Tuesday, July 27, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - Final Part

"Why do you want to resign now??", My General Manager asked me as I handed him the resignation letter.
"I need to go back to my home due to some personal reasons", I said
"Ok. I'll give you a solid 6 months break. You go back, look into them and come back again"
"Sorry Sir, I want to quit. I want to leave permanently. Mr.Asif has accepted to fill in my duties until you find someone for my place"
"That will be taken care of! But Think well. It is not easy to get a job like this and if you resign, you are going to miss something good."
"I already missed a lot of better things in my life. I want to quit"
"What do you mean?"
"It's personal sir. Please accept my resignation"

“I understand that you are in some stress. Don’t be haste. You might regret your decision in the future”

“I won’t Sir. I may regret if only I stay away from my home”
"Look Mr. ###....."

My GM tried his level best to convince me but he failed!

"Ok..Ok..I give up!!So when are you planning to leave??” he asked
"I already booked tickets and I am leaving tonight"
"Tonight????You are impossible...”
"Yes sir. Please do complete all the formalities as soon as possible"
"You are making a big mistake"
"I don't think so! I’m counting this as one of my best and right decisions!”
"...well, it’s your wish then. Good luck. I’ll do all my bests to release you from this project by this evening"
"Thanks a lot sir. I hope I had delivered my best at work in these 8 months"
"Of course, you did and that is why I don't want you to leave"
"I’m helpless. I need to go back to my home"
By evening, I was released from my project. My GM signed my resignation letter and I completed all the formalities and got ready to travel!


I looked out through the window glass. Chennai was materializing down there as my flight was proceeding to land. Chennai, a heaven where I’ll find all my loved ones!

"Welcome to Chennai International Airport", said the crew member.

I didn’t hear the rest of the words as my mind swirled with the thoughts from the time I left this dear place, the people that I saw here last, “Will I see all of them now..Why all...Will Swathi be there” the love I had then, the pain I’m having now… thoughts that I held back since we broke up came back gushing into my mind.

God..How I left this place… And how differently am returning now” I thought and tears came running down my eyes.

I know my eyes would be red. I went to restroom and washed my face!
"What am I going to answer if everyone asks me about my sudden resignation? What will I tell mom and dad", I thought!

I came out of the airport. It was 9A.M and I found my parents, friends, Lavanya, Varsha waiting for me!

I was surprised, but deep down my heart I was expecting.

“Hi mom… dad… hey guys… And Varsha, Laavi… Hi all… Thanks for coming...I missed you all too much that I took the next flight and came here” I said with an artificial smile!!
"What happened da???” That was the first thing my mom asked.
“I’m asking you. What happened there?? You don't like the place or was it your job???”

Silence again…

"Where the people good over there???” she was asking all kind of questions!
"Mom, Nothing like that. I’m here.. Let’s go home soon"
It was dad’s turn now.
"Are you alright???” my dad asked me a single question!
"Dad, I’m perfectly alright”, I told him!

My mind made a mental calculation of the number of persons there and the average number of questions I will have to answer.
God...give me the strength to sound normal” I made a mental prayer.
I walked towards my friends expecting something emotional since they knew everything.

“Dude...How was the air hostesses this time?” Rahul said.
“Even an old lady will look like a beauty to him after being in Saudi da” chuckled Arjun.

Boys are boys…What will the world be without boys!!

"Annaaaa", Lavanya called me.

"Hey buddy..Are you fine??", Varsha asked me
"Hey Laaviii, you gained lot of weight in these 8 months! Part of your pre marriage plans huh?", I smiled.
“Varsha, you are still the same. No change at all!!” I said.
She smiled back.
"Nothing like that. Are you ok?This should've never happened to you and Swathi . She is an awesome girl. You both would have made an admirable pair"
"It all happened Laavi! Nothing to think about that now", I told her!
"Please don't talk about that Laavi and for God's sake, mom is here. I don’t want her to know anything about Swathi."

I stared at Varsha now.
"I am not going to talk about Swathi now. Go to home and have some good time with mom ! Call me whenever you are free", Varsha said
"Sure. Let’s leave"

My dad and the guys were already walking towards the car with the luggage. I followed them holding my mom's hand! My mom was crying!
"Mom, you were crying when I left you! Now I came back to you and why do you want to cry again???” I asked her.
"I know you are hiding. There is some problem for you "

God..Mothers are the best“I thought.
"There is nothing mom. Don't confuse yourself", I told her
Somehow I felt better, a lot better than the last few days.

Three months passed....

“I am worried.You are not normal", my dad started the conversation in the dining table.
“Nothing dad. Am good” I said.

“What are you planning now about your job?”This is the first time my dad mentioned about my job after my arrival to India.
"I have no idea dad. Planning to try for some job in Chennai",I answered.
"Shall I talk to Kumar uncle??He knows some persons in L&T. Your 8 month experience in Saudi will be helpful too", he said
"I'll try myself dad. If nothing works out, I'll come back to you"
"Hmmm, That’s good. Start working on it"
"I'll dad"

Dad..I’m lying to you dad.Am not normal.Am feeling lost. Guide me like you used to when I was a kid. I’m missing all those times dad” I was thinking as we finished the rest of the dinner silently.

My mom went to bed while me and dad were watching tv.I was also about to leave when my dad spoke

“Feeling sleepy son? I remember you staying awake late nights a lot of times”
“No dad, Not sleepy but no interest!”
“Let’s talk then. I’m missing all those times when we all stayed together”I heard my feelings from my dad’s mouth.

I sat opposite to him.
" Why can't you shave????You look so dull and old with that bushy beard. You look like how I’m now"
“You look good and so I must be also looking good dad “I smiled.
He smiled back.
"I saw you yesterday in bus stand"
"Oh, when dad??” I asked him.
"Yesterday evening”

“I was with Rahul dad”
“But I didn’t see him. And I saw you smoking”
“I never knew you smoked. From when did you get hold of this habit?”
“Dad,No issues.I rarely smoke”
“Yes,I saw that day and understood that you rarely smoke and if you do, you smoke 3 at a time”
"What happened to you?? What's your problem?? Why are you spoiling yourself??"
"I’m sorry dad"
"Promise me that you will not smoke here after"
"I promise. I'll will not. And I’m sorry too”
"Don’t be sorry. But please take care my son.”

“Dad, I’ll”

“I know you have some problem and you came back to us because of that. I’m not going to ask you anything. Whatever the problem , I understand that it has become worst and it can’t worsen anymore. Its over.Try to come over it and rock on! I know you can do it"

I kept quiet without knowing what to reply!
"Am really sorry dad"
"Don't ask sorry again. Try to apply for the job as soon as possible and please shave. Good Night”
He left to bed.
I sat there smiling and that was after a long time! I felt some great change in me! Those few words from my dad boosted me so much that I slept peacefully that night!!


Next morning, I went to barber shop, trimmed my hair, shaved my beard! My face looked very bright and I loved it!
"Is that youuuuuuuu?????" My mom was surprised seeing me!
"Of course mom", I smiled!
"Clean shave, full of smiles. I’m so happy my dear", she said holding my hands.
"You’ll always be happy hereafter mom", I said her and went to bath.

"Come soon da, I have a surprise for you", I heard my mom while I was bathing.
"What's that??"
"You first take bath and come", she smiled again!!


"Wow, So you both are my surprise????", I said to Laavanya and Varsha. They were in my home!!
"Ha ha.Your mom’s plan", Varsha smiled!
"We were worried about you. From what mom told us now, all our worries gone", Varsha told
"You should thank my dad for that"
"Of course, my dad.Dont ask me why.” I said!
"That’s great da Anna. I am happy for you and you look cool after this complete shave", Lavanya said
"And its great to see you both too. Thanks for coming", I said!
"Don't mention that anna. We are happy that we came lese we would have missed seeing you like this", Lavanya replied
"I promise. I’ll be like this only hereafter"
Both of them smiled.
"Did you speak to Swathi after that????", Varsha asked me
"...Nope", my face turned a little dull.
"Okie. Let us not discuss it anymore"
"Hmmmm" .

We went to my room.

"What hmmm?? Idiot, where is my photo?? You told like you will be keeping it in your bed place??Varsha asked me
"I do remember Varsha and I think you didn't see the table back of you"
She turned and found her photo on the table!
Varsha just smiled!
"Don't smile Varsha, I am going mad", I smiled
"Dude, even after all this things, I don’t find any change in you. You are so cool even now", she said.
I just smiled for a reply!

They both stayed with me for the whole day and in the evening Arjun, Rahul, Mani, Syed also joined them. Everyone was talking on casual topics. As I sat there in between them, I felt so fresh and relieved. I know I belonged here and I was back to normal!!

"People come in to your life for some reason. Some stay. Some don’t. Swathi came, showed me what love as well pain is and these girls came and are staying with me through all this pain", I thought!

The next day, I started applying for jobs and after couple of months, I got selected in one of the reputed construction company in India!
Life started to move on for me from then....


6 years later.....

"I’m tensed honey. I hope everything will be fine", Sameena told me holding my hand!

Me and Sameena have been married for the last 20 months. She is a lovable wife and a wonderful companion in my life! We are expecting our baby today!

"Don't worry, you will be fine” I assured her.
"I want you to stay with me here", she said!
"Where do you think I’ll go other than the place you are”, I said smilingly.

She blushed and said “There is a place. Wherever your lappie and your blog is there. Last one month you were impossible”

“It was because my post was about some special people. You know everything about Swathi and You also know how much Laavi and Varsha mean to me and my dear, it was you who suggested the topic”

“I know my dear. Hope there were only these 3 girls” She smiled across those tensed moments.

“Definitely not…”I started to answer but she tightened her grip over my hand. The pain must have increased!
"Doctorrrr", I shouted.
But everything happened so fast. She was having so much pain and was screaming.
"I can’t dear, its paining", Sameena shouted.

I started feeling tensed.
"Nothing Sameena, I am there with you. Bear everything for our baby", I got hold of her hands tightly!!

After some tough time, she delivered a beautiful girl baby!!

"Sameena, its a girl", I said with full of joy looking at the little doll the doctor was having.
She smiled back, but went unconsious immediately!
Doctor assured me that it was normal and I was jumping inside the operation theatre.I was asked to wait outside.

"Its a girl baby mom", I went out and hugged my dad and mom!! Sameena’s parents wished me.
I was not able to control my happiness!!


"So the doctor told that you will be discharged today", I told Sameena .
"That's fine dear", she replied
"I love u soo much", I said kissing on her forehead.
"I love you tooo", Sameena smiled!
“Aunty was having tears while seeing our baby. How wrong I was thinking that my mom was the most emotional person here”Sameena said.
"Lavanya was wishing me.God, she was so excited and the usual non stop", Sameena was talking about the phone call she had with Laavi.
"You know how she is. She’ll be in India by next week with her hubby. Seems like her hubby's project got over and they will be settling here in chennai. She can’t wait to see our little girl", I smiled!
"Oh, she is coming back. That’s good.What about Varsha??"
"Varsha screemed like a kid on phone after I told her about the kid.You were sleeping then.She said she will call again in sometime. She had asked me to mail me the pics."
"Hmmm, when is she coming back from Singapore???I haven't seen her after our marriage"
"She will be coming back next year I guess. Thomas will be getting promotion next year and after that, he too will be posted in Chennai"

"Thank God. These girls will be a great company to me if they come to Chennai.Speaking of company, you didn’t say anything about your guys, Arjun, Rahul and all"
"Oyeee, You didn’t notice all these dolls and balloons in this room or what? I thought you would have understood . You were sleeping but our little angel was awake and they were playing with her. It was tough making them to stay silent since you were sleeping", I chuckled.
"Ahh, I understand now. You guys are always cool."

"I forgot to ask Laavi about the blog. Actually she didn’t give me a chance to talk. Did you ask Varsha and Laavi about it???"
"Ha ha, how will I miss it. There comments in the post said it all.But both were curious about your reaction"
Sameena smiled!!

"Shall I tell them that you smiled??” I asked her
"Tell them that I love you more after this blog. You’ve completed the blog successfully . Congrats honey", Sameena smiled again!
"You're my best Sameena but I left something in my post", I told her as I kissed on her forehead!

"I finished it. But still, there are two more girls in my life about whom I had not mentioned anywhere in the blog", I said
"Honey, this is not fair, who are they??" she asked smilingly. I know she understood what I was saying.

"Swathi, Varsha, Lavanya..they all came in to my life. Made my life beautiful. But they all came for a season and now are busy with their own lives"
"Hmmm",She smiled again.

"But now I have two more girls, who made my life meaningful and made my life worth it"
"Interesting...who are they???",she smiled mischieviously.

“Its you Sameena from the day I met you and now our little girl!!” I said looking into her eyes.
"That’s dame sweet. I know it", Sameena smiled!

“I know you that” I smiled back.
"Know what, I can’t wait for the day she will call me daddy", I continued!!

Sameena smiled!!

"You showed me what true love is all about Sameena. I love you so much.I love you for everything ."
Sameena didn’t reply and continued to smile!!

"Take some rest. We will leave to our home this evening after mom and dad comes", I told her as she started to sleep!!

I got up from that place and went near the craddle!!




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