Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VAT 69!

To start with, lemme tell u all something!!
I got lotta well wishers who cares for me! I hereby ask sorry to all for wat i've did!! I request for exculpation!

N here it goes....

"Machi, its not been not even 24hrs since we both had HOT n so we are planning for beer tonight!", Blaky told me!
"Thats yar problem, not for me and arun", I replied immediately!
"Do watever idiot! You wont change. Mind it, this is the first time yar gonna have Hot drinks!, so be careful", Fahad warned me!
"Dei dei, Naanga elaam romba steady da"( I will be steady), i replied!
"Ethavathu panni thola"(Get lost), blaky got irritated!

"Seri, me and blaky will make a move now, you both get the stuffs n come home soon", i told arun and fahad!
"Dei, give me some money da, i dont have sufficient amount", arun told!
"Here it is, take 500Rs", I gave him!
"Wat brand da?", he asked me again!
"Ask fahad, why are u asking as if am a professional drunkard", I replied him and started!

The next hour, we acted too fast n made everything ready for wat we call as BACHERLOR'S PARTY!

"Wat brand ya brought??", I asked him extreme curiosity!
"Dont urge maame! Everything is for you only", he told n opened the pack!

VAT 69!!

"We asked for TEACHERS da!, but it wasn't available anywhere!, even this is good! Scotch Sarakku!! Enjoyyyy mamuuuuuuuu", Fahad told me!

"Dei mama, mix panni kodu da", I asked blaky!
"Ada p________u, mix kooda panna therila, nee elaam ethuku da kudikira?? (You dont even knw to mix properly n for wat the heck yar having it?), Blaky shouted at me!
"Dei, as i told before, am not a expert in all this stuffs, you mix for the first round, i'll pick up!", I told him politely as if am gonna learn some engineering subject from him!

Using all kinda bad words, he mixed the drink for me!!
"Quarter glass of VAT 69, Quarter glass of water, half a glass of 7up!!"

"CHEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSS!! This is for all of us!!" we all made a toast!
"Have it sip by sip!! dont urge!!", Blaky advised me!

May be it took some 20 mins for me to complete my first round!!
I saw arun! He would've had just a sip i guess! He reacted like as if he's gonna vomit!!
"I'll quit da, My stomach is kinda upset!", Arun told!
"Dei, why are u doing like this, u could've told this before itself na, we would've bought a quarter!, now its gonna be waste", Fahad yelled at him!!
"Waste??????, when RAJA is here, No FEAR", I told!
"Dei, first round-laye ivanukku yeridichu da"( He's gone mad in the first round itself), Ranjith told all!
"Am steady machi!", I replied him!

"Dei, quarter itself is too much for the one who is drinking for the first time, so listen to me!" Blaky told me!
"Dont worry maamu, I'll take care", I made his mouth shut with a single reply!

I donno how long I took, But i completed HALF!!!

"Mama, bottlee gaali aaiduchu da"(The bottle is empty da), I told blaky!
"Dei, unnaku over aaiduchu, poi padu po" ( yar boozed too much, go to bed), Blaky told me!
"Illa mama, bottle gaali aaiduchu da"(No da, the bottle is empty), I told again!
"Naan kelamburaen da saami, aala vidunga, ivan kitta maatna, naan gaali" (Am moving outta here, I wont be able to manage this guy), Ranjith tried to escape from the scene!
"Dei mama, enga da pora",(Hey, wer are u goin?), I asked him!
"Nothing da, I heard some sound there, I'll check it n come back", He replied!
"Thats nothing da, I onli throwed stone, U sit here, we'll talk!", I told him!
"Uffff, Kashtam...Romba Kashtam", he told something n sat!

"Mama, you all my best frnds da, I love you all!", I told
"We love u too da, let us go n sleep now", Blaky told!
"Wat's this da, onli blaky is replying, dont u guys love me???", I asked again!
"Yeah da, we all love you, Now shut n go to bed", Everybody shouted at me!!

"Wat's this da, you guy's are shouting, so u dont love me, just replying for my sake!", I just acted like crying!!
"Dei, this is too much, I cant see all this, pls leave me, am goin to sleep", Ranjith started again!
"Dei mama, wat's this da, wat will i do if yar gone, whom else I've other than you", I cried again!!
"Moodra _________", he shouted this time!

"Dei, at the beginning itself I told you to control him, but you never did tat, n see now, he is doing all kinda nonsense", Fahad shouted at Blaky!
"He he he, why you guys are fighting da, did I do anything wrong???", I laughed n cried at the same time!!
"Nothing, just shut n go to bed, orelse I'll kill you!", Blaky shouted!

"Machi, I've a doubt da", I asked him!
"Wat the hell??", he shouted at me back!
"Why are you always shouting, you dont love me!! Am your best friend", I cried again!
"Seri sorry da, wats yar dooubt?", he asked me politely!
"Huhhh, this is good, I love you!", I replied!
"Is this yar doubt?", he asked me!
"No da", I replied!
"Then wat??", He asked again!
"I had HALF, but still am steady!, but this guy just had a sip, but why he is sleeping????", I pointed out arun who was sleeping like hell on the couch!
"You ask him", He replied!

"Arun mama...Aruuunnnnnn, mama....maamuuu, wake up...why are you sleeping?", I tried to woke him up, but no reaction from him!
I turned back, nobody was there!!
"Dei mama...wer are u all da??", I shouted!
I stood up and somehow managed to get in to the bed room!
"Hey, wen you all came here da, I was searching in the hall", I told
"We came an hour back da", someone replied but I really donno who!

I walked slowly, but all of a sudden, I fell down on someone!!
"Ammmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", He shouted!
"Oh sorry da, may I knw who is this???", I slowly opened the blanket!
Poor ranjith, was shouting in pain!
"Sorry mama, pls forgive me da, plssss", I cried!!
"________________________________", all kinda bad words from him, and i was laughing like hell!!

I started again!!
Ranjith, Blaky, Fahad.....I tortured all!!!
Instead of scloding me, they were fighting between each other for allowing me to drink!!

"Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", I cried like hell!! This time seriously!
"Wat da", everybody came near to me!
And I started!!
"Am feeling hard da!, I dont wanna go back!! Am feeling alone! I dont have anybody now! I compromised my life!! I dont like this", I bursted with all kinda emotions bout my family, my past love!! Everything.............

And it was 4 am in the morning, i got steady lil bit, and slept n allowed others to sleep too!!

It was 12pm the next day, I woke up!
Nobody was there in the bedroom! I heard the sound from TV n went to hall!!
Everybody Stared at me!! And ranjith in special, luked at me in extreme anger!

"Vaada Nallavane", he invited me!
"Hi mama, sorry!! Night konjam over aaiduchu!", I told all!
The next second, I never got such kinda punches n kicks in my life! I got it all from my guys!!

VAT 69 did it!!!!