Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Bday to my BLOG:)

Ahhhhh, n now its been exactly one year since I started writing in my blog.
Its a great feeling actually, I neva thot like I would come up with these much of posts with all kinda mixed emotions!!

The main reason for me to create this blog was to keep my old memories Fresh and somewat I got succedded too:) Even today wen i read my previous posts, the feel which am gettin is something cant be expressed in words!!

I thank you all for yar comments!! Am sure without yar support, i wouldn't have continued this!! Thanks alot!

N at this time, i wanna tell you all just one thing! Start writing the funny things or the unforgettable things that happened in yar life! Share it to all, read it after somedays n just chek how ya feel:)

N yea, its the time to wish ma blog a HAPPY BDAY:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

VALLAVAN - First Day First Show!!

Yesterday, I was talkin with Razvi about the experiences in movie theatres during first day first show!! Ha ha, even though if we book tickets a week before n watch the movie in satyam cinemas, nothing can beat the feel which we get watching it in a theatres at B n C centers!! Its something awesome n thrilling!!

Many of u knw that am one movie freak, i wont miss even a mokka movie, will watch it first day first show! There aren't any booking facility in our area, n yea, we gotto stand in the que(Crowd), to get the tickets n rely its a talent to get the tickets like that!!

Wen I mention about buying a ticket, immediately I remember the movie VALLAVAN! Starring Simbhu n superhot Nayan!

It was during a festive day, i dont rely remember whether its diwali or pongal or tamilnewyear!! But we guys planned to watch vallavan First day, as the expectations for the movie were sky high!!

It was morning 9 o clock i woke up with my mom's scolding n just in a matter of 30 mins, i got ready n had breakfast!

Mom: Wer are u going?
Me: Movie!
Mom: Enna padam da?
Me: Therila, yet to decide, n we guys need some time to decide, so i need to go now!
Mom: Appadi ennada ungalukku elaa padathayum first day paakanum-nu!!
Me: Athula thaan oru thrill irruku...ungalukku athellam puriyaathu!!
Mom: White tshirt vera potutu pora, azhuku aaidum da, change it!
Me: Athellam onnum aagathu, am starting, tata!!
Mom: Eppadiyaavathu poi thola..
Me: Thank you:)

The next 10th min, i reached sathish's home, n we both called all guys and atlast,we started. Some 10 guys went to theatre!
It was 10.15am wen we reach the theatre, and to our surprise there was very less crowd! May be, the show starts at 11.30 n another 1 hour to go, n we guessed like the crowd may come, so we decided to send one of our guy to stand in the que for ticket!

Me: Dei mama, poi ticket edu da
Ranjith: Dei enna paatha unnaku paavama illaya? Nanne balli maathiri irukaen, they will squeeze me if i go da!
Me: Dei golti, nee poda
Sathi: Naan pogala da, ennaku kaal valikuthu!
Me: Chinna pasangala, evanum pogaatheenga. Naane poraen!

I went to the counter n to my suprise nobody was there! I am the first guy!

"Mama, first ticket namma thaan, we have to celebrate this, padam mudichitu, elaarum briyani saapudrom", i told sathi!
"Kaasu nee thariya??", Sathi replied.
"Briyani-ya?? athu eppadi da irrukum?? i heard like it wont be nice, ethuku da briyani elaam saaptutu, padam mudichitu, veetuku poi amma samayal saapudalaam" i told
"Appo mooditu ticket edu", he replied

As time passed, people started to come in large numbers and my friends who were standing around me, went away giving space to the people standing in the que.
"Machi, wait for me near the door, I'll come there after getting the tickets", I told Praveen Balaji
"Yeah machi, we'll be there", he replied n all of ma friends went.
Just a matter of 10 mins, there was heavy crowd in the counter, and i was not even able to see my friends standing near the door.
And there started the typical scene in all first day first shows, whistles, screamings, cut outs, crackers..the sounds teared my ears and i was not able to hear anything properly. Instead, even i started to shout.
"Little super starrrrrrrrrrrr, thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
"intha loosu payyan elaam thalaivana?, uff enna panrathu, just for time pass", i thought!

And now, i feel like, people standing at the back started to push me and i got flushed on the grill at the ticket counter!
The grill will be like full of small squares with a "n" shape opening at the bottom to give the money n get the tickets. Knowing that the crowd is getting increased for every second, so i took the money outta my purse n took my hand inside the "n" opening. The next moment i felt something different, and wen i looked at ma hands, there were 2 other hands with money!!
"Tamilans Rocks big time", i thought!

Me: Excuse me, yen ippadi thalreenga, inga nikka mudila
Stranger 1: Naan enga pa thalraen, pinaadi elaarum thalraanga
Me: Ennavo, yen ippadi panraanga, athaan elaarkum ticket thara porangala
Stranger 2: Athaan, they are gonna give the tickets to all na, give way to me, i'll get the tickets first, then u buy it.

I donno who is that stranger 2, but i just heard the voice!!

Something Flashed in ma mind and immediately I took my mobile outside. As I expected there were 10 missed calls. My guys tried to call me, but in the mid of this heavy noise, i dint hear my phone ringing.
I called sathish!

Me: Ennada machi
Sathi: Dei..kekuthaaaaa?????
Me: Mama, solluda
Sathi: Dei kekuthaada???????
Me: Mama, onnume kekala da.....
sathi: Dei, fahad too had came. get two tickets extra da
Me: Mama, ennaku onnume kekala da..enna pottu nasukuraanga inga
Sathi: Rendu ticket da, get two tickets extra
Me: Enaaathu???? ticket ah??
Sathi: Dei P*********U, get two tickets da. totally 12 tickets we need
Me: Dei, ennada solra...ennaku onnume kekala

Sathish hanged the line!
And the moment arrived. The bell rang and a person with tickets came to the counter. The crowd started to shout in excitement!
"Voooooooooooooo, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy, thalaivaaaaaaaaaa", even i shouted!!
My whistle sounds were tearing the ears of the persons standing behind me, but who cares, i was keep on whistling!!
And now, the crowd started to push me like hell, and i was helpless! My face got flushed with the wall with my hands were inside the counter along with two other hands! And it was sweating like anything!! My tshirt, pant everything got wet!

"Ethana tickets??", I heard a voice inside the counter!
"Pathu tickets thalaiva", I replied
Someone took the money from my hand, but am not able to see anything as my face got flushed with the wall. It has to be the person issuing the tickets, I thot.
In cupla seconds, he gave the tickets.
"Thambi, kai edupa", he shouted.
Well, i tried to take my hands out, but it got strucked inside and i was not able to take it out.
"Thalaivaaaa, kai maatikichu thalaivaaa", i shouted!!
"Yooovv, kai edu ya" he shouted again
"Enaala eduka mudila thalaiva", i shouted

Me: Excuse me, konjam kai edunga, en kai ulla maatikuchu
Stranger: Iru pa, ticket vaangidraen
Me: Konjam light-ah move pannunga, i'll be able to take my hand out
Stranger: ok

And after a big struggle, I took my hand out n tried to come outta the crowd. But everybody started to push me back to the crowd again!

"Excuse me, konjam vali vidunga. Naan velila poganum", I told
But none listened to me
Some 5 mins passed, I bought the tickets, but I wasn't able to go out!!
"Mamaaaaaaaa, engada irruka???????", I raised my hands and shouted
Somehow my guys managed figure out n came to me.

"Dei, velila vaa da", Praveen shouted
"Mama, thalraanga da, vara mudila" i shouted back
"Seri nee tickets kodu, i'll ask the guys to reserve seats inside" he replied

I raised my hand to give him the tickets, but suddenly there were some 10 hands on the other side. So i stopped immediately.
"Dei, give me the tickets da", he shouted at me
"Dei mama, ithula yethu da unnoda kai???", i asked him.
"Inga paaru da, theriyutha, ithaan, seekaram kodu"

Somehow i managed to give the tickets to him
"Dei mama, pogaatha iru da, help me to come outta this bloody crowd", i screamed.
And this Praveen Balaji tried to come towards me, n got succeeded to. He caught my hand n tried to pull me out!
"Dei iru da iru da, my specs is coming out" i shouted
But he dint lisented to me, but instead he was pulling me as if my hands were a rope.
"Dei, en kanaadi kizha vizha poguthu da, kaiya vidu i need to adjust", i shouted again!
"Dei naaye, ennada panra", Praveen shouted and he was keep on pulling me!!
"Dei mama, en serupu da...dei, iru da, ennoda chappals kalandikuchu, dei dei...iru da", i was keep on shouting, .
"Seekarama thedu da", he shouted holding my hands!!
I was searching for ma slippers with my legs in the mid of the crowd, and after 5 mins i got my slippers back! But torned!!!

And and after some 10 mins of pullings and pushings i came out!!
My white tshirt was in Orange color with full of Iron rust particles, totally wet, My hair was looking like Amazon Forest, My slippers got torned!! BUt I dint care about anything!!

"Machiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii got the tickets!!!! Yaaaaaayyyyyyy", I shouted like hell!!
"Maamaammmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee super da", ranjith replied
"Dei fahad, nee eppo da vantha?? got the tickets ah??", I asked him in a surprise
"Got the tickets ah??", dei naaye, sathi called u and asked to get two extra tickets na" he asked me
"oops, sathi called me da, but i dint hear anything properly", I replied
"Ada padupaavi payale, ippo ennada panrathu??", sathi asked me
"Onnum prechana illa, Elaarum Annan pecha kelunga", I told all!!

We all went to the theater entrance!
"Ethana peru??", the person asked me!!
"Pathu peru thalaivaa", Praveen replied!
"Seri ok ponga" he opened the door!!!

"Vooooooooooooooooooo", i started to shout n so did the others n we all started to run inside!! In cycle gap, 12 guys went inside and the person dint able to notice it as we were whistling n shouting!!!

Awesome fun we guys had inside the theatre!! But the movie was mokka!!

And after the movie, wen I returned home, my mom saw me, my tshirt, my slippers, my face....n then she started!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


After coming here to saudi, there were lotta changes in me..n the main thing was, if at all i get bored, i used to go to other's room and talk alot!!
Well, Non Stop talking isn't new for me, but still, the way am talking nowadays, its surely something new!! Many wouldn't know bout this.

Last weekend, i dint felt sleepy. It was 11pm, i watched achamundu achamundu movie, then a lil chat with ranjith, did all kinda stuffs to kill ma time, but watever i did, i felt bored! N so i decided to go to Muzammil's room. Muzammil is ma senior engineer!!

Muzzamil : Vaada thadi thaandavaraaya!!

Me : Excuse me, yaara paathu thadi-nu pretty lean u knw!

Muzzamil : Dei, unnake manasaatchi illaya da?

Me : Ennaku athellam iruku na! Even yesterday my mom called me n told like i had become lean.

Muzzamil : Ada kadavule, yen da ippadi??

Me : I'll explain u, listen. Actually, my mom wants me to be lean n smart like surya! But enaala, athellam mudiyaathu. So i told her i cant, but still she insisted me to reduce ma weight! But naan koraikala. Well, intha idathula u should ask me why????

Muzzamil : ...

Me : Seri ok, u dint ask me why, but i'll assume that ya asked me why?, n now i'll give u the reason for yar why!!

Muzzamil : Dei...

Me :Aavasarapadaatheenga,i'll tell u! Ennaku Neraya gal frnds irukaanga..they all told like, my small lil thoppai adds beauty to me. Athanaala thaan i dint try to reduce ma belly. I told this to ma mom. Well, at this place, u have to ask me like wat yar mom replied.

Muzzamil :

Me: Seri ok, neenga kekala, but i'll assume that, ya asked me like wat ur mom replied for tat, n now, i'll tell u wat my mom told for that..

Muzzamil : Dei venaam da...

Me: Ada, chumma kelunga!! My mom was like, seri da, nee un gals frnds sonna maathirye pannu, but nee thoppai-ya koracha thaan unnaku kalyaanam-nu sollitaanga!! Naan eppo thoppaiya korachu kalyaanam pannikarathu, so i decided to reduce ma belly! Well, at this time ya have to ask me like, koranchutha???

Muzzamil :

Me: Seri ok, u wont ask, but i'll tell u!! Actually i got redcued a bit! But ma weight is the same na, no change in that! Yeravum illa, irangavum illa!

Muzzamil: Seri ok

"May i come in??", someone asked me, wen i turned back it was Mr.Aariff!!

Me: Vaanga aarif, we were talking bout you onli, 100yrs ungalukku!!

Muzammil :

Aariff: Oh is it, thanks, wat were ya guys talking??

Me: Solraen, actuall-ah, after coming to saudi, ya had become very lean-na, atha pathi thaan discuss pannitu irunthom!

Aariff: Oh..

Me: Enna Oh-nu solli simple-a mudichiteenga?? ippadi thaan once, wen i was studyin in 12th std, one incident happened..

Muzzamil: dei mavane, venaam da....

Aariff: ada irunga bhai, athaan yetho solla varaar-la, y are u stoping him..

Muzzamil: Unga thalaiyelutha yaarala maatha muidyum, nalla kelunga!!

Me: Yeah, aariff, neenga kelunga..Enna sollitu irunthaen?? yeah yeah, wen i was in ma 12th std, i got centum in maths test, and wen i told it to ma sister, avangalum "Oh"-nu thaan sonaanga..I immediately asked her like, why are u telling "OH", she told me like," Oh Oh"-nu sonna nalla irukaathu...thats y told like Oh"!! I liked that reply. And i too expected the same reply from you, but u stopped with a single Oh!! But paravalla irukattum, i'll manage!! Namakulla enna irukku!!


Muzamil : Dei, oru "oh"-ku, ivlo periya velakama?? why like this???

Me: Why like this?? I rem once ma frnd asked me the same-na..actually during my first yr at college....

Aariff: Helloooo?? wat??? i cant hear u properly, i think the signal i weak, wait i'll come out!!"

Me: ???Phone adicha maathiriye theriyalaye????

Muzammil: He is smart, escaped from u soon, but naan thaan maatikitaen.

Me : Seri ok, let him go now!! I'll meet him later n explain him..Now u listen...

Muzammil : Ennada???

Me: Actual-ah, wen i was in ma 1st yr at college...

Muzammil: Dei, ithuku mela oru vaartha pesna, naan azuthuduvaen..

Me: Ada, chumma kelunga-na...

DEI ANDA VAAYA!! Thayavu senchu niruthu da!!