Thursday, July 22, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 15

I spent almost half a day to set up my lappie and the internet!!

"Internet....Without it, you will go mad in this country dude", I thought!
And after setting up everything, I called my home!!

"How was the journey??, Howz the city?? How about the climate??? How is your room and other things???"lot of Hows?? from my mom!
"Everything is ok ma. I feel like am in home"
"What about your company?? Will they allow you to come back home once in a year atleast??"

"Mom, what is this??. Its been just a day I came here and you're asking about my vacation"
"Dont worry ma. See, we have internet. Whenever you want to see me, just give me a ring. I'll come online. Its not going to be a big deal"

It was hard convincing my mom but I succeeded!!

"How is she going to manage without you buddy??", I asked myself!


The best thing that happened to me after coming to Saudi was the days sped like anything.
It used to be like seconds before I woke up in the morning thinking that, I’ll be late to office and I will be already ready to go back to my room in the evening!

"Goooossssh, 8 months passed Varsha. Its still like yesterday I came here to Saudi. Thanks to internet.", I pinged Varsha as we both started to chat after a week.
"Yeah dude, even I feel the same"
"So, how was the trip??", I asked Varsha

"Trip was ok da, I was missing you actually"
"Ha ha, don't bluff Varsha, I know you"
"Really da idiot"
"Hmmm, even I missed you to the core"
"I know that"

"So howz Laavanya? How is her job in Infosys?? She is working for 4 months right?? Infy training..she would've got screwed I guess", Varsha said

"Ha ha, ofcourse, they are screwing everyone at Infosys and Lavanya is not going to be an exceptional case. But still, she is enjoying there"
"That's good to hear dude"

"And Varsha, I wanna tell you something"
"I heard many told that distance will increase love. I never beleived in that. But I really felt that in you and Lavanya"
"Idiot, is this is what you wanted to say???, I thought something else. I know how much we all mean to you. And I don't want you to feel emotional like this anytime", she said
"I am not emotional Varsha, Let me complete what I started"
"I felt the same with Swathi too. We both are madly in love. But you know what, its been 2 months since I spoke to her"
"Yes Varsha. I don't understand what the hell is wrong with her. I never find her online. I tried to contact her manytimes, but no use. Whats happening to her, what is her problem, what is she doing now, where is she..I don't know anything"
"Da, what are you telling..", Varsha said
"Varsha... Am going mad. I am calling her almost everyday, but she never attended or returned my call"

"Da, there must be something wrong in her home then"
"Yeah, even I am guessing the same"

"I am missing her like anything Varsha. I am not able to concentrate on anything here"
"Dude, I can understand. But there must be something disturbing her or else she wont be like this. Give me her number, I'll try to call her"

"No need Varsha. I'll wait for some more days."

"I am sorry da"
"For what Varsha???"
"I’m surprised that you managed this situation for the past 2 months”
"I have no other choice Varsha. I came here for Swathi. And I got to be patient too. Swathi won't do anything like this without a reason. She will call me back. Let me wait"
"You're wonderful. I admire you da", Varsha said!

"Let me know afetr you talk to Swathi. I pray that there should not be any problem and hope everything will turn up well"

"Sure Varsha"
"Ok dude, I gotto go now. Will catch you later. Take care. Byeeeeee"

Varsha signed off!

"Swathi..What the hell is wrong with you??", I thought


I was waiting for my clock to tick 8pm and that will be 10.30pm in India. That is the time Lavanya used to come back to her hostel room from work

I was missing her badly after she joined work. She used to come back late from office. And whenever I call her, she will be sleeping.

Hoping that, she will be free, I called her and my call was on waiting.
I called her again after some 20 mins, and again the same waiting.

And after 10 minutes, she pinged me asking to call her!

"Annnaaaaa, I was talking to Prasad and I dint hear your call waiting"
"Seri na..I’m damn tired and feeling sleepy. Let me sleep. Good night"

"Good night"

Thats it. She hanged the line!!

"Fuck that Prasad. He had stolen some precious time of mine. I could've told Lavanya about Swathi in this 30 minutes and this guy had spoiled everything. What the hell does he want?? calling her at this time.....idiot", I scolded him until my anger level and frustration reduced a bit. But even then, I dint get angry on Lavanya. That was something crazy!!

Just when I thought like, its just not enough scolding that guy, my mobile beeped and that was a text from Swathi!!



Just two words… I became tensed.

"God, everything should be fine on her side. I hope nothing is wrong", I prayed n called her!

"Am Sorry buddy", that was the first thing she told immediately after attending the call. She had just finished crying!I sensed from her voice.
"Hey Swathi. What happened?? Where were you all these days? I missed you to the core...No calls, no mails nothing..what happened???", I just can't stop asking with my questions…
"Am really sorry da", she started to cry! I had never heard Swathi crying like this!

Being thousands of miles apart from her and am hearing her crying on the phone.
"What happened Swathi?? Pls don't cry"

That was the only thing I was able to do while Swathi cried so much.\
God,I’m useless” ..I thought!

but I’m helpless too!

She finally managed to stop crying after my desperate try to console her!

"Now tell me, what happened???"
"My mom came to know about our affair"

"Hmmm, I expected something like this"
"So what did she tell?", I asked her

"Buddy, you know what, for the past two months I was trying to convince her"
"And in that situtation, I was left clueless"
"Clueless on what??"
"I felt guilty to talk with you da. I imagined cheating my mom"

"Hmmm, I can understand Swathi"
"And even after this two months, I am not able to convince her da"
"We will be able to Swathi. Don't lose hope"
"No da, I was stubborn, but I am not able to now"
"What you mean?"
"I am not able to oppose my mom"
"And I love her too. You know she is not of good health..she is a patient. I just don't want to lose her"
"And in this two months, whenever I think about you, I remember my mom's face and that feel was too bad.. I felt like I was betraying my parents"
"You know my brother’s marriage last year was a failure, just a month after his marriage. My dad and mom were almost half dead by then"
"And now, the way my mom reacts for our love, I just can't imagine how they will be if we stay stubborn in our decision", Swathi continued!

"Buddy, please don't react like this. Just a "Hmmmm" is killing me"

"Its not like that Swathi. I just want to know how you feel"
"I don't know what to do buddy. I feel ashamed and guilty"

"Stay calm. Just chilldown and then decide", I said

"And now what this Hmmm means??", I asked Swathi as she started to cry again
"Please Swathi. I just cant bear to hear you crying like this"

"Am really sorry buddy. I am locked between my mom and love"
"I can understand Swathi. I told you na, stay calm. Stop crying. Then decide"


Just for a second, my heart skipped a beat.

"Please forgive me da. I cheated on you", she started crying again!



"Dont ever tell like that, I can understand your situation too and I respect your decision"
"Da, I am really sorry", she continued crying
"See Swathi, you decided. And its just for someone who brought you to this world. Feel proud about that"

"Don't you feel like scolding me??"
"To be frank, I don't know how to react Swathi. I love you and so I respect your decision too. That's all I can say"

She started to cry again!!

"Come on Swathi. There is no point in crying. Be happy. Take care of your mom and stay with her. That's the best thing we can do for them"
"I’m ashamed to see our friends now. They were all so much happy for us"
"Don’t feel that way. They will understand us"

I tried to stop her from crying but I was not able to. She kept on crying and at somepoint, I heard her mom's voice and the line was disconnected abruptly!!


I looked around my room. Two of my colleagues were talking about something and I felt very uncomfortable to stay there. I took refuge in the bathroom and locked the door!

I started to cry and was not able to control.
I was crying for almost half an hour and heard someone knocking the door.
I looked at my face in the mirror. It was swollen!!

I washed my face and came out!

"Dude…half an hour..What were you doing inside…”,chuckled the guy.
"Nothing", I replied and went!


Midnight 1.30am.
I tried to sleep that night, but I wasn't able to.

"I never expected this Swathi. I love you to the core. Am mad about you. I dreamt my life with you. I wanna make love to you. And now after all theseI feel like its better to end up my life. I still respect your decision Swathi, but you left me empty and soulless"

I lost my control and bursted out again!! I remembered my friends who were there with us throughout and now the end has come.

I called Rahul. He dint pick the call.
I called Lavanya. She dint pick the call.
I called my home. None picked the call.

I threw my mobile in frustration!


Watch out for Climax!!


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When i came to Akka's marriage occasion.Blacky was angry with me when i was talking to Swathi.I really Didn't understand the reason behind his anger and without knowing anything i was simply gossiping with her.Now understood Blacky's anger. .

நியாயமான கோபம் :-(

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