Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Bday Sweetheart:)

In every guys life, there will be gal holding a special place apart from his family!! I guess there will be very few to oppose ma statement!!
Even i got a pretty spl gurl in ma life!! Infact she is the one who made me to realize wats life is all about, ma responsbilities, everything...n yea, she is ma gal!

It all happened wen i was in ma eleventh grade, i met a kutti chotta gal.
Love at first sight?? na na!
love in a month after meeting?? not at all!
Got impressed with each other n felt in love??, again a big NO!
Then how??..
"PYAAR DHOSTHI HAI"("Love is friendship"), i donno how many of u knw this dialog from the movie kuch kuch hota hai, and it proved pretty much true in ma life!!
I still find no reason wat had made me to fell in love with her n tat makes her even more special!

N yea, its her Bday today! N i thank some spl ppl on this occasion without whom i wouldn't have got her in ma life!!

Its something related to THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT and CHAOS THEORY!
First of all i got low marks in ma 10th board examz, so i dint get admit in a skool where i applied, so i was forced to check for some other skool!

Then Fahad machan! The ultmiate! Just becoz he studied in a skool, ma dad asked me to apply for the same skool!!

Nirmala miss, who asked me a easy question like how to prepare chapathi in the interview for admission!

Vivek @ Bada!! Just coz of his brother n my gal's cousin brother are classmates, they both got a chance to talk, n just becoz vivek and me choose Computer science grp in ma higher sceondary, i got a chance to talk to vivek, and thro vivek i got a chance to talk to her!(Confusing??,well tats was choas theory is all about!!)

Sowmiya, just becoz she sat next to me, i got chance to know more about ma gal, as she n sowmiya are close frnds!

Sathish, just becoz he pinged her in compass, she went to nirmala miss to complaint, n thats the first time i loved her character!!

Aishwaryarai, just becoz she was in love with salman khan at that time, i dropped her from ma heart, n kept it vacant, n ma gal got a chance to fill it!

Now stop here! For wat am tellin all these butterfly effects n choas theories?? oh yea, to thank ppl!! So here i go, these are the ppls thro whom i gotto know bout ma gal more, n am rely thankfull to all!!

well, i guess many of u wonders like, ma post is no way related to the topic!! Enna panrathu, mokka podaama, i feel its difficult to post something!! he he

Happy Bday Sweetheart!
"I've neva felt like missing you, Coz i always feel like you're enclosed in ma palm!, n wenever i feel like seeing you, I'll see ma palm!!, I will see you", even now am hearin those wonderful words from you! Love u!

This is ma mokka Bday wishes for u!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Knock off Shopping!

Gold chain??, na na...its pretty difficult to send it thro cargo!
Watch?? oops, i already got it for her!
Enna thaan vaangarathu...
Confused??, yeah its ma gal's bday on april 9th, n i decided to get her something special, but i donno wat to get lemme admit, intha maathiri vishayathula ellam naan konjam weak

"Ava kitta namakku enna vekkam, lemme ask her itself", i thought.
I called her.

ME: Hey, lemme ask you something
She: What?
Me: Wat u want for yar Bday?, ennaku enna vaangarathunu therila
She: Neeyallam ethuku da uyiroda irruka?, enna vaagarathu-nu enkittaye vanthu kekara paathiya
ME: Its all in the game, nee sollu..wat you want?
She: Get whatever you like!
Me: Intha dialog ellam enkitta venaam, tell me something.
She: Ippadi takkunu fone panni ketta, naan ennada solvaen!
ME: Seri Yosichu sollu
She: Hmmmm
ME: Enna Hmmm??
She: Seri, get me a saree
ME: Saree ah..done!! I'll get u!
We spoke for sometime.

"Enna venum-nu ketta, ava saree venum-nu sollita, but unnaku saree vaanga theriyuma?", i asked myself!! Yeah, the maximum time i had spent to get me a pant is 2 minutes, etho kaila kedaikaratha select panra type naan!! How am gonna get a saree..rely a tuff job!!

Some two days passed, n i spoke to ma sis, subhashini.
"Naan onnu kepaen..sirika koodathu", i told her
"Ennada, sollu..", she replied
"Saree eppadi vaanganum??", i asked her
And just under a minute wen i asked her not to laugh, she started to laugh out louder
"Sirikaatha di, ketta kelvi-ku pathil sollu", I told her
"Dei anna, ethuku da ippo unnaku ithellam, therinchi enna panna pora?", she asked
"***** asked me to get her one for her Bday, so yea", i told her
"Wow, thats great, kalaku", she replied
"kalakarathu ellam appuram paathukalam, first you tell me how to get a saree", i asked her again
"Ithula ennada anna irruku, kadaiko po, paaru, nalla iruntha eduthudu, simple", she replied.
"hmmm, lemme try", i told her

As i dont have much knowledge about where sarees will be available in jeddah, i asked ma roomie
"Who knows??", he just replied in two words
Intha maathiri vishayathukellam, irukave irukaar namma ameen. I called him n he suggested me some two shops.
I went there.

"Welcome to city center sir, wat would you like to purchase?", varaverpu ellam balama irunthuchu, n this is the first time am seeing a arabian guy speaking english! ha ha, funny isn't, but tats true, these ppls even donno "yes, no" type of english!!
"I would like to see some sarees", i replied
"Well, u can find the collections on third floor sir", he replied!
"Thanks boss", i went to third floor.

Just a matter of second i came outta lift, i got a call. It was Akka:)
Akka: Ennada panra??
Me: I came out ka, for shopping
Akka: Shopping ah??, ennada thideernu?
Me: ***** asked me to get a saree for her bday ka, athaan vaangalaam-nu vanthaen
Akka: Ada paavi naaye, en bday-ku ethavathu vaangi koduthiya nee??
Me: He he he
Akka: Ennada naaye ilipu, ooruku vaada, unna polakuraen
Me: Ennaka ippadi solra, naama ellam enna appadiya pazhagi irukom??
Akka: Poda panni
Me: Thanks thanks
Akka: seri seri, u continue, will call u tom, seekrama vaangitu, veetuku po
Me: Yeah ok ka, byeee
Akka: Byee

"Vannga sir, neenga tamil ah?", wow i was suprised hearing it.
I turned back, there was a shop keeper(Lemme cut short as SHPKP from now onwards) standing!
"yea, naan tamil thaan, vellore, neenga enga??", i asked him
"Naan kerala sir, saudi vanthu 10 yrs aachu", he replied
"Wow, tats great, naan inga vanthu 5 months thaan aaguthu", i said
n after some 10mins of all kinda formal conversation, I asked him to show me some sarees
"kandipa sir, i'll show u", he replied

"Enna maathiri sarees venum ungalukku?", he asked me
"Ithu ennada puthu kathaiya irruku?, enna maathiri-nu kekuraanga, neraya types irruko??", i asked myself
"Elaa maathiriyum kaatunga", i replied!
The way he looked at me after hearing ma reply, it clearly showed tat he understood that this is the first time am buying a saree!

Some 15 mins, I would've seen some 100 odd sarees, but ennaku onnume pidikala
"Sir, itha paarunga, nalla irukum", he showed me a saree
To be frank, it was nice, but the cloth was kinda liked crushed!
"ithu enna ippadi kasangi irruku??, vera piece illaya??", i asked him
He laughed at me, "Sir, ithu CRUSH material, appadi thaan irukum", he told
"oh oh, intha maathiri ellam kooda iruka?", i thought!

"Intha maathiri material ellam ava poduvaala??", i thot again.
"Sir, aalu konjam lean-ah irupaanga, so saree konjam Buff-nu iruntha nalla irrukum", i told
"Athu enna sir buff??", he asked me
"Buff na, eppadi solrathu, paakarathuku oru maathiri, well, konjam gunda theriyanum..something like tat", i tried ma level best to explain him the meaning of buff!
"sir, neenga ivlo kashta padrathuku unga wife-a kooda kootitu vanthurukalaam!", he told!

"Wife??", ha ha, i was happy to hear tat, ang also got pissed of hearin tat!

Why i felt happy???
Well, ofcourse its gonna happen somewhere in the near future, n this guy addressed her as ma wife! Some butterflies went merigo round inside ma stomach!! he he he

Why i got pissed off??
"Am just 23 yrs, enna paatha kalaayanam panna payyan maathiriya theriyuthu, oru vela ilamai poiducha??", eppadi ellam nianaiku vendiyatha irruku!!

"Illa sir, she is not ma wife, we are gonna get married soon", i told him
"Insha Allah", he replied
Am not much religious, but still the moment he told that word, i felt like God is great!!

"sir, look at this saree, this is kinda spl, but konjam costly", he told
"Money doesn't matter, neenga kaatunga paakalam", i replied
He showed an awesome saree. It was damn good,
"sir, but ithuku blouse thaniya vaanganum", he told
"Ithuku thaniya vaanganum-na, mathathuku ellam koodave varuma??", i asked him
He laughed again, "yeah, saree kooda attach panni irupaanga, we gotto stich it", he explained me!
"cha, maanam poguthe", i thought!
"oh i c, cool..seri where i'll get that?", i asked him
"I'll show u, come with me", he took me to another place

He tried, tried, tried..almost for 15 mins, but nothin matched with that saree colour.
"hard luck sir, kidaikala", he told
"Velila engayaavathu kidaikuma?", i asked him
"I dont think so, coz in saudi, ppl wont wear saree much n so there aren't much shops available here!" he replied!
"huh, appo freeya vidunga, show me some other sarees", i told him

It continued for hours, but i dint like anything!
"Look at this one sir, nice colour, it'll be good", he told me
I rem once ma mom, while buying a saree, she kept the saree under lights n checked the colour!!
N i too did the same. The shpkp was wondering like wat i was doing!!
"Sir, neenga enga vachi paathalum orae color thaan theriyum", he told me
"illa sir, oorla i had seen many checkin out the sarees like this, may be something is there, athaan paakuraen", i replied

He dint reply anything, but instead he looked at me!
"Dei venna kelapa, unna ellam yaaru da saree vaanga anupchu vachathu, rendu mani nerama saree paakura, onnu kooda vaangala, ithula 1008 doubts vera unnaku", guess he would've told this inside!!
"Dei, raja..ithuku mela inga iruntha unnaku nallathuku illa, kelambite iru", i told myself."

"Hello, sollunga na, eppadi irukeenga", got a call in ma mobile n i started to talk.
"hello, kekutha, anna..can u hear me??", the signal was too weak there.
"Just hold on the line, i'll go out", i told
"sir, oru nimisham, seriya kekala, velila poi pesitu vanthudraen, konjam wait pannunga", i told the shpkp and went outside!!

uffffff, nobody knws except me that, none called me, n i was speaking to myself without anyone on the other side!!


I came back to home n called ma gal.
Me: Hey, am rely sorry!
She: Why da?
Me: Sorry da, i dont knw to select sarees, i had spend almost some 3 hrs, but i was not able to select one!
She: He he, ennaku theriyum da unna pathi, seri seri, freeya vidu..get me watever u like!
Me: Am rely sorry.
She: Come on da, just chill!
Me: Gift enna gift..No gift will match ma love!! Thats the best ever gift!!
She: Intha dilaog-ku ellam korachal illa da unnaku!!

To be frank, i rely felt kinda bad that am not able to get her what she had asked me, but as i told, nothing is better than ma love!!
Enna, naan solrathu correct thaana???

N yeah, here i go...
Happy Bday Sweetheart!!