!
"Life, you are screwing me"

Many of those who are reading this may know what kinda guy I am, how ma buddies are, how i was some yrs before!!!
But today Me, My laptop, a hot coffee mug!! We are the best buddies!!
Tension, work pressure, silly problems, what ever it may be, I used to show it to them after all they are my best buddies as I mentioned!
I had been penning lotta blog posts these days and whenever I do that, mostly on midnights, its almost like am talking to my lappie rather than typing!
Only bloggers knows that feel!! Thats the main reason for many of the ppl who are abroad, away from their buddies used to start their own blog and ponder whatever they feel!!

Many of the ppl will be in the same situation like me now, with a wonderful past and now working somewhere without anything connected with the past just remembering everything in their memory! Its not something to feel sad about, after all its a part of everyone's life! They gotto face it sometime in their journey and its enjoyable too!!

Well, I started this post with a mug full of hot coffee and now I unlade the mug with culmination!

Life is not gonna be the same!!

PS:- I guess this will be my first post without any smileys:)