Friday, April 30, 2010

A Love Story.....

Recently I got a chance to watch Angaadi Theru movie!
I usually hate those kinda movies, which is something like just for stone hearted people!
But after seeing the climax of the movie, I felt like posting this!
Its a true story that happened in my family!

She is one of the boldest girl in my family, very talkative and studious!
Those were happy days for her, she enjoyed her life with full of freedom until her parents started seeking groom for her!!
The problem started then when she told her parents that she is in love with a guy n adding weight to her side, that guy was a Muslim!
But as usual, her parents dint agree for her love!
As every couples do, they tried to convince their parents as much as they can, but all in vain!

"EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE", n yea, stepping outta home seems to be fair for them and they did the same!!
I seriously don't understand why parents curse their children especially when they are in love!! Her parents are not exceptional!!
But when someone is in love, nothing can stop them, n after all some harsh words are not gonna hurt them!!

The biggest mistake they did was, when they had decided to step out, they dint think about money! In this frikking world, everything needs money! They struggled a lot initially as no one was ready to help them really!

Is love a big mistake??????, this is what I thought on that day!

After a hard struggle, he got a job in a small company for a mediocre salary which is just enough for their needs!
The happy days started then!! They lived happily and adding to that happiness, she gave a birth a lil Angel!! She expected her parents to come back at this point, but they never did!! Even after seeing that lil Angel's face!!

The saying, "Everything is fair in love" is "Nothing is fair wen our children are in love" for parents! N that is why they never came back to her then!
But nothing made her to feel bad! Thanks to the new born angel!
Life moved on for them. pretty fast!

And the lil Angel is an year old now! I had never seen an happy family like that! Though they were financially very poor, I never found that on their face! That made them very special for me!
A caring husband, a cute kid! Wat else a girl will expect after getting married??

But just when everything seems to be fruitful in their life, a disaster happened!
She fell down from stairs and got wounded at her back!
Nobody thought that it will be so serious until the doctor told that she had lost her sense completely below her hips n which is not curable!
Everybody cried! Her hubby gone freeze at that moment! Her poor kid without knowing anything just looked around everyone n wondered why everyone was crying!

I don't have a big faith on god, and at that time, I LOST MY FAITH ON GOD COMPLETELY! He has no heart!

But even after all these, she never cried! She stayed calm n bold!
Just some 18 months after marriage, still pretty young, everyone thought like how her hubby gonna manage with a girl, who had no sense on her legs! She had some other problems too, which am not even able to mention it here!

The doctor told that she cant live without a companion, and advised her hubby to appoint a lady to take care of her throughout her life time!
In a situation when her hubby, who fought his life out to pay the medical bill, everyone expected that he cannot afford money for that! But he never gave up! Beyond his strength, he tried and appointed a lady to take care of her, whose monthly salary was almost half the amount of his monthly salary!

she was in a state that, she cant even able to do her basic needs! For everything she needs a company! It was horrible, but she never cried! She smiled most of the time! Everybody felt bad for her, but i felt more bad for her kid! That lil Angel's age dint allow her to understand what had happened to her mother!
That's ironic!

"He will not stay with her for a long time! He will surely leave her"
"He cannot manage with a girl like her"
"This things will not last for a long time, he cannot afford money for this medical facilities throughout her life"
"She may smile now, but it wont last long"

This is how everybody told, and to defend themselves, all told like they are thinking PRACTICALLY!! Fuck them!

But the things followed then was totally different!

After someday, he asked the lady to stop coming, who was actually taking care of her wife.And that's the moment all thought that, he is gonna admit her in some home!! But it never happened to everyone's surprise!

He himself started to do all the things which was done by a lady a day before!
Those, who spoke all nonsense, he made them to shut!!

People, who were not able to find the true meaning of LOVE, saw it in real at that time! Am one among the people!
He continued doing that, and everyone started to admire them! The way the both understood each other even in that horrible situation was something out of the world and heavenly to see!

Days changed in to years!! almost 10 years passed then!
Even though her parents accepted them now, they really never came back!

He is still taking care of her, and till date I had seen her only smiling! Nothing other than smile!
He had started a business joining with his friend and its going on well now.
The cute lil Angel is 10 year old now! Like her mom, she grew very bold n pretty studious! She had never felt bad for her mom, instead she stayed as one of the biggest strength for her mom to smile always:)