Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Bday to my BLOG:)

Ahhhhh, n now its been exactly one year since I started writing in my blog.
Its a great feeling actually, I neva thot like I would come up with these much of posts with all kinda mixed emotions!!

The main reason for me to create this blog was to keep my old memories Fresh and somewat I got succedded too:) Even today wen i read my previous posts, the feel which am gettin is something cant be expressed in words!!

I thank you all for yar comments!! Am sure without yar support, i wouldn't have continued this!! Thanks alot!

N at this time, i wanna tell you all just one thing! Start writing the funny things or the unforgettable things that happened in yar life! Share it to all, read it after somedays n just chek how ya feel:)

N yea, its the time to wish ma blog a HAPPY BDAY:)


Tara said...


Ayesha said...

keep going ... let many such bdays cme ... realy a pleasure to read ur blogs anna:)

Bhargavi said...

belated bday wishes!!!