Friday, January 28, 2011

The Adventurous Fun!

PS:- This post is strictly for those who knows Tamil!

Everybody saw me in a surprise on that day as I came to office on time.

"Wow, what a miracle, you came on time?", asked Mr.Ravi
"It seems like it gonna rain heavily today, and these idiotic taxi drivers will ask more charge which I can't afford, so yea", I smiled
"I expected this"
"I know that, so what do you think? The clouds are looking horrible today"
"Yeah, even am expecting a heavy rain today and its better for us to leave early today"

As we were talking, the rain started and just in matter of few minutes, it started to pour heavily.

"Call our driver, its better to leave now. Inform all the workers and arrange for workers trip too", I told my secretary and went out to enjoy the rain.

It took almost 30 mins for my driver to reach the site, and by that time the rain was showing its Evilness.

We all started from the site, and the rain got even worse then. The road were quite clear in spite of heavy rain, but it all lasted for just 10 mins.

"Raja, where are you??, If you are in site, better dont start coz the roads are completely blocked here. Heavy flood", I received an SMS from my colleague who works in another site.
"You could've told me this before. We are on the way and its not possible for us to go back at this moment", I replied
"Its yar fate then", he replied me back

And just when I kept my mobile in my jean and looked at the door, I saw the water flooding like a river in the road.
Gosh, it was horrible. And as we drove further, the water level increased and at some point, almost half of the car got completely submerged in water and everything happened so fast, before we could sense the danger.

"Sir, the car can't move further anymore, what shall we do?", I asked Ravi.
"Its better to sit inside. Let us wait until the water drains, we are helpless", He said
"Yea, even I felt the same. Thats the only thing we can do now", I replied.

But again, nothing went in our way, and the force of the water increased and it started to push the car and it started to jostle with other cars in the road

"Sir, if we stay inside the car after this, we're finished. Lets Jump Outside", I told Ravi
"Jumping outside?, Are u crazy??"
"Am not, but If you're not gonna jump now, i'll go crazy for sure. Its risky to stay inside the car at this situation", I replied

I told him and immediately jumped outside through the window as i was not able to open the door and Ravi followed me

"Aiyo sir, thanni romba chill-nu irruku", I told him
"Inga avan avan uyira kai-la pudichitu ninutu irukaan, ithula ungalukku thanni cool-ah iruntha enna? hot-ah iruntha enna?", he shouted back.
"Uyir-ku elaam onnum aagathu sir, nammaku aayusu getti"
"Podalanga getti, stop talking and try to move away from here. The force of water here is damn high and am not even able to stand here. Am afraid of falling down", He shouted again.
"Even am afraid sir, but the thing is, it is impossible for us to walk in this flood without any support to hold and am not going to move from here. Its better to stand here holding the car and we too will go wherever the car goes in this flood", I laughed
"You dumbass, how come your are laughing now", Ravi's face gone red

"Ada, cool down sir. Kaasa Panama? Innaiku setha naalaiku Paal. Jolly-ah irunga, Innaiku oru kai paathudalaam", I told him
"Thambi, you're single. But am not like you, I've a family over there in india. My kids...OMG, Please save me, atleast for my kids", he started to scream.

Atleast for him, i've to find a safe place, I thought.

"Rightu, azhaatheenga..ippo enna aagi pochu?, U see, there is a tree. We'll go there and climb that. Someone will come to help", I told him
"Thats a good idea", he replied and we both started to move towards the tree holding each other's hands.

"Sir, enaala nadakave mudila, thanni thalluthu sir", I was lil afraid
"Innum konjam thooram thaan...Eppadiyaachum poidalaam", Ravi said
"Mudila sir........", I fell down, being not able to fight with the flood and as I was holding Ravi's hand he too fell down.

We were carried away by the flood and I had no clue about in which direction we are going.

"Sir, Kaiya vitraatheenga....Am afraid", Ravi screamed.
"Dont worry, Main hoon na", I laughed
"F&*^*&^*&^*^K *(&(*&(*&(*&", he used all kinda bad words then
"See the tree, hold it hold it", I shouted at him
"Anga paarunga sir, pudeenga pudeenga..vitratheenga", I kept shouting, and atlast Ravi caught the tree and so do I.

"Seekaram mela yerunga sir", Ravi shouted at me
"Sir, I don't know to climb tree", I said
"Sir, Loosa neenga, avan avan uyir pora bayathula irukaan, intha nerathula maram yera theriyaathu-nu sollitu irukeenga, Yerunga sir"
"Yera theriyaama eppadi sir naan yeruvaen, konjam thooki vidungalaen"
"Yovvv, naane thanni-la adichitu poiduvaen-nu bayathula maratha getti-ya pudichitu irukaen...ithula naan ungala vera thooki vidanuma"
"Yes Ofcourse"
"Sir, comedy panra time illa ithu, please....Mela yerunga", Ravi started to plead.

And after a big struggle, I somehow managed to climb the tree and ravi followed me.

"Sir, Super sir neenga, Naan 15 mins yeruna marathula neenga 2 mins-la yeriteengale"
"Shut your mouth", He shouted at me. I could see that his hands were shivering in fear.
"Ha ha ha, enna sir kai elaam otharathu...avlo bayanthaangoli-ah neenga", I laughed but he dint reply and sensing the seriousness I dint talk to him then.

"Anybody there, please help us", I shouted deep from my throat but there were none.


"Pare", someone called me
"Sir, koopteengala", I asked Ravi
No reply from him

"Pare, Kamasthaka?", Again a voice
"Sir, Neenga filipino language elaam eppo sir kathukiteenga??", I asked
Again no reply from him

"Sir, Kochikaatheenga sir, Ippo kochikittu enna panna poreenga", I asked him
"Pinna enna Raja neenga. Naane Uyir pora bayathula irukaen...neenga chumma comedy pannitu irukeenga?"
"Saagum pothaachum sirichite Saagalaam-nu thaan"
"Ungala thirutha mudiyaathu"
"Rightu vidunga. Now tell me, when did u learn Filipino language?"
"Nope, I dint learn it. Why are u asking?"
"Illa, I heard someone talking in filipino. Thought it was you"
"Its not me. Look above. You will understand"

"Mela paakanuma??, Inaa solraaru ivar", I thought and I looked above and to my surprise there was guy sitting at the top of the tree.
"Pare Kamasthaka??", He asked the same again
"Dei, Nee ennada solra? ennaku onnnume purila", I said

"U NO FILIPINO???", a typical Flipino english
"Sir, Ivan ennaku filipino theiryuma-nu kekuraana? illa filipino theriyaatha-nu kekuraana??", I asked ravi
"Better you ask him"
"Rightu", I replied him

"Pare, Me no Filipino. Me only English", I replied in typical Filipino english.
"Oh ok. 3 hours before, Me come here. nobody coming help. Very Difficult", He said
"Oh me just now coming. Very difficult for me too"
"oh, good. Pare, I have cookies. You want to eat?"

"Yappa, Kola pasi ennaku. Kodu da en theivame", I thought

"Yes pare. Me very hungry. Thanks for cookies", I said
"No problem pare. You and me Same situation. good to help each other"
"Yes yes, Nee mothala cookies-a kodu da", I said
"Wat Pare? Me no understand", He said
"You No understand. Tamil da....", I said
"Nothing, so can i get the cookies?"
"Oh yes pare, catch it", he told and throwed the cookies packet and I caught it

"Indian Cricket team thothuchu po", I thought

"Sir, Cookies saapudreengala??", I asked Ravi
"Atha neengale saapdunga"
"Yen sir, you're not feeling hungry or wat?"
"Ennaku pasi elaam pochu. I need someone now to rescue me"
"Varuvaaanga sir, Poruthaar Bhoomi Aazhvar"
"Bhoomi aazhrathuku uyiroda irukanum-la??", He said
"Ada enna sir neenga? Naalaiku poi sorgam kathava thatta pora maathiri pesitu irukeenga, Chill chill..Some one will come", I said
"Ennaku appadi thaan thonuthu...The water level too is increasing rapidly. Am afraid"

"Bayanthavan Pozhaika maataan, Eppadi sir ennoda punch?", I said
No reply from him
"Rightu. again kochikiteengala? Kochikonga...Naan en filipino Nanbanoda continue panraen", I told him

We both spoke in typical filipino english language for almost 2 hours. It was damn interesting!

"Pare, See coming helicopter", He told me and pointed out the helicopter which was flying above
"Oh..super Pare, Wave your hands. They will see us"
"Yes pare....Heyyyyyyy, help help", he started to shout
"Oh Pare, No shouting. If shout, they No hear, Just wave your hands", I told him

"Sir, Neengalum Kai aatunga. There are chances that they will see us and come for help", I told ravi

We all waved our hands and after some 5 minutes, we noticed that the helicopter is heading towards us

"Pare, Coming coming....", The filipino shouted in happiness
"Yes Pare, its coming. Atlast, there's someone to rescue
"Sir, Santhosha patukonga..Namala Kaapaatha vanthutaanga", I said him and just that moment I saw some change in his face. It was bright!
"Yappa, ippavaachum face maaruche, good good", I said

The helicopter came near and some guys throwed a big ladder outside and asked us to climb up

"Pare darling, You go first", I said
"Oh no problem pare, You go first", He replied

"Rightu, Unnakum venaam, ennakum venaam. Inga oru manushan romba nerama uyira kai-la pudichitu ukaanthutu irukaar, let him go first", I said
"Pare what??, Me no understand"
"Tamil da", I said
"Nothing, I smiled"

Ravi then climbed up first and we both followed and the next 5th minute, we all got in to the chopper.

"Sir, Helicopter super-ah irukuthu sir, Elaarum headphone maatitu irukaangale, ennakum tharuvaangala?", I asked Ravi
No reply.

"Neenga ippadiye irunga....Ennaku en Filipino nanban irukaan", I said
"Pare, Me want window seat please", I said him
"Oh no problem pare, you sit, I take middle seat", He told me

"Thol kodupaan thozhan maathiri, Ivan seat kodutha thozhan sir", I said Ravi
"Rightu, neenga eppadi irunthaalum pesa porathilla, so unga kitta solli use illa", I said

"Pare, what you talking. Me not understand at all"
"This is our own language pare. Its tamil", I said
"Tamil or Tamil da??", He asked me

"Ha ha, its only tamil...Not tamil da", I smiled

We flyed for some 10 minutes and then we were dropped at the rescue camp.

"Okie Pare, Nice meeting you. I had an awesome time with you"
"Same here pare. Nice meeting you", he said
"Where your house?", He asked
"Its very near...just 5 mins walk. I'll manage. And what about you?", I asked him
"Me too near by pare. I go by walk", he said

"Done, and Pare what is your name?", I asked him
"Oh yes, I forgot to tell. I am Robert and what is your name pare?", He asked me
"I am Raja Mohammed"
"Oh, Nice name", He said
"Thanks pare. And I want to ask you only one thing", I said
"What Pare?"
"What does PARE means??"

"Ha ha, PARE means brother. Its filipino"
"Oh...Brother! Thanks alot man. WIthout knowing the meaning I was talking to you all these time", I smiled
"No Problem"

"Sir, Kelambalaama??" I asked Ravi
"Yea okie", He said
"Yappa, Ippvaachum themba pesreengale. Good", I said
"Konjam siringa sir. Uyir polaichu vanthurukeenga. Smile atleast now", I said
He smiled!

Thats good!

"Okie da nanba, Naanga kelamburom! Nice meeting you again. Hope we will meet agian"
"Me no understand starting pare", He said!

"TAMIL DA", I smiled

I came to my home after a big struggle walking in almost a meter height of water and when I opened my room door, I just noticed!



Rubaiya said...

sema raja!!! unna madiri yaarume irukamatanga.. chanceless :) irundalum unkuda irundhavar rombave paavam!

azublog said...

chanceless amazing a wondrful situation paavam ravi...

Hazeena said...

Superb....Ravi dhan romba paavam....
iphone miss aanadhu sollave illa nee...

Riyaz said...

Sema superb narration... Un kooda marathu mela utkaarndhu iruntha feeling. Aana onnu, Ravi sir'ku bathil naan irunthu irunthena nee panna alaparaiku unnaya thaanila thalli vittu irupen. .Antha rana kalathulayum nee cookies vaangi thinnu irukka paathiya anga thaan nikkuraan "RAJA" :-)

Sathya Kumaran said...

semma guruvey :) unga kooda andha oorukey pona feeling... pavam andha aala kalaaichu thaliteenga.... adhaan andavan i phone la aapu vechitaan :D :D but, neenga car enna aachu nu sollavey illa... poiducha :(

Subhashini said...

Soooper Anna!! Ravi nijamave paavam thaan! Flood la maati uyir pizhaicha antha gap la nee kodutha response la avar really romba paavam da...Un filipino friend'um takkar da.. coooolll narration!! Intha maadhri ranagalathiliyum nee oru kilukilupa irunthu iruka paaru...Kalaku nee!!
Kelapu da...kleapu da nee :) :)

Ayesha said...

thats Raja anna's the way you narrate the scenes bringing evrythng into a picture:).
nd comedy ku kuraiyae ila.. pinreenga!! indha mathri situation la ipdi oru scene ah ungalaala mattum dhan na create pana mudium:D!! keep posting. had a grt tym reading it. nd be safe too. :).

Ayesha said...
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