Sunday, February 20, 2011


"You are coming late to office I know, But still its 8.30 now and you are still in bed. Ithu konjam over sollitaen", Shahul shouted at me on phone.
"I slept da, i'll be there in another 30 minutes", I told him and got up from my bed in hurry.

It took 5 minutes for me to search for my towel and brush
"Bloody, Intha room-la ethuvum vacha idathula illa", I thought and then I realized that am the only person staying in the room!

"Thoongi eluntha udane, Warm water shower edukarathula Inaaaaaa sugam", I thought as I stood still in shower.
"Vitta ingaye paduthu thoongidalaam pola, avlo ithama irruku", I thought and took the soap!


Just the moment when I took the soap in my hand, I dropped it and accidentally I kept my leg on it, got slipped and fell down.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwd, Yammmaa....", I screamed in pain as my head got hit in the shower holder.

Somehow I managed to get up and it was paining like hell in my head and also some other parts in my body!

"Etho different-ah smell varuthe", I sensed something different and in couple of seconds when I saw the shower tray it was full of blood.
"Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, aiyooooo... En manda odanchi poche", I screamed!.

Bloood came like a fountain from my head and I started to feel dizzy. I took the towel and cleaned the blood in my head but the bleeding never stopped and as the bleeding increase, I started to feel like fainting. Somehow I managed to get out of the bathroom and took a cotton, kept it on the wounded place and pressed it to stop the bleeding.

"Man, its paining like hell. Guess your whole body weight transformed to your head when you got it", I thought.
"Alava saapdu, Odamba korai-nu sonna kekuriya?", I remember how subhi and my mom used to scold me.

I called my driver and asked him to take me to the hospital and he did.

"It's an emergency, Its bleeding badly", I showed my head in the hospital reception and they directed me to the emergency ward.

"Oops, the cut is pretty deep", the nurse told me
"Oh really?, I tried to figure it out in the mirror, I was not able to", I told her
"No problem. Let me clean it first, and the doctor will come and see then, But before that, I want to shave your head in the wounded place"
"No Please, Am young and already I have a very lil Bald in that place. So it will look bad. Try not to shave please"
"I can't help it", She smiled

"Nee mattum azhaga sirikira, Naan sirikarathu azhaga illana kooda, atleast en mudi aachum nalla irukanume", I thought

She shaved my head around the wound and I almost cried.

"Okei, its done. Please wait for a minute. The doctor will come", The nurse cleaned the blood strains and went.

"The cut luks pretty deep and big. Its better to stitch it", The doctor said
"Stitch??, Doctor naan bathroom-la thaan vizunthaen, athuke stitch-ah???", I asked him.
"Its doesn't matter where you fell down. It always matters how you fell down", He replied
"Intha punch dialog-ku onnum korachal illa", I thought

"It will be little painful and you have to co operate", he said as a nurse came and joined him to help.

"If she is going to stay here, I'll co operate for sure", I thought.

"No problem doctor", I said

"Shave this place a little more", the doctor said the nurse and I got shocked
"More????, No doctor please"
"We have to, we won't be able to stitch it then"
"Try something other than shaving my head", I asked him
"I cant do anything else", He smiled.

They shaved a little more and I remembered Superstar crying in Thillu Mullu Movie when Nagesh shaves his mustache.

The stitching process took almost 10 minutes and it pained like hell but all those time the nurse was holding my hand and I felt like flying even at that time.

"Yeah, its done", the doctor said

"Cha, ivlo seekaram mudinchiduche", I thought as the nurse took her hand off from mine.

"Thank you doctor. But I have a small doubt", I asked him
"You shaved my head all right. Hair will grow their again. But what bout the place when you did stitching??"
"Whats the problem there?
"Will I have a hair growth there??"
"Obviously NO", he smiled

"Aiyoooo pocheeee pocheeeee", I cried inside!

"No problem. It will look stylish", the nurse smiled at me
"Siri di..Nalla Siri", I thought

She made dressing then. I met the doctor and he prescribed me some tablets and asked me to come after two days to change the dressing.

I came back home.

Immediately I went and looked at the mirror.

I looked like a bald headed guy with no hair at the right top of my head with a big bandage.

I dint felt bad for the bandage or the pain, but..............................................



sofi said...

Came thro ur blog just yesterday. But cldn stop myself from readin ur blog completely. Finished by continue writin it. Your writings r jus awesome, even ur character assumin tat wat u ve written abt u s completely true:):) really nice to know abt ur life. Don stop writtin...