Tuesday, July 20, 2010

En'nul Kalantha Pengal.. - PART 14

I got an offer from Saudi, good pay and a good company", I told Swathi
"Wow, that's really great buddy, Congrats:)", Swathi was too happy.
"Why are you so happy about this Swathi???"
"Bcoz now I can talk boldly about you to my parents. I have some valid point to support our future. They will have some hope on you"
"Is that the reason??"
"That is one of the reasons da"
"Hmmm, so you feel that if I join, it will be an advantage for our love"

"Ofcourse da", Swathi got hold of my hand!
"But Swathi.."
"If I go to Saudi, who will take care of my mom??she will feel lonely here", I told her.

"Buddy, I can understand, but at sometime you have to consider our love too"
"I do, but still something is stopping me Swathi"

"Come on da, just think about our future. If you join now, our future will be happy, and sometimes in your life, you have to sacrifice onething or the other for betterment", She said!
"Don't confuse too much. Its a very good oppurtunity for you as well for us and you're lucky to have this, dont miss it", she continued!
"But my mom???"
"She will be alright", Swathi told me looking into my eyes!

Swathi's eyes locked me. Her eyes conveyed lotta messages to me! I was not able to talk anything after that.

"You've to do it. Just think about our love and this is for our love",!

"Am going", I decided!


I was not able to console Lavanya as she was crying like a little kid!
"Come on Laavi, I am just going to Saudi. I can come back anytime when I need to come"
"Still, I will miss you anna", she said
"I know, and I'll miss you too, but na, I gotto go now. Just for Swathi. I never compromised anything for her and this is the right time to do something for her, something for our love"
"Just an hmmmm??, won't you wish me???"
"All the best, good luck..blah blah..all those stuffs??"
"I wont"
"Thank you"
"When are you leaving na??"
"In another 20 days"
"Just 20 days???? I wanna meet you before that anna"
"Sure dear"
"When and how???"
"You come to my home or else I'll come to your place", I said

"I'll let you know na"
"But anna...."
"Do you really have to go??"
"Laavi???I told you na????"
"OK na, I understand. Its for your love. I seriously wish your decision will prove good for you and Swathi:)", Lavanya smiled.
"Its great to see you smile atlast"
"If I am not able to understand what you feel, then its a shame for me to call you anna", she said!

"I am blessed to have you in my life"
"Me too anna", she said!

"Take care of my mom, try to meet her every week and make her feel comfortable", I instructed her.
"Sure na, no need to tell me that, she is my mom too and how can I make her to feel lonely. You be bold", She replied!

Hearing those words from Lavanya was like a boost for me and my worries about my mom reduced a bit at that moment.

"But onething..", Lavanya said
"I won't be coming to airport"
"Don't ask me why. I wont be coming and please don't force me too. Its for your good. If you really want to leave peacfully, then its better I stay back"
"Are you worried about Swathi??"
"Well, not exactly.....but.."
"Why are you thinking like that??, Swathi isn't possessive to the extent that she won't like you coming to airport"
"I know about that anna, but still, I don't want to give a chance for anything"

"What the hell Laavi. You're talking like a fool"
"Am not a fool. I love Swathi too and I know how she will be feeling when you are leaving and I don't want to be an interruption there"


"Anna, its for your good am telling. Please understand. What if I am not coming. Wont you feel my presence??"
"Well, are you going to answer me or gonna stay dumb like this??"
"Nothing to say Laavi"
"Thats ok. Everything is for good!! We will meet before you leave and I don't wanna miss that"

"Cheer up anna", Lavanya smiled!

"You smile like a kid", I said
"Ofcourse, am a kid!! Atleast for you. Am I not????", she asked

"You are", I replied!


"Dude, thats great! I am happy for you and I wish you a very good luck. Rock the show idiot", this is how Varsha reacted soon after I told her about my job at Saudi!
"Thanks Varsha!! and you know what, you made me to realise the real difference between love and friendship"
"What you mean??"
"I told the same to Swathi and Lavanya. The way they reacted was totally different from how you reacted"
"Ha ha, how did they react??"
"I will tell that later, but at this moment I just want to tell you that, I went mad on your reply. You are the best"

"My pleasure dude"
"And can I expect you at airport??"
"Why do you want to ask such an idiotic question?? will you leave without seeing me??", she asked!
"Ha ha, I won't dear"

"Then stop asking like that idiot"
"I am going mad Varsha"
"Idiot, as I’ve always told, dont try to flirt"

"I never do that Varsha"
"I'll see that", She said!!


The next three weeks, I spent my time with my mom to the fullest.
Lavanya came to my home. The big “Miss You” card she gave is still in my eyes!

Swathi promised me that she is going to give something special at the airport!
Varsha promised me that she will stay with me in the airport until I leave!


It was 5.30AM in the morning, and by the time I arrived at the airport, Swathi was waiting for me!

"When did you come???", I asked Swathi
"Just some 15 mins before da, you took all necessary things?? your certificates and all those stuffs???", she asked me

"Come on dear, am not a kid", I said

"Hmmm, so howz mom now??, is she alright??"
"Yeah, she was crying the whole night, but not now. She wants to send me off with a smile on her face"
"I am sorry da, just for my happiness, all these..."
"Don't ask sorry, its not just for your happiness, its for our happiness. so yeah.."


I checked my mobile for calls from Varsha and there wasn't any.

"Dude, you're checking for my sms or what??", I heard someone talking to me and it was varsha standing with a bright smile!!

"Varshaaaaaaaaaaaa…. That was a great surprise"
"You know I'll come. so wats so surprising??"

"I know you will come, but I never expected in this way"
"That's Varsha for you and here I've something special for you", Varsha gave me a card!

I opened the card!

"I will miss you. All the very best for your career and love. I hope You and Swathi will succeed in every step of your life together and this is the first step"

"I don't know what to say Varsha, I'll miss you tooo", I told her
"Idiot, this is not the place and time for sentiments"
"Okei. No more sentiments. And wait, I'll introduce you to Swathi"

"Be careful while you do that. Thinking about the way Swathi reacted for Lavanya, I have no clue on how she will react for me", Varsha told.

"She will be too good with you until I call you honey or sweetheart in front of her", I replied.
"You're crazy"
"Ofcourse", I smiled

I introduced Varsha to Swathi and after somepoint of time I just can't beleive my eyes when I saw two of the best girls in my life together in front of me!!

Time passed pretty fast and I dint spend anytime with Varsha and Swathi!!!

I was standing with my mom holding her hand!!
I was keeping on talking with her about everything and also nothing.

"Why can't you tell about Swathi now itself??", I thought!

I went to my friends who were busy looking at the girls in the airport

"Dei, am planning to tell my mom about Swathi now itself, what you guys say??"
"Oh really??, ok da. Its time for my office. I gotto leave. You go safe. Happy journey. Take care. Byeeeeeeeeeee", two of the guys replied immediately

"Idiots, What the fuck?"
"Idiot,You gonna fuck all of us… By telling your mom about Swathi now. After you leave we’ve to manage your dad and mom. Its better to leave rather than stay now. They believe us and after you tell them, they will surely think that we spoiled you"
"Ha ha ha, silly guys", I laughed

"This is not funny da fool, Dont ever do that"
"Do what??"
"Your telling about Swathi now…"

"Dei, Even if I tell them a year later, they will surely blame you guys"
"Thats fate da, none can change that. But let that fate be delayed. We don't want now"


Just a minute after I heard that check in has been started for my flight, Swathi called me to the front gate!

"Hey, whats up???
"I promised you to give something special right?? you forgot??", She smiled
"Ha ha, am curious. Whats that????", I asked her
"Close your eyes then"
"Hey, you are making me more curious, whats that??"
"I said na, close your eyes", she said as I closed my eyes in curiosity!

The next second, She kissed me on my lips in front of some 100 people!!
"I love you. Take care of your health. Do sleep on time and eat well. All the very best da. Come back soon! A girl named Swathi will be waiting for you. Just for you", she said!

I was standing speechless and almost everyone in the airport were seeing both of us!! They were speechless too!!

"Do react something buddy", her lips smiled but her eyes betrayed… She was crying.

"I love you and I don't know what to say"
"You need not to tell anything. We have to go back to the terminal or else these people around us will miss their flight watching us", she smiled!

"Yup, you have lotta guts", I told her!
"Yup, I do.. until and unless your dad n mom dont see anything like this", she smiled!

"Ha ha, thank God they didn’t see you kissing me", I smiled back and we both went to the terminal.


"Where did you go??", My dad asked me
"Swathi's friend came to meet me, Just went to the gate", I lied to my dad hoping that he didn’t see anything!

The next 10 minutes, everybody cried and I felt hard to see my mom.

"Dude, its time for you. Don't worry about mom. We are there to take care of her. You proceed with the formalities", my friend told me!

"Okie guys, I'll leave now. Take care. Will call you once I reach", I said
"Sure dude, take care. Bon Voyage, we will miss you.."

"Happy journey dude. Do call me after landing there", Varsha told

It was very difficult to bid goodbye to everyone but being choiceless, I left the place!

Just for a moment, I felt like I could see my mom n dad one more time and I turned back!

My mom was standing there holding my dad's hands trying to smile! But she wasn’t ..

"Sorry for hurting you mom. I really don't want to go but I have no other choice. Some say love is all about sacrifice and I am sacrificing now for my love.."

Swathi, Varsha and my friends were standing next to them!
I waved my hand and they waved their hand back!! They all smiled at me!!!

Am gonna miss them!!

I boarded the flight and got settled in my seat. As the air hostess was instructing to switch off the mobiles..my mobile beeped. Swathi had texted…

"Come back soon da. Am here waiting for you. Mom will be fine, dont worry!! We will take care of her! I love you. Mmmwwwwwahhhhh",

Watch out for Part15 n the Climax!!!


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