Sunday, March 14, 2010


"Wow, a miracle!!"
"Its gonna rain today for sure"

This is how everybody reacted when I tol them that am leaving to madina!
"But who cares about all that, after all its a miracle indeed!!

The journey will be some 5 hrs long, and we all started at 6.30 pm!
"Its better we take some snacks with us, or we will have some food coz it will be almost 12 to reach there and we all will be hungry!", nobody listened to Shahul's advise!!

Atlast we started!

May be for the first two hours we dint felt anything until Razvi came up with these words!
"Dei, Am feeling damn hungry, we could have had food before starting!"
"Thats is why I told you before, but who listened!", Shahul yelled at me!
"Dai, am yar senior engineer, over-ah sound vidaatha!", I yelled back at him!

Somehow we managed to control ourself n reached madina at midnight somewhere around 11.45!Just a matter of second we got down from the car, our eyes were searching for a restaurant nearby!

"Dei, there is a place nearby where we can get this masala milk, I had been there when I came here last year!, It will be awesome", Razvi told me!
"Excuse me, this is not chennai or vellore to get masala milk!, its saudi", I replied back!
"Masala Milk doesn't have any origin", Aarif told!
"Wow, watta a dialog!!, super!!", I replied!

"The way am feeling hungry now, those milk stuffs wont do good!! Lets have something heavy n then will come back to this masala milk stuff", I told all!
We all started to walk in the streets of madina, and in the way we found Albaik!
"Wow, Albaik, lets go", Aarif told me!
"Nope, I've heard like Mutton Mandhi will be awesome in madina, We will try that", Razvi told!
"Kandipa anga ponuma?? Kannuku munaadi Albaik irruku, atha vitutuuuuuuuu", but razvi dint allow me to continue.
"We will go there, Avlo thaan! Ivlo thooram vanthutu Mandhi saapdaama pona eppadi?", he replied!

We all agreed and searched for a restaurant where we can get Mandhi!
After some 15 mins on searching, we found one!
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyy", I shouted and immediately went inside!
We found none eating inside! Obvious, at midnight 12.30, one cannot expect people having dinner!!

"Do u have mandhi", I asked the server!
"????????", he stared at me!!
"Machi, he donno english da", Razvi discoverd one of the greatest secret of the world.
"Bhai, Ithar mandhi he??", he asked him in hindhi!
"????????", He stared again!
"Machi, he donno hindhi too da", Now I discovered the greatest secret!
"Madhi Fhi??", aarif asked him in arabic!
"Fhi, ^^^&&#$^##%#*#* &#%#*@(@(^#%*# ^#%%@^#&#^#", he told something, but we understood nothing!
"Arba"( means 4), I told him!!
He nodded his head and went!

5 mins passed! He came back with a big plate!

"Yes yes yes, come soon", I was pretty eager to eat!
He kept the plate on table!
"#$%#$%$# #$%#$%^$%^ $^%$%^#% #$%$#%##$" again he told something in arabic, but we understood nothing!
"Anna, wat he is telling?", I asked Razvi!
"Who knows?", The easiest of the reply!

We all were damn hungry, and without wasting anymore time, we started to eat!!
Just a spoon of rice i tasted, I was about to spit it out immediately!!
"Anna, its damn poor, very soar! No taste at all", I cried!!
"Appadiya?? iru I'll try", Razvi told me and took a spoon full of rice n tasted it!
Thats it, he dint tell anything after that!!

We all looked each other!
"Olunga Albaik poirukalama??", Shahul told all!
"Dai, over-ah pesaatha, am yar senior engineer!!", I replied!

"I cannot eat it anymore, Its very poor", Aarif told me!
"Seri vidunga, lets go back to Albaik", I told all!

We payed 50 riyals for nothing!!
"50 riyals waste-ah pochu!", Shahul shouted!
"Dei over-ah pesaatha, Am yar senior Engineer!!", obviously the same reply from me!

we went back to Albaik!
Some 20 mins back, we found the same Al Baik opened for service, but nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ITS CLOSED!!

"Pochu pochu, Ithuvum pochu", Shahul yelled!!
"Dai.....", I started.
"Okie, I understand, You are my senior Engineer", He replied!
"Exactly", I replied!

"Seri vidu, we will go for that masala milk", Razvi told all!
We went there!

Thank god, the shop was opened!
"Masala milk Fhi??" Razvi asked some guy there!
"????????", he stared at us!
"Ennada, he donno arabi or wat??", razvi asked me!
"He know arabi, but he dunno Masala milk", I told!
"Dhoodh dhoodh", I told that guy!
"??????", he stared again!
"Enna elavu da ithu, ivannuku eppadi solli puriya vaikarathu?", Aarif got frustrated!
"No tension, No fear when Raja is here", I told all
"Arabi-la milk-na Haleeb-nu artham", I told
"Haleeb fhi??", I asked him!
"Maafhi", He replied in a single word!

"Maaffhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", We all got pissed off!
"Pochu pochu, ithuvum pochu", Shahul started again!
"Dai....", I started!
"Rightu vidunga", He stopped!

"Well, innaiku night patni thaan", we all decided, as all other restaurants were closed!
"Ufffff, alteast take that cigar, we will have a fag", Razvi told me!
"Yeah sure", I replied!
I took the pack out and we all took one!
"Dei, give me the lighter", Razvi asked me!
I searched in my pocket, but i was not able to find!
"Anna, i guess its with you, check yar pocket", I told Razvi.
"Dei, I dont have da", he replied!

"Uffffffffffffff...", Shahul started!

"Pochu pochu, ithuvum pochu, Itha thaana solla pora??", I asked him!
"Seri freeya vidu, no tension", I replied!

"Enna na, oru dum kooda adika mudila", I told Razvi!
"Vidu da, REACHED HAND BUT NOT THE MOUTH", he replied!
"what??", I asked him!
"EXACTLY", I smiled!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Saturday, 27th Feb'10, 8.30am!
I was getting ready in a haste!! Am already late to office as I was supposed to be there in my work spot by 7.30am!
Well, its not something out of the ordinary for me as I will be late almost all the days in a work week!

Somehow I managed to get ready, came outta room and locked it!!
Just a matter of second when i was about to leave, "Did i miss something??", I asked myself!
"Man, how the hell you can forgot yar purse??" I scolded myself n went to room again!!
"Well, now everything is perfect", I told myself n came down!

"Toyota Camry???,Hyundai Accent??, Chevrolet Epica???,Kia Optima???", I was busy thinking about which one to choose!!
"It has been decided to go by taxi, so why to scupper??, I gotto choose the luxurious one, after all am gonna pay the same for all", I decided!!

I was in a urge to reach the work spot before my CRACK-BRAINED project manager arrives!! But these people in my villa dint allow me to leave!!
"Raja, Had break fast??"
"Raja, Why so late today??"
"Raja, kung bakit ay u kaya huli na ngayon?" (Well, this is from my beloved Filipino friend!!)
All kinda questions!! And am dame tired answering them!!
And atlast I got outta all those question and answer stuffs!! Thank god!

I found some three four taxis around me!! I thought bout my luxurious dreams, but none of those had fulfilled it! But I had no other choice coz am already late!
"Taxi", I shouted!!
The drivers saw me, and everybody came to me immediately!
"Well, now whom will I choose??", I thought!
Without wasting the time, I chose the one who came to me in 5.43seconds!!! First come First Service!!

I fixed the rate and got in!!
Some 5 mins passed!! I dint open my mouth and was busy updating my status in facebook!
The driver broke the ice after sometime!!

"Bhai, aap kithar se?? India??" ( Where are u from? India?), he asked me!
"Ahan bhai!, aap kithar se?"( yeah, and wer u from?) I asked him the same!
"India" he replied!
"India me, kithar?" I asked him again! ( Wer in india?)
"TAMIL NADU", he replied and the next moment, my face gone bright like a 1000watts bulb!!
"Ohhhhhhh, namma aala???", I asked!!
"Ada, neengalum tamil ah??," he was suprised too!

"Athe athe, appuram tamilnaatla enga??", I asked him!
"Naan thirunelveli, neenga?" He asked!
"Naan vellore!! Jail Nagaram! ", I replied!!
"Thats really cool, so how old are you in saudi!", he asked me!! (Obviously in tamil!)
"Just 1.5 years, and you??", I replied!
"I had been here since 2007", he replied!!
" neenga pazhaya aalu thaan!! SUper", I replied!
"Enga work panreenga??", He asked!
"Am in ETA!!", I replied!!
"Super!!, one of my cousin too working in ETA, but he is in dubai now", he replied!!
"Oh is it??", I was kinda surprised!
We chatted chatted chatted.....kept on chatting!!
We started formally, but ended with what his kid told him last night when he spoke!!
I rely cant believe that in a matter of 30 mins, someone one can discuss this much!

And atlast, I reached my work spot!! I just Looked in!
"Thank god, the CRACK-BRAINED material dint come yet, Am on time today!!" I told myself!

"Ok boss, Its my pleasure meeting you" I signed off!!
"My pleasure too, but till now you dint tell your name???", he asked me!!
"Oh, how did i forgot??, Am Raja Mohammed", I told!
He smiled immediately!! A pretty bright smile indeed!!
"May I knw the reason behind this bright smile???", I asked him!!
"Do u really wanna knw??", He asked!
"Enna puthir podreenga???", I replied!
"Well, Am RAJA MOHAMMED too", He smiled again!

I was amazed to hear!!

"Wowwww, neengalum raja-va!, thats really great!!" I told!
He smiled!!
"Its really pleasure meeting you!!"
He smiled again!
"Kandipa innoru naal paakalam!! Cu"

I entered my cabin!! Had some water!!
Switched on my system!!
It asked for username and password!!
The username field was already entered!
I smiled!!

I gotto write bout him in my blog!! I decided!!
"For sure, he deserves a episode in my life!!", I thought!

N yea, here I am with this episode!!
Raja Mohammed - A PERSON TO REMEMBER!!